EAS Detection Systems and Deactivators

Advance Retail EAS security systems, including a wide variety of 8.2Mhz RF systems and 58Khz AM system,and more alternatives, such as Pedestals only. Our eas security systems of rf system is compatible with checkpoint, Nedep RF security system,detection frequency from 7.95MHZ-8.45MHZ. And the world's vast majority of rf tag work with each other. Stable performance, less false positives. AM system and sensormatic and WG systems are similar. With anti-interference ability, wide detection range and so on. Own PCB production workshop, all the eas security systems assembly, board aging are carried out in our own factories to ensure that the quality control and delivery time。Exquisitely designed acrylic, plastic and metal antennas as well as floor matt for invisible looks.

Alien-security provides wide range of EAS secuirty systems, includes a wide variety of RF 8.2mhz and AM 58khz system,and more alternatives, such as Pedestals only.

RF(8.2MHZ) security system

AM Retail Store Anit Theft Pedestals

RF/AM Label deactivator

EAS secueity system install

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