RHD002 RF handheld deactivator

The Spec

Dimension248 x 119 x 46,5 mm
Sensing heightUp to 80 mm
Deactivaton heightUpt to 50 mm
Color avaliabilityBlack

Handheld security tag deactivator RHD002 can detect 8.2MHz RF labels , security tags and deactivate 8.2MHz RF labels in one unit.

The Handheld Security tag Deactivator RHD002 includes a main unit with intergrated DSP technology, charching stand, a holster, power cord and an A/C adapter. It is used to detect and deactivate 8.2mhz security labels at the point of sale so that a customer’s item or items may leave the store without being detected by the  (Electronic Article Surveillance) EAS  System located at the store’s exit.

The Handheld Security tag deactivatorRHD002 can both detect and deactivate 8.2 mHz RF labels in one unit! And it can also detect if the goods leaving shop with security tags or not. With an over all detecting range of about 8 cm and a deactivation range of 5 cm makes it easy to handle.

Low power consumption and low battery indicator makes it much more convenient and easy to use.

Technical features
* Built-in Li-Ion Battery (12V charger supplied).
* Long lasting operation.
* Beeper indicates detection.

Detection and deactivation range (4×4cm RF label)
Detection: 8cm.
Deactivation: 5cm

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