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Alien-security has been focusing on the R&D and production of innovative and high-quality retail theft prevention products, allowing retail stores to sell more, lose less, and increase profits. Now the retail theft prevention products cover eas detection systems, security tags,ink tags, cloth security tags, RF label, DR label, mobile security display stand, laptop security, wearable security etc. And these retail loss prevention products can be used for clothing stores, large supermarkets, makeup stores, optical shops, mobile phone stores, digital product experience stores, etc. provide a full range of one-stop anti-theft solutions. Known for the quality of our products and our ability to deliver success anywhere in the world, Alien-security is proud to be the choice of more than 300 customers. EAS anti theft products are now the first choice for general retail theft prevention solutions. Generally there are two frequencies of RF (8.2MHZ) and AM (58KHZ). Specific products include retail security systems, EAS security hard tags and ink security tags fixed on clothes for clothing anti-theft; lanyard tags for shoes and bags; spider tags or boxguards for anti-theft packaging, and liquor bottle security locks for alcohol ani-theft; RF LABEL OR DR LABEL affixed to irregular goods or the carton of goods. The characteristic of the EAS loss prevention solution is the comparative cost of development, which is relatively low. Generally speaking, the cost of RF is lower. Because it is a mature product, the quality of EAS retail theft prevention products produced by ALIEN-SECURITY puts product quality first. For example, clothing hard tags, ALIEN-SECURITY use the new material ABS production to ensure the strength of the product and the ability to prevent damage. All alien-security EAS theft prevention products undergo rigorous testing during production and before shipment. All retail theft prevention products are warranted for 2 years. Because of its high quality, ALIEN-SECURITY provides OEM and ODM services for many internationally renowned EAS companies. All ALIEN-SECURITY products are perfectly compatible with products from companies such as checkpoint, sensormantic, shopguard, WG, Nedep, crosspoint, 3M, etc. In recent years, in addition to traditional EAS retail theft prevention products, more and more RFID products have also been used in retail. Compared with EAS theft prevention, RFID has a more detailed product detection and stronger anti-interference ability. It also has the ability to read and write data, which can combine anti-theft and inventory management. Many international first-line clothing brands, such as ZARA, H & M, Uniqlo, etc., use RFID tags and RFID systems. But relatively speaking, RFID is still relatively complicated, and it is only suitable for large chain clothing stores. It is not very suitable for large supermarkets and clothing stores. In addition to clothing stores, supermarkets and other retail stores, digital products have skyrocketed in recent years. Digital products such as phones, tablets, smart watches are generally expensive. Customers especially value their aesthetic appearance and experience, so they will carefully check and experience them in digital store before purchasing. Therefore, how to reduce the loss of expensive mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches and other products while allowing customers to fully experience the product is an important issue facing them. ALIEN-SECURITY is an absolute innovator in the fields of digital store anti-theft and mobile phone anti-theft display. For example, the mobile phone anti theft display holder MAS1008 is similar to INVUE's ONEPAD, but it is easier to operate and more powerful. 4 metal grippers; built-in wire rope with anti-cut function; built-in RECOILER, the product does not have any messy wires outside and  5 level electronic alarm. These all make the anti-theft display of mobile phones so easy. And make your product a hero. Let the display be so secure and the anti-theft so elegant. ALIEN-SECURITY also has many similar innovative laptop security, smart watch security products. All these mobile theft prevention products suitable for Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, opple, Sony, Lenovo, Dell, HP, Acer, fitness, etc.. we can provide the most secure and elegant anti-theft display solutions for digital stores. If you have any needs about retail anti-theft and display anti-theft, please feel free to contact us.

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