4 Adjustable Metal Arms
4 metal grippers provide extremely high security,which engineered for zero theft, allows you to display phones & tablets with confidence. Special designed 4 metal arms can be adjustable to accomodate most phone &tablet sizes.
Internal Recoiler,No Messy Wires
One cable delivers it all, security, power and alarm, and all in body. No any messy cords outside.It makes the displayed phone or tablet is the Hero in a clean and beauty display enviroment.
Strong Steel Cable of Anti-cuting
11 stands of of steel wires with more than 700 pounds of pull strength to prevent cutting and run theft. Together with 4 unibody steel security arms,make it the a perfect solution when maximum security is needed.
Top locked down
"Top locked down" feature allows devices to be lifted or locked according to the risk of retail environments. When top is locked down, it prevents access to tether still able to go portrait or landscape in high risk enviroment.
Cross-Merchandising Increases Sales
The Microusb alarm at bottom provides power and alarming security to ideally display and protect high value accessories,such as audio, headphones,pens etc. It helps promote your brand and drive sales by adding value to the customer experience.
Easy Setup
The package contains all the accessories needed for installation, which can be completed in one minute without the assistance of a professional.Minimize the use cost.

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