Install One Stand, Defeat Any Phone Theft In Store! Zero Theft Security Display Solution

MAS1008 is a zero theft mobile phone security display stand. Not only does its 4 metal clamps and strong steel cable of anti-cutting provide most robust anti theft security for your phones and tablets, so that your expensive phones and tablets won't be stolen when they are displayed in the store. And its standalone streamline design also doesn't have any messy cords outside, presents phones and tablets in a clean, uncluttered manner, make the phones and tablets the heros of the store and stand out. Its internal recoiler is retractable, allowing customers to pick up the phone easily and interact freely, providing excellent customer experience and increasing sales. What's more, the security stand MAS1008 is very simple to install (Watch Video).The package comes with all the installation accessories, and it only takes one minute to complete the installation. Working is very steadily, never having the annoying problem of electronic false positives.(If you don't like the electronic alarm function, we can also produce the post with charging but no alarm for you).If you no longer want you expensive phones and tablets were stolen when they displayed in the shop and lost a lot of money, if you are sick and tired of the most security stands on the market, which are ugly, outdated,messy cords everywhere, easy to let the customer improper operation false positives, complicated operation of alarm and dis-alarm, please don't hesitate to contact us! Just  need the cost of one iphone, completely protect all your espensive phones and tablets in store from being stolen. Zero theft, Sale more!

High Security 3mm Thickness 4 Metal Adjustable Bracket Arms
Extremely high security 3mm thickness 4 metal bracket arms that will withstand theft attempts. Special designed 4 metal arms can be adjustable to accommodate all phone &tablet sizes,even Ipad Pro.
Retractable,Lift Up Freely To Experience The Phone/Tablet
Regardless of the level of security, Internal Recoiler let customers can have hands-on experience with phone and tablet. Customer can fully appreciate all the features of the phone or tablet.
Internal Recoiler,No Messy Cords Outside,Make Product The Hero
One cable delivers it all, security, power and alarm, and all cables are inside the stand, no messy cords outside. Let you display the phones and tablets clean and neat, and make them the heroes in store.
Strong Steel Cable to Prevent Cutting and Run Theft
Enhanced Strong steel cable of anti cutting. Reinforced internal structure to stop run theft.
Lock-Down for High Risk Environment
Lock-down feature allows devices to be lifted or locked according to the risk of retail environment. When the head is locked down, it prevents access to tether still able to go portrait or landscape in high risk environment.
Cross-Merchandising, Increases Sales
Displaying high value accessories next to hot selling smartphones and tablets will increase your accessory sales over 20%.
Desktop, Easy To Install
The package contains all the accessories needed for installation, which can be completed in one minute without the assistance of a professional.Minimize the use cost.

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