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Aliensecurity specialises in two different technologies for libraries; Electromagnetic (EM) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), providing security gates, bookcheck units, circulation equipment and security tags. Our goal is to provide you with courteous, professional service of the highest calibre.

Successful cases

Client's Say

"We have chosen to install Alien-security MAS1008 on our phones and Tablets from 3 stores to more than 200 stores. We love that MAS1008 is a great solution to supporting with Shrinkage in high risk areas whilst not affecting the customer shopping experience. In stores that have MAS1008 versus stores without MAS1008 we have seen an average shrinkage reduction of 81% on the high-risk areas that we use them. Before we had problems with our old alarms. But after using this alarm post MAS1008 for a few months, I can say no more than that they work flawlessly. Easy to assemble, stylish and very safe! We only paid one fifth of the cost of before, but got a huge profit. We love it, highly recommended!"

——Marko,Loss Prevention and Marketing managers

"Yes – we got the bottle security cap locks samples – thanks! The bottle security locks work well. Mark is going to test them in the customers store today.Then he will visit the customer on Monday to discuss. We will let you know how this goes."

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