Retail Security System Solutions

Shoplifting is a major issue that retail stores face every day. It doesn't matter what you sell, the theives will steal if they have the chance. According to a study by the RILA, retail crime resulted in over $68 billion in losses in the United States[1]. Furthermore, the 2020 National Retail Security Survey found that theft reached an all-time high of $61.7 billion in 2019, up from $50.6 billion the previous year[2]. However, business owners aren't helpless,many of these losses can be avoided. It's not realistic to say that you will eradicate shoplifting for goods. But retail anti-theft devices are a great way to help your sales team and security staff secure your store against shoplifters. Here are the most popular anti theft devices for retail stores you can use:

Top 8 Must-have Anti Theft Devices To Protect Your Retail Store


CCTV, or closed-circuit television,has been used by shop owners to monitor retail stores and prevent theft for many years. Not only do they act as anti-shoplifting devices, but you can also keep video recordings of what happens in your shop 24/7. If you are unable to capture the perpetrator in action, but a crime does happen, then you will still have video evidence to use if necessary.

The latest advances in video analytics and artificial intelligence make CCTV more powerful. The CCTV with latest technology can now identify suspicious activity and alert staff to potential problems before they occur. In addition, some systems employ facial recognition software even can identify known thieves the moment they walk into the store.

CCTV can also effectively protect inventory in various businesses. By constantly monitoring the premises, CCTV helps prevent theft and also provides evidence in case any incidents occur.

CCTV has proven to be a valuable anti theft device for retail stores. According to recent statistics[3], the presence of CCTV in retail stores can significantly reduce incidents of shoplifting and other serious crimes. In fact, the British Retail Consortium reported that CCTV has reduced crime in retail stores by up to 51 percent[4]. Meanwhile, a study by the University of Leicester discovered that shoplifting incidents dropped by 60% after retailers installed CCTV systems[5].

Security Mirrors

When it comes to simple yet highly effective anti shoplifting device, few options can surpass the effectiveness of security mirrors. These mirrors offer an affordable and straightforward way to enhance security measures, particularly in retail settings. By strategically installing security mirrors, you can eliminate critical blind spots that could otherwise be exploited by thieves and intruders.

Security mirrors can be easily mounted on walls and ceilings. When placed properly, they can eliminate most blind spots in retail stores, making it easy for staff and security teams to notice areas that were previously hidden from view.

Studies have demonstrated that businesses that utilize security mirrors experience a notable decrease in theft incidents. By creating an atmosphere of heightened surveillance, these mirrors instill a sense of caution in potential thieves, making them reconsider their actions and ultimately reducing the occurrence of theft and shoplifting.

Not only do security mirrors enhance security measures, but they also contribute to a safer and more secure shopping environment for both customers and employees. Their cost-effective nature and minimal installation requirements make them accessible retail anti theft devices for businesses of all sizes.

Anti-theft signage

Is there a easiest and cheapest anti-shoplifting device? A simple warning can sometimes be enough to deter thieves. In this case, a simple sign that says "shoplifters are prosecuted" works wonders.

More experienced thieves will ignore such signs but it will stop others. Loss Prevention Research Council found that 50% of shoplifters leave the store immediately or do not steal anything if surveillance signs are displayed in retail stores.

Now, it is more common to combine anti-theft signage and anti theft labels. On one hand it lets potential thieves know about the legal implications of their plans. This forces them to think twice. On the other, these anti theft labels work with the retail anti theft system at the entrance to prevent theft. Here is an example of anti-theft signs and labels combined.

RF round labels 30RLL-Checkpoint/Nedap Compatible Adhesive lable

Again,anti-theft signage is a very simple and cost-effective anti shoplifting device that works!

A Good EAS System

EAS is an acronym for electronic article surveillance. EAS security tags and detection systems are the most popular anti theft devices for retail stores, especially for supermarkets, clothing stores, cosmetics stores, libraries,etc.

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) devices include:

  • Security tagging systems: They are installed at the door of a store to sound an alarm to deter theft if they detect that goods passing through them have anti-theft tags or labels on them.
  • Anti theft magnetic Tags: popular with clothing retailers, this category also includes ink tags that burst when tampered with, destroying the garment.
  • EAS Anti theft Labels - stickers that can be attached to virtually anything.
  • Spider Security tags: great for high value mercahdise or oddly shaped items. It's lanyard wrapped around the outside of the merchandise and locked. In addition to causing an alarm when passing the EAS gates as same as anti theft magnetic tags, it will also issue an alarm if the thief tries to cut its lanyard.
  • Bottle security caps: - wraps around the neck or top of a container, these can be used for expensive bottles of liquor, tins of baby formula, and more.

One-stop anti theft security solution for colth shop, supermarket, liquor store,retail hardware store, eye glasses store etc. Help you loss less, sale more, and iImproving profitability.

Of the 4 main types of EAS devices--electromagnetic, acousto-magnetic, RFID, and microwave, the RFID (radio frequency identification) tags are most popular in the retail sector. These devices work with radio-frequency antennas,which customers have to walk by on their way out. These anti theft antennas, also known as pedestals, are a strong deterrent to theft.

Security Tehter Recoiler

A security tether recoiler is a security display device commonly used in retail stores to secure merchandise to a point and anti shoplfit or damage. It is also known as a retractable reel, recoiler, or anti-theft pull box. Its main function is to secure items to a point and allow customers to interact or handle them.

It typically consists of a retractable cord or cable housed within a small, durable plastic or metal casing. The cord or cable of the recoiler is securely attached to the merchandise using adhesive, a loop, or a hook. Some recoilers also come with various attachment options such as screws or clips for added security.

The security tether can be used for a variety of merchansides, such as but not only consumer electronics, jewelry with high value, sports equipment, power tools, vacuum cleaners, and handbags.

Alarm integration is optional: Certain recoilers are compatible with central alarm systems, adding an extra layer of protection.

Display Cases

Not all anti theft devices for retail stores have to be electronic. For example, display cases can do a lot to prevent theft. Display cases are widely used in retail stores to protect and showcase valuable products such as perfumes, cosmetics, cigarettes, razors, and even milk powder and alcohol.

The advantages of display cases or security safer box lie in their transparent PC plastic material, which allows customers to see all the product details. These display cases are also very sturdy and can resist violent theft attempts. In addition, they can be embedded with EAS technologies such as AM, RF or RFID chips, in combination with retail security tag system, to deter theft better.

However, display cases also have some disadvantages, such as the need for personnel to unlock them every time a customer needs to access a product. And This solution does not work for all products, particularly those that customers need to touch and explore in order to fully appreciate. Examples include mobile phones and tablet computers. It's still a great security measure, particularly if your budget is limited.

More than 50 models EAS safer boxes of various sizes.They are generally used to protect audio and video products, cosmetics, electronic accessories and other products from shoplifting in stores.

Retail Security Display Stands

If you sell high-value electronics in your retail store, such as smartphone, tablet,smart watches, laptops, headset,or other electronic products, then using security display stands is a great way to prevent theft. It not only let customers interact with them and pick up the products, but also still keep them attached to your display stands.

Some retail stores mount the security display devices on their furniture. This allows them display smartphone, tablet,smart watches, laptops, while keeping them secured and tethered. Take a look at the following,there are some most popular anti theft phone holders, smart watch security alarm charging stand, and anti theft device for small electrnoics and accessories:

The biggest benefit of the Alien-security MAS1008 is security and not compromising the customer experience

You can choose from a variety of merchandise security display devices from high security stands to wireless security holder, including magnetic holders, secuity holders with metal brackets, wireless security stand, and more. You can select the best retail security display devices for your product based on its size, shape and value.

Some retail security display stands are with built-in chargers to keep your products charged and ensure that customers get a good experience.

And some security display stands are with alarm, with physical locks and strong steel cable, making it more difficult for thieves to steal a product off your shelves.

Display locks

In some cases, some merchandises are displayed on shelves to facilitate customer purchase and save space. Such as small electronics, batteries, gift card,action figures, collectibles.

But you don't want them to be stolen by thieves. Because many of them are valuable commodities.

Display locks are a good way in retail environments for preventing sweep theft and securing displayed products. These locks are designed to secure the merchandise in place and require a magnetic key to open and remove the items.

Peg hook locks are available in different brands and types. Plastic peg hook locks are available in different sizes and colors. Some peg-hook locks are made for specific hook sizes, and some may be incompatible. It's therefore important to select the correct lock for your peg or hook.

Our Anti-theft security display hook lock allow products to be displayed in the aisle and facilitate legitimate purchases to maximise sales, whilst at the

A lot of work still needs to do after the installation of the Retail anti-theft devices

The installation of anti-theft devices in retail stores is only the first step, and there is still a lot of work to be done to truly reduce theft.

Good staff training and anti-theft culture building

As the e-commerce leader Shopify notes that a great first step to take is training your staff on how to use the anti theft devices for retail stores well. This is because many people have a tendency to not read instructions, so if you don't show them how to use the retail anti theft devices, they may not even realize it exists!

Then build good customer awareness and anti-theft awareness. Managers and employees can be trained to reduce and prevent theft, fraud and mistakes. Greet every customer personally. This is one of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent shoplifting. This is a win-win situation.

The culture that you create is also important for preventing loss internally: You can model and nurture integrity and pride at work. Everyone knows their responsibilities when you're clear with your security policy.

A variety of retails anti-theft devices are used together to play a synergistic role

Many anti-theft devices for retail stores have a particularly good protection effect on different goods, so choose the right anti-theft devices.

If you want to reduce the number of thefts in your store, it's a good idea to use a variety of anti-theft systems together.Usually its anti-theft effect will be 1+1 >2.

For example, if you have high-end luxury items such as jewelry or watches, then an electronic article surveillance (EAS) system is a good choice because these products usually have small quantities in each store and are easy to carry away quickly by thieves. However, if the products in your store are large and bulky--such as clothing or other consumer goods--then installing CCTV will be more effective because they can monitor large areas at once and help identify thieves quickly if they attempt to steal something from among them.

Focus on where the retail losses come from, targeted strengthening

The key points of retail loss prevention are inventory control : ensure that your inventory is accurate and up-to-date at all times.

This includes making sure that you have enough stock on hand, that all products are stored properly, and that they are not damaged in any way (e.g., by sunlight or heat). If you have too much or too little product in your store, this can lead customers on an unnecessary search for what they want--and possibly result in them leaving without buying anything at all!

New challenges

One of the most worrisome pandemic trends flagged by NRF right now is the growth of organized retail crime (ORC) and the prevalence of violent robberies. While it can take many forms, one of the key features is that it is not limited by time or place. Retail security is now a 24/7 concern. Be sure to check out how to protect you after hours, especially for stores that are at high risk due to high-value inventory.

Below is a highly publicized grab-and-run burglaries: thieves took millions of dollars' worth of electronics from an Apple Store in just a few seconds. Thieves hit more than a dozen of the iconic retail locations in recent months, mostly in California.

One of the most important strategies for retail stores in response to organized crime and violent robbery is to install high-quality surveillance systems. Modern camera systems with AI capabilities can track unusual activities and identify would-be thieves.

Using high security levels security display stands to protect high value electronics is a very wise action. They are often the target of violent robberies as they contain expensive electronics that can be sold on the black market.

Tagging high-value items: A common method is to use a tag that emits an alarm when someone tries to remove it from an item without paying for it at the register or returns counter. Such as 2 alarm/3 alarm security tags,they can deter thieves and help identify stolen items. Ink security tags is also a good weapon.

A reminder at the end: Striking a balance of anti theft devices for retail stores and Customer Experience

One of the most important aspects of running a successful retail business is maintaining a good relationship with your customers. Customers want to feel safe and secure when they're shopping, and that's where retail store anti-theft devices come in. Retail anti-theft devices act as a deterrent to theft, but they also make customers feel more comfortable while they're shopping at your store.

Anti-theft devices are absolutely necessary for retail stores, but do not interfere with the customer experience. Because the ultimate goal of retail stores is to sell more goods and get higher profits, it's important for retailers to find a balance between protecting goods effectively against theft while still allowing customers to feel comfortable and free to shop.

Retail security tags and detection systems

Protect your stores with advance retail security tags and detection systems from Alien-security, that bringing great vaule to you: reduce theft and increase sales. The leading quality in the industry with 3 years warranty! At Alien-security, we provide a wide range of EAS retail security tags and detection systems, that include eas security systems, security tags,ink tags,RF label, AM label,source tagging solutions, deactivators and detachers. Our EAS portfolio spans multiple technologies -AM, RF and RFID, and Checkpint compatible,Sensormatic Compatible. Tagging products with  EAS and RFID tags and labels is most commonly anti shoplifting device. Of course, these retail security tags require security tagging systems at the exits to work effectively. The anti theft door security systems are triggered when someone leaves a store or building with a product having a security tag or label attached to it. RF security tags and EAS RF system,Checkpint compatible security system Radio Frequency (RF) systems are widely used in retail stores. They offers an affordable, attractive anti-theft solution that promotes open merchandising for a variety of retail environments. Our EAS RF security gates can cover wide aisles, have a modern design and can be customized with warning words. Prices will depend on the required specification but RF security systems are generally the most affordable. We do not just offer EAS RF antennas, but also RF tags and RF security labels. there are lots of different styles of tags that work with RF security gates.Mini square tag is perhaps the most widely used Radio-Frequency (RF) tag for protecting clothing and other soft goods. AM tags and EAS AM system, Sensormatic Compatible AM Security Tags,Sensormatic Compatible Security Labels & AM system. Acousto-Magnetic (AM) offers an extended detection range and is normally less susceptible to interference from external electronic interference, providing greater installation flexibility. Acousto-Magnetic (AM) pedestals are generally more expensive than RF ones. However, they offer slightly better performance and aesthetics. They’re also very robust and reliable. Alien-security provide a full range of EAS AM systems, AM tags, DR label and AM deactivators. Especially AM label produced by Alien-security. It is an Alternative to the Sensormatic DR Label Sheet format well suited for application by hand, as well as roll format for high speed machine application. Compatible with TYCO/Sensormatic and other Acousto-Magnetic (AM) 58 KHz EAS Systems and Deactivators The pencil security tag is the most widely used AM tag for protecting clothing that alternative to the Sensormatic tags. This 58 KHz Acousto-Magnetic (AM) tag is compatible with All Sensormatic, WG Security, and other AM systems. It's sleek design and ease of use make it one of the more popular clothing security tags. EAS Ink tags Ink tags are a form of retail loss prevention most commonly used by clothing retailers. It offers retailers an attractive and secure AM or RF hard tag/benefit denial ink tag combination. When the tags are forcibly removed, one or more glass vials containing permanent ink will break, causing it to spill over the clothing, effectively destroying it. Ink tags are most effective when used together with EAS/RFID detection system. Alien-security produces more than 50 types ink security tags to protect any type of apparel merchandise. EAS RF or AM technology is integrated. All of our ink tags can be printed witha warning to inform potential shoplifters what will happen if the tag is removed by force. We can print custom warnings, as well as store logos for larger volume orders. R50,AM ink tag,is the most widely used ink security tags in recent years, espercially are produce to source tag merchandise in JC Penney. It is round ink tag is equipped with two ink vials, an AM or RF circuit, and a SuperLock Clutch. A clear plastic, dome shaped pin is used to connect the tag to retail merchandise. Spider security tags Spider security tag is high security anti theft device to protect the goods that require open merchandising in their original packing in stores, such as appliances in boxes,Cans of milk powder etc. Its adjustable cables wraps around the box and protect it. Each lanyard wraps alarms when cut. EAS technology inside, soit will self alarms (3 alarm) and activates the alarm(2 alarm) ,when passed though the EAS security system. Alien-security produces 5 types spider security tags. Big spider tags, Mini spider wrap tag, big Spider net tag, small Spider web,Auto-retractable spider tags. All these spider security tags are avaible in 2 alarm or 3 alalrm and uses dual EAS technology - AM 58KHz and RF 8.2MHz. The tag is removed using a conventional magnetic detacher. In addition to high-quality EAS retail anti theft systems and security tags, Alien-security's innovatively designed security display devices are more and more popular with customers in recent years. For example, the 1008 series of anti theft phone holder launched by Alien-security are very popular with customers for the unique security, and unique installation meet unique needs of different retail stores. Mobile phone security display stand MAS1008 integrates high security and high customer experience on one stand. Freedom1008 adopts cordless design to provide customers with a great experience while securing mobile phones/tablets; Robust1008 is made of all-metal, providing maximum strength of security, defeating any theft; Wall-mount1008, which allows retail stores to make full use of wall space to display mobile phones; Small1008, small in size, provides basic phone/tablet charging and alarm protection, and is a low-investment option. Alien-security's innovation in mobile phone anti theft display holder is just the beginning. Alien-security has launched a smart watch security display holder WDC1006, and a laptop security alarm device E-Lock and S-Lock . They all adopt the design concept of Alien-security to display electronic products to the greatest extent. let electronic products become the heroes of the store; allow customers to experience the electronic products on display to the greatest extent, experience all aspects of these electronic products, but a rigid experience; at the same time, provide the greatest security protection for the electronic products on display. Welcome to subscribe to Alien-security to get the latest innovative anti theft devices for retail stores  and latest promotions from Alien-security.

Mobile/Laptop Security Display

Merchandising security or security display is the key element for every store that displays electronic products. Not only it secures and charges smartphones,tablets,laptops,smartwatches and other electronic devices, but allows customers to interact the products freely to increase sales. Alien-security designes and produces a variety of security display stands,from alarm to no alarm, from pick up to lock-down,from high security with metal grippers to wireless security stand,that fit your unqiue requirement. All these security stands help you dicrease theft, and maximize every sales opportunity. Unique Secure Unique Installation Security display stands for cell phone Smart phones are the most popular consumer electronic products in recent years. Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers will release new products every year. Cell phone anti theft is also the biggest headache for stores: both beautifully display of cell phones to attract customers and allows customers to fully experience the phone, and prevents the shoplifting of expensive phones in an environment that doesn't interfere with the customer experience. Alien-Security offers a variety of anti theft phone holders with unique secures and unique installation meeting your store's unique security display needs. MAS1008, High security display stand for cell phone with high customer experience. Mobile phone security display stand MAS1008 uses a modern and streamlined design that makes the cell phone on display the hero in store.Inernal recoiler, all cables inside, no messy cords outside. These ensure the cleanliness of the entire display environment in retail store.The 3mm thickness metal grips provide robust security protection for the cell phone, leaving the thiefs poweless.It is retractable,so so that customers can freely pick up the mobile phone to experience it. The cable with strong steel inside is of anti cutting. It allows customer pick up the cell phone freely with anti theft protection.The top can be lock-down to prevent run theft and violent robberies in high-risk environments.All these features make it one of the most poplaure cell phone display security stands on the maket. (The other is Invue Onepod, that is very similar as our security stand MAS1008-P). Freedom1008, Wireless alarm phone security stand, ultimate customer experience. Freesom1008 Mobile phone wireless security stand combines the modern and streamlined visual display presentation of MAS1008 with the freedom of wireless,to give your customers the ultimate product experience. As get rid of the shackles of the rope of the security stand, customers can pick up the smart phone and walk freely around the store, customer experience is as smooth as silk. But please rest assured,the smartphone in customer hands is always protected by the wireless security stand with alarm.When the customer walks out the edge of the safe zone with the cell phone, the head adhsive on the phone and stand on the desk will both alarm. The head on phone alarm ensures that a stolen phone can be tracked as it moves through or exits the store.The base alarm ensures that alarm is heard, even if thief attempts to suppress alarm on product. DS1002, Acrylic cell phone security stand with alarm and charger. DS1002 clear acrylic phone security stand has vertical display design for both cell phones and tablets, ensures device stability. Its ultra low profile sensors minimise interference for an enhanced customer experience. A built-in alarm unit is in the stand,provides electronic anti theft alarm protection for the phone or tablet. Thanks to consistent charging up to 1.5A-2.1A offered by the alarm stand, phones or tablets on display are always powered and in the best state to be experienced. Three sensor options available: Micro USB, Type C and lightning sensor. 76cm exposed cable disconnects at stand for easy nightly removal. Security dsiplay stand for tablet Mobile phone security display stands are always used to disply tablets in stores directly. But it will take more than that to display the tablet better in stores. According to the characteristics of tablet,such as its big size, charging request, Alien-security specially designed MAS1008-T for tablet security display in stores. Secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008-T with special design 4 adjustable metal clamps for tablet. They fits tablet of all sizes, from Apple iPad Mini to Pad Pro and Samsung Galaxy tablet. The MAS1008-T's exclusive top lock down option provides extra stability for tablets, that allows the retail stores to show the tablets in a more tablet-friendly way.There is no any risk that the tablets slip off the display mount and get damaged.Yet it is easy to unlock to let the customers pick up the tablet freely to experience it when customers have a requirement. Pen security device max the experience of the tablet, that boost sales of both the tablet and the accessories. Thanks to consistent charging up to 5V,2A offered by the tablet stand,all tablets, especially Samsung tablets and Xiaomi tablets with fast charging features, can be fully charged quickly.This ensures that the tablet doesn't quickly drain its battery while playing video. Tablet security stand MAS1008-T can be also used to security display E-readers such as Kindles. Multi-level security laptop security devices Alien-security offers the most innovative and multi levels laptop security devices. They are from high security alarm on laptop to robust laptop security mounting bracket; from one to one alarm, to multi-ports laptop anti theft security devices. One-to-one high security alarm on laptop: E-Lock The E-Lock is high security one-to-one alarm on laptop. It consists of two alarm pad connected by a strong stelel cable that is resistant to being cut. Its appearance is very simple and atmospheric. Its unique electronic alarm on laptop allows it to provide a high level of security for laptops on display; Optional metal gripper makes it resistant to violent robbery by thieves. 2 metal brackets are available to enhance anti theft security. This metal brackets are adjustable. It can work with the laptops of any sizes and any brand. Such as Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Thinkpad, HP, Samsung laptops etc. The second alarm ports of both the alarm mount on the desktop and the alarm pad on the back of the laptop allow it to secure the keyboard, electronic pen and other accessories at the same time. In addition, the second alarm ports can also be used to cross-merchandise audio and other electronic products to increase sales. A Robust and freely rotating laptop security mounting brackets:S-Lock The laptop security mounting brackets S-LOCK is the robustest retail anti theft system for laptop in the market. It is an all-metal, super secure laptop stand designed to defeat any violent theft. On the other hand, S-LOCK does not compromise good customer experience because of the pursuit of extreme ruggedness. What's more amazing is that while the laptop security mounting brackets secures the laptop firmly, it also allows customers to freely rotate the laptop screen to experience the display effect of the laptop screen, which is a feature that many customers value very much. To provide customers with the best customer experience. Multi-ports Laptop Anti Theft Security Devices:V-Lock V-lock is a verstatile and powerful laptop anti-theft security alarm devices working with a variety of USB laptop alarm cable,Type-c laptop security cable, and laptop anti theft alarm sensor sticker. This 4 port anti theft alarm mount can security display up to 4 laptops at once.It provides security and theft protection not only for regular laptops, but also for split laptops and some new concept laptops or tablets. Such as Microsoft surface, Apple ipad and associated accessories. In high-risk areas, it is good idea to equip an S-lock and use it with a V-Lock to defeat theft. Amazing Security display stands for smartwatches Smartwatches and wearable devices are considered as fashion accessories. Such as most popular apple watch,Samsung galaxy watch,they are all about sleek and elegant design, fusing fashion, technology, and innovation. So the smartwatches and wearable devices must be displayed in a stylish and inviting way. Alien-secuirty 1006 Series is amazing Smart Watch Display Stand Security Solution : high security smart watch display stand security solutions with consistant design and a variety of mounting options. Not only can it defeat theft, but it can elegantly display the smart watch as a hero in store, and charge the smartwatch, let customers pick up the watch freely and try on freely. WDC1006 is a standalone, destop smartwatch security charging stand with high security and amazing customer experience. This smartwatch stand not only displays smartwatch beautifully, but also secures it with a high level of security. At the same time, the security stand continuously charges the smartwatch on display, make it is always alive to give customers the best experience. What's more amazing, this smartwatch security charging stand not only allows customers to freely pick up the smartwatch experience, but also allows customers to freely try on the smartwatch to see the wearing result without removing the smartwatch from it and with the help of the store staff. In high-risk areas where violent theft is more prevalent, employees can choose to lock the zinc-alloy display arc to the display holder to enhance higher level of security. In addition, because of its standalone, desktop design, it is very simple to install. It can be mounted on the display table directly with 3M glue on the bottom, or with long screws. Then power it on, press the start button on the remote, and it starts working With integrated OEM power capability for most popular smartwatches, such as Apple watch,Samsung galaxy watch, smartwatch is always with power, and ready to deliver the best product experience. Security display hooks Now retail stores demand open display solutions that also secure merchandises. Security display hooks allow you to open display your high-theft electronic accessory packed in box with high security protection. It effectively prevent theft, meanwhile the security hook can be unlocked quickly by the staff with a key,allowing customers to get it quicky when they need it. A variety of models of security display hooks are supplied by Alien-secuirty. 5 models of the locking bases make the security hooks apply to all the wall board. Placement of lock is quick and easy by a store associate with the key, providing retailers with a safe and secure display,meanwhile customers have full access to examine the merchandise but cannot remove the product without staff assistance.The hook locks can only removed by a store associate with the key. Customerization: Your security display solution only meets your retail store Alien-security's customized security display stands combines over 6 years of innovation and communication . By creating a customized solution,we can help you balance the need for high engagement with the right security in each retail environment. The security display stands can be produced directly according to the customer's drawings directly. At the same time, we also has the ability to independently develop new products based on customer needs. Alien-security continues to provide a full range of retail anti theft devices and merchandise security display products for mobile phone experience stores. Not only the hand-held electronic devices displayed in the retail store can be secured by the security display devices, but the electronic products and accessories packed in the box can be secured against theft by Alien-security's spider security tags. Alien-security even specially developed the super anti-theft security pedestal AM8006 for mobile phone experience stores and digital stores. Considering that the designs of many mobile phone experience stores are very fashionable, AM8006 adopts an acrylic body, and the overall appearance is fashionable and concise. This design makes it completely consistent with the fashionable and simple style of the mobile phone experience store. It will not be obtrusive when it is installed at the door of the mobile phone experience store. In addition, in view of the problem that there are many sources of interference caused by many electronic products in the digital experience store, the AM8006 motherboard has been made with super anti-interference settings and a stronger heat dissipation design. All these make it very popular with customers, and it is currently widely used in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Slovakia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Peru, South Africa and other places. Details of the above products can be found below: Spider Security Tags to secure Box: Super Anti-Theft Security Pedestal: For more news of Alien-security innovations and new products, please subscribe to Alien-security. Alien-security has rapidly grown into the top 3 companies in China's retail security industry in recent years. The pace of making retail security more beautiful, more practical and more innovative has not slowed down. Welcome to be an innovation partner of alien-security

Security Box Magnets

The magnetic security safer box is a clear box with a magnetic lock, built-in RF, AM magnetic rod or RFID chip, which work together with EAS /RFID systems to protect the merchandises from shoplifting when they are displayed in stores. There are a variety of merchandises are protected by the magnet safer box in store. Such as Video games, consoles, consume electronic accessories, memory card, shaving razors, toothpastes, rinses or condoms. Because the magnetic lock boxes are transparent, they can fully show all the information of the product to the customer,especially the products as creams and beauty treatments, perfumes or makeup,when they are protected. Since there are so many products required security displayed by package security box, we often receive inquiries from customers to inquire about of security box magnets of various sizes. Customers also often complain that retail security boxes of the right size cannot be found. Alien-security is the supplier of anti-theft security boxes that you are looking for. Alien-security is China's second largest manufacturer of magnetic security safer boxes. There are more than 50 types of magnetic lock boxes for sale, and dozens of custom-made retail security boxes. Such as video game security cases, DVD security case, CD security case,ps4 game case holder,razor blade box, Gillette fusion razor box,locking makeup box, ink box security safer,cartridges security keeper,etc. What's more important is that Alien-security has strong experience in developing custom size security box magnets according to customer requirements. Alien-security is very proficient in the production of magnetic lock box materials. Equipped with special machines, the protective boxes produced are transparent and free of any impurities, and they are very strong. It can provide products with fully visual display and fully security.If you have requirements for security box magnets, please feel free to contact me at first time to get biggest support !

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