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The magnetic security safer box is a clear box with a magnetic lock, built-in RF, AM magnetic rod or RFID chip, which work together with EAS /RFID systems to protect the merchandises from shoplifting when they are displayed in stores. There are a variety of merchandises are protected by the magnet safer box in store. Such as Video games, consoles, consume electronic accessories, memory card, shaving razors, toothpastes, rinses or condoms. Because the magnetic lock boxes are transparent, they can fully show all the information of the product to the customer,especially the products as creams and beauty treatments, perfumes or makeup,when they are protected. Since there are so many products required security displayed by package security box, we often receive inquiries from customers to inquire about of security box magnets of various sizes. Customers also often complain that retail security boxes of the right size cannot be found. Alien-security is the supplier of anti-theft security boxes that you are looking for. Alien-security is China's second largest manufacturer of magnetic security safer boxes. There are more than 50 types of magnetic lock boxes for sale, and dozens of custom-made retail security boxes. Such as video game security cases, DVD security case, CD security case,ps4 game case holder,razor blade box, Gillette fusion razor box,locking makeup box, ink box security safer,cartridges security keeper,etc. What's more important is that Alien-security has strong experience in developing custom size security box magnets according to customer requirements. Alien-security is very proficient in the production of magnetic lock box materials. Equipped with special machines, the protective boxes produced are transparent and free of any impurities, and they are very strong. It can provide products with fully visual display and fully security.If you have requirements for security box magnets, please feel free to contact me at first time to get biggest support !

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