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Various Stands, Multi Security, Consistent Display, Meets Your Stores Unique Requirement

Are you still distressed by the loss of expensive electronics like phones and tablets on display in your store? Are you still rely on the shop assistants' eyes to prevent theft? Are you still irritated by the outdated, ugly, complicated, and annoying false alarm stands you're using? Because they do nothing to deter thieves except annoy customers and drain the energy of shop assistants. Please don't hesitate to try Alien-security's amazing Zero-theft mobile phone retail store display security alarm stands!  A next generation anti theft security display soution: zero theft, elegent display and interact freely ! Not only do they provide robust anti-theft security to keep your expensive electronics from being stolen, but they also feature a clean, streamlined design without any messy cords on the outside, making the electronics on display the heroes of the store ! More importantly, they are easy to install and never produce electronic false positives. An ordinary shop assistant can complete the installation in three minutes using all the accessories included in the package. Give it a try, maybe the future will be great! The cost is so low that you can secure your entire cell phone store for the cost of an Iphone. One less gadget you lose and you get your investment back! Please do not hesitate to contact us! We have rapid response services in 16 countries, and more and more countries are being added to our service area. Welcome to contact us and let us be your trusted partner to defeat theft and enpower sales

Alien-security  produces a variety of security display stands for smartphone, tablet, laptop,smartwatch, headset etc. These Robust merchandise security display devices help you display your consumer electronics elegantly and drive increased customer engagement. It helps you maximize every sales opportunity, in every store, every day. Meanwhile,by creating a custom solution,we can design new products meet your unique needs that makes a difference. We can help you balance the need for high engagement with the right security in each retail environment.

The first feature of Alien-security's security display product: Beautifully display the electronic and amke it a hero.

The second of Alien-security's anti theft display products is Max security. Make employees of digital stores don't have to worry about the loss of digital products. They can focus on the service of customers and provide customers with a better customer experience.

The third feature of Alien-security's security display product is that it is easy to operate.

In addition, Alien-security provides OEM services and ODM services for customized security display products. If you have requirements for digital store security display, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to working with you.

The consumption of digital products has been on the rise for several years. And the same time, the retail store requires more powerful mobile phone retail store display security alarm system.

The consumption of electronic products has been on the rise for several years. Digital products are being updated quickly, and new products are emerging. When customers choose digital products, such as mobile phones, tablets, Laptops, smart watches, etc., they are more and more inclined to experience firstly and then buy. So how to attract customers to retail digital stores and fully experience products has always been a concern of digital stores. At the same time, a big problem facing retail digital stores is how to effectively prevent digital products as mobiles from theft when providing customers with an open experience in digital products such as mobile phones and smart watches. Especially now the price of digital products is getting more and more expensive. mobile phone retail store display security alarm systems, reduce lost losses and allow customers to fully experience the product, in order to truly increase profits.

Alien-security has been focusing on the Mobile retail store security display solution.

Committed to using technology, design and innovative retail security products, customers can experienced digital products in retail stores, while digital stores lose less, sell more, and profit more. Intelligent display security stands from Alien-security as mobile phone retail store display security alarm  secure your cellphones, tablets, Wearables, & laptops and provide in-store visibility and drive increased customer engagement.

The first feature of Alien-security's security display product: Beautifully display the electronic,make it a hero in store!

Nowadays many electronic products are not only a functional product, but also have many meanings of fashion accessories. So Alien-security pays particular attention to the design of the display stand. Ensure that the product's appearance is smooth and simple, and better integrated with digital products. Increase the beauty of the show.

One of the most typical is the smart watch, which is not only an electronic device, but also a wearable accessories, fashion accessories. So Alien-security designed WDC1006.

WDC1006 is a standalone, destop smartwatch security charging stand. It not only displays smartwatch beautifully, but also secures it with a high level of security. At the same time, the security stand continuously charges the smartwatch on display, make it is always alive to give customers the best experience.

What's more amazing, this smartwatch anti theft holder with charging and alarm not only allows customers to freely pick up the smartwatch experience, but also allows customers to freely try on the smartwatch to see the wearing result without removing the smartwatch from it and with the help of the store staff.

Alien-security's many mobile phone retail store display security alarm are designed with built-in recoiler. All the cables are automatically hidden inside the security display stand, and there are no messy lines outside, which ensures the simplicity of the entire digital store.

The second of Alien-security's mobile phone retail store display security alarm is of highsecurity.

Make employees of electronic stores don't have to worry about the loss of digital products. They can focus on the service of customers and provide customers with a better customer experience.

In order to achieve high security or even max security, Alien-security uses a combination of physical anti-theft and electronic security alarm.

The most typical mobile phone retail store display security alarm is MAS1008, mobile phone anti theft display holder. With 4 metal grippers and built-in metal cable which is anti-cutting. At the same time, it is equipped with 4 highly secure electronic alarms. Let the cell phone be security displayed in the retail store without any chance of losing.

The third feature of Alien-security's mobile phone retail store display security alarm  is that it is easy to use.

Alien-security most mobile phone retail store display security alarm works in a stand-alone manner and can be installed in just two simple steps. This provides greater flexibility in the layout of the digital store. One-button alarm shutdown, quick removal of the machine and re-installation can be achieved in 10 seconds.

Such as laptop security mounting brackets S-Lock.

The laptop security mounting brackets S-LOCK from Alien-security is the robustest retail anti theft system for laptop in the market. It is an all-metal, super secure laptop stand designed to defeat any violent theft. However, althrough the laptop security lock secures the laptop firmly, it also allows customers to freely rotate the laptop screen to experience the display effect of the laptop screen, which is a feature that many customers value very much. To provide customers with the best customer experience.

What's more amazing is that the laptop anti theft brackets can be installed in three ways. It can be fixed directly to the reserved slot on the display table by screws, or directly to the display table by 3M glue. If the display table does not have a reserved slot, it can also be installed by punching holes in the display table.

Alien-security mobile phone retail store display security alarm can provide anti-theft display for most mobile phone brands, tablet brands, laptop brands, and smart watch brands on the market.

For example, Alien-security's anti theft phone holders can be applied to iphone, as iphone11, iphone 11 pro, iphone XR, Iphone 8; Samsung phones, as Samsung Galaxy note10, Samsung Galaxy S9; Xiaomi phones, as MI 9 pro, Redmi note 7; HUAWEI phone and tablet, as Mate 30, Mate 20,P20 ; oppo phones, as Reno2, oppo A9; Vivo phones, as NEX 3; Oneplus phones, as Oneplus 7T; Realme phones, as Realme X, Realme XT; Motorola mobiles as Moto one, Moto z, Moto G.

Alien-security laptop security alarm devices can be applied to all laptop and tablets on the market, both traditional laptops, detachable notebooks and the latest 2-in-1 notebooks. For example: Apple MACBOOK, DELL, HP, IPAD, Microsoft surface.

Smart wearable devices, especially smart watches, have risen rapidly in recent years and are becoming more and more popular with consumers. But the properties of a smart watch determine that it is not just a watch, but also a stylish accessory. Therefore, the design of Alien-security's smartwtach secutity emphasizes the anti ttheft protection of smart watches, especially the display function, and makes the smart watch is the displayed hero.

Alien-secuerity's smart watch security stand display solution provides multi levels of security for smartwatch ,but all with excellent customer erperice and charging function. They can be applied to current mainstream smart watch brands, such as Samsung galaxy watch, Apple watch, Garmin, Fitbit. At the same time, we also accept customized products.

In addition, Alien-security provides tailor-made electronic store security display solution or comprehensive retail loss prevention solution for hypermarkets. And ODM services for customized products and security display products. At present, we have provided 6 customized mobile phone retail store display security alarm for our customers, which are well received by customers.

At present, we have more than 300 partners, and the annual sales volume exceeds 100,000. If you have a need for digital store security display, please feel free to contact us, we look forward to working with you.

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"Alien-security has been real beneficial for our customers, especially with merchandise display MAS1008. It delivered amazing results, more than expected. It almost zero false alarms, reduced customer wait time, and it allows store associates to focus on serving customers for a better shopping experience.The best thing about Alien-security is ease of use,and doesn’t require any training. Our cusotmers love it so much, I love it so so much !"


"We have chosen to install Alien-security MAS1008 on our phones and Tablets from 3 stores to more than 200 stores. We love that MAS1008 is a great solution to supporting with Shrinkage in high risk areas whilst not affecting the customer shopping experience. In stores that have MAS1008 versus stores without MAS1008 we have seen an average shrinkage reduction of 81% on the high-risk areas that we use them. Before we had problems with our old alarms. But after using this alarm post MAS1008 for a few months, I can say no more than that they work flawlessly. Easy to assemble, stylish and very safe! We only paid one fifth of the cost of before, but got a huge profit. We love it, highly recommended!"

——Marko,Loss Prevention and Marketing managers
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