Make Your Mobile Shop Display With Max Security

13 Jul 2020

If you are looking forward to establishing a mobile shop then one of the things that you need to keep in mind. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that security is something that needs to be taken seriously at all times. It is that it should be protected from the theft of high value items. It is true that you need to protect them from theft. You also need to protect it from the other possible damages. Alien-security's MAS1008 mobile phone anti theft display holder is the right one you are looking for.MA1008 is a 4 metal holders cell phone and pad retail shop display security solution. Its 4 metal arms with 6 electronic alarm system make you security display with zero theft. Install one platform, Meet Any Threat! Here's an sucessful story of a customer. He is a leader in USA telecoms, offering cable TV, interactive multimedia, net gain access to, and wireless telephone solutions. The customer was wanting to lower burglaries for their mobile shop display. After attempting numerous other vendors without success, they involved Alien-security 4 metal claws holders. 65 sets mobile phone security display stands MAS1008 were installed at one of the shop's places. Along with installment, twice-weekly specialist check outs were consisted of throughout the test duration. It guaranteed that whatever was functioning effectively and to educate the shop's staff members. 3 weeks after the installation, the client's lead group determined they had actually discovered their remedy. They also authorized a contract with Alien-security for the retrofit of 300 shops.

WS1007 Security display stand

29 Sep 2019

phone display security systems WS1007 is the model that designed internal recoiling system cable inside. so the customers can freely experience the mobile phone,rather than a messy cables on the table. It makes your mobile shop a neat and simple environment. phone display security systems WS1007 another feature is the grippers to lock the mobile phone and reinforced cable with metal inside, ant-cutting.  even the phone display security systems is no power,the retailers are not worried about the mobile phones will be stolen. The metal grippers designed for phone can work with all phones from 5 inches to 7 inches in size. Such as IPHONE5, IPHONE 6, IPHONE 6S, IPHONE XR, IPHONE 7, IPHONE 8, IPHONE 8PLUS, IPHONE MAX.  And Samsung galaxy s8+, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy note10, Huawei Mate 20, Huawei Mate 30, OPPO A9 etc. Tablet  metal grippers are avilable for tablet from 7" to 12". Such as ipad min, ipad air, ipad ,ipad pro, Samsung galaxy tablet, xiaomi tablet,etc. As the clamps is made of meatil, so we put each clamps with rubber in place to prevent any damage to the screen of the phone. phone display security systems WS1007  has 4-Way positioning. Alarm when phone or tablet is forcibly removed.  Alarm when the phone or tablet charging cable is cut or is forced to remove.  Alarm when the wire is cut off.  Alarm when the display stand is off the desktop. phone display security systems WS1007  is with built-in battery and 105dB alarm. As the up sensor is with built-in battery ,Even if the thief cuts the cable, the up sensor will alarm.  And the alarm reaches 110bd, make the thief has nowhere to hide. phone display security systems WS1007 display alarm systems not only protects your merchandises against theft, but also enhances the customer’s shopping experience and drive your sales! If customers have more requirements for merchandise security and display, mobile phone security display holder MAS1008 will be best choice.   cell phone security display holder MAS1008  is a newly designed cell phone display security device.  Similar as INVUE's Onepod, but more beautiful and more versatile. In addition to mobile phone anti-theft alarm devices, we also provide smartwatch security display, laptop security, headphone security lock. They are all beautiful, stable and easy-to-use . We have been committed to providing digital stores with a full range of retail display security solutions. They will bring customers good shopping experience while reducing losses and increasing sales and profits.  

WS1005 Phone display security

06 Oct 2018

WS1005 is mobile phone display security devices. Main features: Built-in cables automatic storage device. Metal gripper. Multi alarm. Special grippers for PAD protection. WS1005 is mobile phone display security devices with built-in cables automatic device. It allows customers to freely pick up the phone, operate and experience the phone or tablet with no messy wires on the display table. After the experience is completed, the phone automatically returns to mobile phone display security device. Metal grippers can work with this display security alarm to provide better anti-theft protection for mobile phones. If to protect Ipad or  tablet, special metal grippers for pad are used with mobile phone display security devices WS1005 to provide  protection  in the digital store or experience store. mobile phone display security devices WS1005 has the Multi alarm functions. Alarm when the phone is forcibly removed.  Alarm when the phone charging cable is cutted. Alarm When themobile phone display stand WS1005 is forcibly removed from the desktop. The electronic consumer market has continued to grow in recent years. The U.S. consumer technology industry will reach a record $398 billion in retail revenue in 2019, a growth of 4% from last year, according to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) report at CES.The growth is being driven by artificial intelligence and fast connectivity, key ingredients for smartphones, smart home devices and smart speakers, according to the CTA. The customer's full experience before purchasing the product is increasingly important in determining whether the product is purchased. But when fully experiencing electronic products, the theft of digital products is a huge challenge for all digital stores and digital experience stores. And now digital products are expensive, ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousand dollars. Alein-security's Merchandise security display device is designed to allow customers to fully experience digital products while reducing the theft of digital products. Increase sales and increase profits. Alien-secuiry anti theft Solutions for merchadise on diplay provides protection for phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, VR headsets, and other electronic merchandise. Alien-security's MAS series products is an outstanding security display devices that balances aesthetic display with maximum security. The mobile phone security display holder MAS1008 can be seen as an upgrade to the WS1005. The MAS1008 is designed with a water bottle design that is simple and elegant. Equipped with 4 metal grippers that can be telescopic, the wires are built-in steel cable, which has the function of preventing being cut off, which can provide maximum safety protection for the display mobile phone or tablet. At the same time, the multi-point alarm function allows you to display products with 100% assured. You don't have to worry about theft of the products, and put all your energy on the customer to communicate and increase sales. Replace the four retractable metal grippers designed specifically for PAD protection to provide theft protection for tablet displays.

SA1723- Tablet stand

07 Sep 2018

Retail security tablet display stand holder alarm with metal bracket SA1712B is designed  with internal recoiling system cable inside.So the customers can freely experience the tablet,which give your mobile shop a neat and simple environment. Retail security tablet display stand holder alarm with metal bracket SA1712B is with  important factors for selecting specific vendor and  specific display stand model. Maybe you can find many tablet display as video in Youtube.  But Aliensecurity's Retail security tablet display stand holder alarm with metal bracket SA1712 is not as same as these ones. The one is complex operation but simple function, and ugly appearance. It has a simple and stylish design, built-in cable, metal brackets, the perfect display of tablet.  It provides a strong protection and bring customers a very good experience at the same time. The The main features are as follows: Simple & fashionable shap and internal recoiling system cable inside. Prefect diplay for the tablet and provide customers freely experience Built-in circuit board, can work independently.Dia 3.5mm cable, the shear force is 34kgf,  very hard  be cut by ordinary pliers 4 alarm protection and with metal bracket to provide tell protection for the tablet display Three size grippers to lock the tablet.(100-142mm,132-180mm,160-223mm). Even the security system is no power,the retailers are not worried about the tablet will be stolen. Internal reinforcement, better face anti violent behaviour on the custome. ODM and OEM is available.If you want to print logo or make some change of the product to more suitable to you,please feel free to contact us.Or more choice please kindy visit our website. Retail security tablet display stand holder alarm with metal bracket SA1712B is not only  display and protects the tablet against theft. It also enhances the customer’s shopping experience and drive your sales! Besides SA1712B, if you want a more high secuire anti theft tablet holder, you can choose secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008-T. In addition to the features of SA1712B, MAS1008-T is equipped with 4 metal grippers that are stronger and security. These metal grippers are retractable and can be used on any 7-12 "tablet currently on the market. There is a micro-USB port specially designed to crossmerchandise other electronic products on the back of the rear. For example, special alarm sensor cable can be used to display the electronic pen while displaying the iPad, so that customers can better experience the iPad and promote the sales of the electronic pen. These are just a few of the innoation of MAS1008-T. For more details about MAS1008's customer-friendly and enhanced security design, please see here:  

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