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WS1007 Security display stand

phone display security systems WS1007 uses a round appearance design, the shape resembles a cute puppy. It has built-in automatic cable puller, so that customers can freely pick up the phone experience. Then the built-in automatic cable puller will automatically pull the phone back to the original display position for the convenience of customer experience. Besides, the internal recoiling system collect all the cables inside the security post, rather than a messy cables on the table. It makes your mobile shop a neat and simple environment.

Phone display security systems WS1007 another feature is the grippers to lock the mobile phone and reinforced cable with metal inside, ant-cutting.  

The metal grippers designed for phone can work with all phones from 5 inches to 7 inches in size.

Such as IPHONE5, IPHONE 6, IPHONE 6S, IPHONE XR, IPHONE 7, IPHONE 8, IPHONE 8PLUS, IPHONE MAX.  And Samsung galaxy s8+, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy note10, Huawei Mate 20, Huawei Mate 30, OPPO A9 etc.

Tablet  metal grippers are avilable for tablet from 7" to 12". Such as ipad min, ipad air, ipad ,ipad pro, Samsung galaxy tablet, xiaomi tablet,etc.

As the clamps is made of meatil, so we put each clamps with rubber in place to prevent any damage to the screen of the phone.

phone display security systems WS1007  has 4-Way positioning.

Alarm when phone or tablet is forcibly removed.  Alarm when the phone or tablet charging cable is cut or is forced to remove.  Alarm when the wire is cut off.  Alarm when the display stand is off the desktop.

phone display security systems WS1007  is with built-in battery and 105dB alarm.

As the up sensor is with built-in battery ,Even if the thief cuts the cable, the up sensor will alarm.  And the alarm reaches 110bd, make the thief has nowhere to hide.

phone display security systems WS1007 display alarm systems not only protects your merchandises against theft, but also enhances the customer’s shopping experience and drive your sales!

If customers have more requirements for higher security and display, high security mobile phone anti theft dispaly holder MAS1008 will be best choice. Cell phone security display stand MAS1008  is a newly designed cell phone display security device.  Similar as INVUE's Onepod, but more beautiful and more versatile.

Of course, anti theft phone holders with different security levels or customer experiences may be required for different brand display areas in the same large store.

For example, Samsung's brand display area prefers wireless phone anti theft alarm stand, so you can choose the cordless phone security stand MAS1008-W. More Anti theft phone holders with different security levels can be specifically browse:

In addition to mobile phone anti-theft alarm devices, we also provide smartwatch security display stand with charging and alarm , laptop anti theft security alarm stands, headphone security lock.

They are all beautiful, stable and easy-to-use .  More, all of these security display devices maintain a consistent display style, which ensures that the entire display area of the hypermarket is consistent in style, providing customers with a better customer experience.

We have been committed to providing digital stores with a full range of retail display security solutions. They will bring customers good shopping experience while reducing losses and increasing sales and profits.

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