Security Display for Mobile,Laptop,Smartwatch

Alien-security  offers a variety of security display products to protect electronics and general merchandise on display in retail. Such as mobile phone security display stand, tablet anti-theft holder,laptop anti theft devices, smartwatch safe display holder,headphone security lock etc. They provides multiple levels of security with high customer experience so that retailers can select exactly what they need. This allows the retail to anti theft display merchandises with minimal investment. At the same time, considering the simplicity of installation and use, most of  our commercial security stands work independently. It is possible to be installed and familiarized with the simplest operation by the digital store staff. Usually, all the installation parts and detailed instructions are shipped together with the security stands. Alien-security also has extensive experience in customizing merchandise security products for customers.We provides OEM service. Products can be produced directly according to the customer’s drawings directly. At the same time, we also has the ability to independently develop new products based on customer needs.

Protecting your business is our business. Alien-security’s merchandise security display system provides tough anti-theft protection for a wide range of general merchandise and consumer electronics on display. Help retail reduce theft, increase sales, and improve profit.

Alien-security’s idea of designing merchandise security products is innovation, beauty and function. we always committed to the development retail anti-theft products of open display, high-efficiency anti-theft, easy to install . As many years cooperated with customers, we have accumulated a lot of experience. It make us better know the customer’s requirement. They are must be strong enough to provide tough anti-theft. Meanwhile, they also be simple and easy to operate by the digital store staff.

MAX Security

4 metal claws, Enhanced internal structure to prevent violent looting, strong steel cable to prevent cuting, head can be locked down for high risk enviroment.Protect from aggressive theft attempts while encourage customer engagement.Max security solutions for phone and tablets on display. The Max Tablet & cell phone display security series is independently developed by Alien-security, providing max anti theft protection and open, beautyful display for cell phone and tablet.  4 metal arm brackets, strong steel cable to prevent cutting and run theft,6 levels electronic alarm protection, these features make you display your phones and tablets with confidence that zero theft.  Streamlined design, Internal recoiler, all cables inside, no messy cords,all these features make you elegantly display your phones and tablets in a clean and organised enviroment,provide excellent custoemer experience. Do you have the right retail security display devices that balance between customer experience and loss prevention?  Alien-security’s MAS1008 is the right one you are looking for. MAS1008 tablet &cell phone display security system is a leading commercialtable and phone stands, that install one can meet all threat in the retail. Max Tablet & cell phone display security series  provide Maximum anti theft ptrtection for cell phone and tablet on display. The 4 grips provides maximum anti theft protection for cell phones and tablets. Each metal gripper has a rubber on the top to prevent any damage to the phone or tablet when the gripper get in touch with the phone or tablet. Strong steel cable is to prevent cutting and run theft.  Work together with 4  grippers, it provides the strongest physical anti theft protection for the mobile phone and tablet on display. MAS1008 also has multiple electronic alarm function. The display stand will alarm when the thief forcibly take the phone. The secuity display platform will alarm if the steel cable with the phone are cut. The display post will alarm  when the theif try to take phone together with the alarm display. Max Tablet & cell phone display security series  are very  easy to install and easy to use. The entire installation process is very simple. There are screw holes at the bottom, which can be fixed on the display table by screws. Use the remote control to start work with one click. When the alarm occurs, you can use the remote control to turn off the alarm. At the same time, you can also set password protection for the display products separately through the remote control. The 4 metal arms of MS1008  security display anti-theft holder can work with almost all the phones and tablets on the markets. Mobile phone protection grips are available for mobile phones from 5″ to 7.6″. Such as IPHONE5, IPHONE 6, IPHONE 6S, IPHONE XR, IPHONE 7, IPHONE 8, IPHONE 8PLUS, IPHONE MAX, Samsung galaxy s8+, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S10 , Samsung Galaxy note10, Huawei Mate 20, Huawei Mate 30, OPPO A9, etc. Tablet protection grips are avilable for tablet from 7″ to 12″. Such as ipad min, ipad air, ipad ,ipad pro, Samsung galaxy tablet, xiaomi tablet,etc. Max Tablet & cell phone display security series have rich accessories. Usb c charging cable,micro usb charge cable, Apple lighting charge cable can be choosed for the display cell phone or tablet.

Cell Phone & Tablet Display Security Stand

Alien-security MAS1008 is usable for both smartphones and tablets. The biggest benefit of this tablet and cell phone anti theft device is that it provides multiple levels of security and customer experience in one stand. One design ensures a consistent appearance in your retail store. Multiple levels of security make you can Choose the perfect level of security and customer experience your stores require. Firstly, If you present phones and tablets in a low risk retail environment and have a requirement of high customers experience, you can use MAS1008 alarm security mounts directly.Internal Recoiler, customers can lift up the phone and tablet freely to experience it. All cables are neatly concealed internally,so department looks very clean, which has greatly improved the customer experience. All these features ensure the phones and tablets were easily accessed by people and encouraged attendees to try its features, even don’t notice the security device is protecting them. Secondly, If you want high security, you can add 2 metal brackets or 4 metal arm grippers. Many customers love 4 metal clamps. For the possibility of adding clamps ensures that the more expensive devices can be protected to the maximum.The brackets are adjustable to any size phone. When the size of the phone changes, the brackets will still work. You are not forced to spend more money on a new bracket if the size of the phone changes. This security device balances the high security and high customer experience. Third, If you need high MAX device to display high vule merchandise and want to protect them from aggressive theft attempts. MAS0018’s features of Lock Down and Quick Release options will be your will be your favorite. These gives me the peace of mind knowing that my most important selling brands are protected. In additon, a variety of accessories are available. There are kinds of charging cables as type-C charging cable, Android Micro USB charging cable, Apple lighting charging cable. These charging cables cover all major mobile phone interface types on the market. Install one,meets any threat ! This is Alien-security MAS1008. Alien-security’s tablet and cell phone anti theft device come in many types,different focus, to meet the different needs of customers.Because these phone & tablet retail security stands are used for display and anti-theft. Therefore, Alien-security is based on these three core functions, combined with its own concept of Beauty, Function and Innovation to design and produce products. First, this anti theft system for mobile and tablet performance must be stable. At least 72 hours aging test are taked before leaving the factory. Make sure all the security display devices arrive at cutomers’ hands are no false positives or failures. Reducing false positives and stable work is the first step to providing customers with a good experience. Second, the design is beautiful. The design of digital products as phones, tablet, smartwatch is more and more succinct. So we notice that the security display devices should be the same beautiful. This will bring out the beauty of the mobile phone tablet. So as to more attract customers to buy. Besides, Alien-security also provides phone& tablet security OEM service. Products can be produced directly according to the customer’s drawings directly. At the same time, we also has the ability to independently develop new equipment based on customer needs. There are some tablet and cell phone anti theft device customerized for customers as follows: DS1002,acrylic mobile phone display stand. The design is simple and focuses on presentation. Use with the 2.4GHZ control. DS1001, mobile security stand,the basic model. This mobile anti theft device is small, focusing on multi alarm function. The price is cheap, suitable for customers who only focus on basic tablet and cell phone anti theft display. DS1003 cell phone display holder,is a square design that caters to customers who prefer a square look or who want to use a square-shaped mobile phone security devices because of the shape of the phone or the design of the store. WS1005,Cell phone retail display security, built-in retractable tether, can automatically store wires and keep the display table clean and tidy. The WS1007,anti-theft cell phone display, is beautifully designed, sleek, and has a built-in cable puller. It is also a popular tablet and cell phone anti theft device. WS1006,display security alarm,is a customized anti theft devices for mobile phone and tablet. Alien-security is designed and manufacture it according to customer’s requirements. This security display stand adopts built-in cable retractor, square shape, compact and simple, but beauty and function. DST2001, specially designed for tablet display and anti-theft, the large contact surface makes the tablet prevent more stable and more beneficial to the customer experience. Provides simple electronic theft protection while ensuring the customer experience. Alien-security is a leading retail security  system manufacture in china, provides security display for mobile,laptop,smartwatch and retail loss prevention products worldwidely.

Watch and Wearable Security Display

Alien-security provides variations on the Smart watch or Wearable Retail Security display stand with optional anti-theft alarm protection, designed to secure both the smartwatch’s face and straps. Meanwhile,they make the retailers invest lowest cost security display solution for their shops. Because simple, modular design means you replace parts, not the whole display. Hardened display is proven to stand up to retail better than competing displays. At the same time,our smart watches and wearable retail security display stand compact size fits into  fixture of most` wearables or smartwatch on the market. Such as amsung Galaxy Watch Active 2,Apple Watch 5,Amazfit GTS,Garmin Fenix 6,Mi Band 4,Fitbit Versa 2,etc. For professional help and assistance in choosing the ideal solutions of security display of watches and wearable ,please feel free to contact our friendly team. Alien-security is an industry leader in merchandise security display.  Our watches and wearable retail security display stand provides effective aesthetically security for your valuable smart watches. Their main features includes: Superior protection,High-decibel alarm,Quick-release,and easy re-merchandising. The all new wearable category in the consumer electronics market has seen watches and fitness bands become very popular. Due to their size and fashion appeal, it is important for retailers to have these items on display.  So customers can hold the merchandise and see which smart watch or wearable suits them.Alien-security have quickly developed Smart watch or Wearable Retail Security display stand anti theft solutions. The smartwtach on a recoiler allows customers to feel the weight of the wearables or smartwatch.  It is balance of security and engagement at every risk level,while provides superior customer experience. Also the smartwatch security display post’s clean and consistent design makes the merchandise the hero, with minimal visual distraction. In addation,our smart watches and wearable retail security display stand fully customized solutions are also available. Design can be configured to meet specific brand needs. ALIEN-SECURITY has always been committed to the retail merchansing display security and EAS retail loss prevention. Making retail stores to sell more, loss less, and increase profits. ALIEN-SECURITY has a lot of innovative retail security products, such as mobile phone security display stand, 2 alarm/3 alarm boxguard, Liquor bottle security lock and so on.If you any any requirement,please contact us at any time, we must provide you with the greatest support. If you need to customize the function, you can also contact us, we also support product customization and OEM.

Laptop security

Choose from an electronic alarm option or a robust physical tethering solution. Alien-security different laptop security options will suit different display environments and purposes. Theft in your retail store can be extremely damaging to your bottom line. If you have high-value products in your retail stores like laptops, notebook, macbook or others. Laptop security is a great way to allow consumers to pick up and test your products. while keeping them tethered to your display furniture. Alien-security offer laptop security anti theft display devices to help reduce shoplifting in retail stores. Make you present your Laptops and Notebooks securely. USB line Alarms laptop security, physical cable anti theft devices and security stand lock for professional security displays so you can display your laptops, notebooks and the new hybrid computers with confidence. Like Laptop lock WSL3004 is designed for high-risk environments, screamer module attaches directly to laptop for 1:1 security. WSL3001 is dual USB line security alarmand Bug Alarm Sensor. Attractive display security with line alarms, fits in the USB port of the laptop on display. Versatile alarm sensor cable that adheres to laptops. Alarms if module is removed or cable is cut or disconnected. You can choose which ones are best suited to your products depending on the shape, size, and value of the products you’re safeguarding.  Ideal for retail, trade shows, exhibitions, pop up displays and conferences. Alien-security is a top innovator and manufature of merchandising security and retail security systerm in China, have more than 300 cutomers from 60 conturies worldwidely. Alien-security provide retail security system solutions to protect high theft retail anti-theft protection for phones, tablets, laptops security, cameras, VR headsets, and other electronic merchandise. Beauty, Function and Innovation is Alien-security’s core idea of merchandising security or display security. Merchandising security or display security is the key element for every store that displays their products. Not only it secures tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and other electronic devices, but maximizes customer experience by allowing to pick up and try on the product.  Display security devices are also marketing tools to effectively promote product launches.

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