Security Solutions for Merchandise on Display

Merchandising security or security display is the key element for every store that displays electronic products. Not only it secures and charges smartphones,tablets,laptops,smartwatches and other electronic devices, but allows customers to interact the products freely to increase sales. Alien-security designes and produces a variety of security display stands,from alarm to no alarm, from pick up to lock-down,from high security with metal grippers to wireless security stand,that fit your unqiue requirement. All these security stands help you dicrease theft, and maximize every sales opportunity.

Security display stand for cell phone

Smart phones are the most popular consumer electronic products in recent years. Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi and other mobile phone manufacturers will release new products every year. Cell phone anti theft is also the biggest headache for stores: both beautifully display of cell phones to attract customers and allows customers to fully experience the phone, and prevents the shoplifting of expensive phones in an environment that doesn’t interfere with the customer experience.

Alien-Security offers a variety of security display stands for cell phone meets the different needs of retail stores.

MAS1008, High security display stand for cell phone with high customer experience.

MAS1008 uses a modern and streamlined design that makes the cell phone on display the hero in store.Inernal recoiler, all cables inside, no messy cords outside. These ensure the cleanliness of the entire display environment in retail store.The 3mm thickness metal grips provide robust security protection for the cell phone, leaving the thiefs poweless.It is retractable,so so that customers can freely pick up the mobile phone to experience it. The cable with strong steel inside is of anti cutting. It allows customer pick up the cell phone freely with anti theft protection.The top can be lock-down to prevent run theft and violent robberies in high-risk environments.All these features make it one of the most poplaure cell phone display security stands on the maket. (The other is Invue Onepod, that is very similar as our security stand MAS1008-P).

security display stand for cell phone, the MAS1008-P is designed specifically for high security. It protectes expensive phones on display from shoplifting while provides an excellent customer experience.

MAS1008-W, Wireless alarm phone security stand, ultimate customer experience.

MAS1008-W Mobile phone wireless security stand combines the modern and streamlined visual display presentation of MAS1008 with the freedom of wireless,to give your customers the ultimate product experience. As get rid of the shackles of the rope of the security stand, customers can pick up the smart phone and walk freely around the store, customer experience is as smooth as silk. But please rest assured,the smartphone in customer hands is always protected by the wireless security stand with alarm.When the customer walks out the edge of the safe zone with the cell phone, the head adhsive on the phone and stand on the desk will both alarm. The head on phone alarm ensures that a stolen phone can be tracked as it moves through or exits the store.The base alarm ensures that alarm is heard, even if thief attempts to suppress alarm on product.

Mobile phone wireless security stand,MAS1008-W combines the modern and streamlined visual display presentation of MAS1008 with the freedom of wireless,to give your customers the ultimate product experience. As get rid of the shackles of the rope of the security stand, customers can pick up the smart phone and walk freely around the store, customer experience is as smooth as silk. But please rest assured,the smartphone in customer hands is always protected by the wireless security stand with alarm.

DS1002, Acrylic cell phone security stand with alarm and charger.

DS1002 clear acrylic phone security stand has vertical display design for both cell phones and tablets, ensures device stability. Its ultra low profile sensors minimise interference for an enhanced customer experience. A built-in alarm unit is in the stand,provides electronic anti theft alarm protection for the phone or tablet. Thanks to consistent charging up to 1.5A-2.1A offered by the alarm stand, phones or tablets on display are always powered and in the best state to be experienced. Three sensor options available: Micro USB, Type C and lightning sensor. 76cm exposed cable disconnects at stand for easy nightly removal.

Acrylic cell phone security stand with alarm and charger,DS1002 has vertical display design for both cell phones and tablets, ensures device stability.A built-in alarm unit is in the stand,provides electronic anti theft alarm protection for the phone or tablet. Thanks to consistent charging up to 1.5A-2.1A offered by the alarm stand, phones or tablets on display are always powered.

Security dsiplay stand for tablet

Mobile phone security display stands are always used to disply tablets in stores directly. But it will take more than that to display the tablet better in stores.

According to the characteristics of tablet,such as its big size, charging request, Alien-security specially designed MAS1008-T for tablet security display in stores.

MAS1008-T with special design 4 adjustable metal clamps for tablet. They fits tablet of all sizes, from Apple iPad Mini to Pad Pro and Samsung Galaxy tablet.
The MAS1008-T’s exclusive top lock down option provides extra stability for tablets, that allows the retail stores to show the tablets in a more tablet-friendly way.There is no any risk that the tablets slip off the display mount and get damaged.Yet it is easy to unlock to let the customers pick up the tablet freely to experience it when customers have a requirement.
Pen security device max the experience of the tablet, that boost sales of both the tablet and the accessories.
Thanks to consistent charging up to 5V,2A offered by the tablet stand,all tablets, especially Samsung tablets and Xiaomi tablets with fast charging features, can be fully charged quickly.This ensures that the tablet doesn’t quickly drain its battery while playing video.
Tablet security stand MAS1008-T can be also used to security display E-readers such as Kindles.

According to the characteristics of tablet,such as its big size, charging request, Alien-security specially designed MAS1008-T for tablet security display in stores.4 adjustable metal clamps for tablet of all sizes,top lock down option provides extra stability for tablets,Yet it is easy to unlock to let the customers pick up the tablet freely to experience it;Thanks to consistent charging up to 5V,2A offered by the tablet stand,tabletscan be fully charged quickly.

Security display stand for laptop

Alien-security offers the most innovative and secure laptop security device, from electronic alarming tethers to sturdy security stand with metal bracket.
HSL1001 is the world’s first laptop security device that integrate electronic alarm and robust physical lock together.
Big alarm sensor attaches directly on laptop for 1:1 security. Secondary usb security alarm cable is available for keyboard. Alarms if the sensor is removed or cable is cut or disconnected.
2 metal brackets or 4 metal arms grippers are available to enhance anti theft security. This metal brackets are adjustable. It can work with the laptops of any sizes and any brand. Such as Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Thinkpad, HP, Samsung laptops etc.
In this high-risk environment, the metal arms can fixed to the stand,that makes the laptop firmly on the table.

Security display stand for smartwatch

Smartwatches and wearable devices are considered as fashion accessories. Such as most popular apple watch,Samsung galaxy watch,they are all about sleek and elegant design, fusing fashion, technology, and innovation. So the smartwatches and wearable devices must be displayed in a stylish and inviting way.

Alien-security HSW1001 is an innovative security display stand for smartwatch. It combinates product presentation, user engagement, and device security into one security stand.

With sleek and angled display post, smartwatch is elegantly displayed by the security stand as fashion accessories. Internal recoiler allows customer to quickly and easily pick up the smartwatch to experience it in the optimal way. The innovative wrist cuff provides optimal customer try-on experience.

Optional alarm protection and innovative acrylic brackets secure both the smartwatch face and straps.

With integrated OEM power capability for most popular smartwatches, such as apple watch,Samsung galaxy watch, smartwatch is always with power, and ready to deliver the best product experience.

Security display hooks

Now retail stores demand open display solutions that also secure merchandises.

Security display hooks allow you to open display your high-theft electronic accessory packed in box with high security protection.It effectively prevent theft,meanwhile the security hook can be unlocked quickly by the staff with a key,allowing customers to get it quicky when they need it.

A variety of models of security display hooks are supplied by Alien-secuirty.

5 models of the locking bases make the security hooks apply to all the wall board.

Placement of lock is quick and easy by a store associate with the key, providing retailers with a safe and secure display,meanwhile customers have full access to examine the merchandise but cannot remove the product without staff assistance.The hook locks can only removed by a store associate with the key.

Security display hooks.Now retail stores demand open display solutions that also secure merchandises.Alien-security security display hooks allow you to open display your high-theft merchandise with high security protection.It effectively prevent theft.

Customerization: Your security display solution only meets your retail store

Alien-security’s customized security display stands combines over 6 years of innovation and communication . By creating a customized solution,we can help you balance the need for high engagement with the right security in each retail environment.
The security display stands can be produced directly according to the customer’s drawings directly. At the same time, we also has the ability to independently develop new products based on customer needs.
Contact Alien-security today to deter sophisticated electronic product thieves from targeting you and for a security display anti-theft consultation

Smartphone & Tablet Anti-Theft Holders

Alien- Security provides various anti theft phone holders with multiple levels of security and different installations that meet your store’s unique requirement and different mobile phones display requirements. But they also maintain a high degree of consistency in style, allowing you to display different phones at different levels of security in the one retail store. Cell phones have become such a necessity that almost everyone now owns them and they are often replaced every two years or so. But smartphone sales are becoming increasingly competitive. Because the mobile phone brands are numerous, the models are numerous, but the product difference is really very small.Therefore, how to best promote mobile phones and win in the fierce competition has been the mobile phone brands and mobile phone retailers have been trying to do. Now the establishment of a large number of mobile phone experience stores, especially in the busy section of the establishment of mobile phone retail stores, attract customers to experience mobile phones, has become a common method. These mobile retailers are stylish, clean and friendly, and make every effort to make the customer experience awesome. But retailers also face a headache: how to prevent theft of mobile phones and tablets. Of course, these anti theft phone holder should not affect the customer experience on the premise. But fear not, you have Alien-security at your side, a maufacure of beautiful, secure and innovative merchadise security display systems that will help you defeat any theft. Its mobile phone anti theft display holders offer a wide range of security and installation options tailored to the unique needs of your retail store. All the anti theft mobile stands, no matter what kind of security level, no matter what kind of installation method, will never sacrifice good customer experience as a compromise, they can help you show the phone well, make the phone become the heroes of retail stores, so that customers can experience them freely.The sleek and simple design of the anti theft cell phone holders themselves can easily complement and complement your store’s overall style without ruining your store’s presentation. Let’s take a look at the specific features and innovations that Alien-security’s anti theft phone holder have that make it possible to beat all thefts: MAS1008:The most popular anti theft holder: high security meets high experience FREEDOM1008: Make the mobile phone free without rope,let customers pick up freely  to experience the phone Robust1008:All Made of metal, defeat any threats! Wall-mount1008: Make full use of the store space, so that the mobile phone is within reach of the eyes of free experience. MAS1008:The most popular anti theft phone holder: high security meets high experience. FREEDOM1008-Wireless anti theft phone holder: Make the mobile phone free without rope,let customers pick up freely to experience the phone. The Freedom1008 is an innovative wireless anti theft phone holder. It gets rid of the rope, allows customers to hold the phone and experience it as much as they want, and even allows customers to walk around and experience the phone with their friends within certain limits.Because according to a survey, 53% of people ask their friends for advice when shopping today. The figure for female shoppers is 76%. But freedom1008 only allows customers to walk within a certain range of the experience area. If customers go beyond that range, an alarm on the back of the phone will sound to alert store employees that the phone is being stolen and, through the sound and flashing lights, reveal the thief and the phone’s location. The wireless mobile security stand Freedom1008’s innovations don’t stop there. It also has the function of intelligent alert, that is, if the customer is unintentionally out of the reasonable range, it will emit a slight beep sound as a reminder. If the customer returns to the scope of the experience area in time, the alarm will not continue to alarm. Of course, charging is a must of this anti theft mobile holder. When the phone is returned to the post, it will automatically charge the phone, ensuring it is always alive and ready for the customer to experience. Freedom1008 and MAS1008 adopt highly consistent appearance. So you can flexibly choose Freedom1008 or MAS1008 according to different display positions or customer experience effects required by different mobile phones in the same store. For example, Samsung’s latest foldable mobile phone Galaxy Z Fold3, as a conceptual product, is often promoted on the premise of customer experience. This allows the Freedom1008 to be used in the display area of Samsung’s foldable phone to achieve this promotion goal. At present, Samsung of India, Apple of Japan, South Korea, Qatar and other countries are using Freedoom1008 wireless alarm anti theft phone holder in large quantities. Robust1008:All Made of metal, defeat any threats! Robust1008 is a anti theft phone holder that is diametrically opposed to Freedom1008. Robust1008 provides the strongest security protection, enough to defeat any theft, even in the face of violent robbery, will keep your expensive phones in the store safe . Robust1008 is made of all-metal, which is extremely robust. But its robustest is far from just being made of metal, but also due to its internal structure designed according to mechanical principles, making it resistant to violent robbery by strong men. In order to achieve absolute security, Robust1008 is equipped with 4 enhanced metal grippers, which are larger and thicker than MAS1008’s 4 metal grippers, and of course face violent robbery with a stronger stance. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that such a Robust anti theft phone holder must be ugly. Robust1008 is still the same style as MAS1008, simple and smooth. This also means that you can use MAS1008, FREEDOM1008, and ROBUST1008 together in one store. For example, you can use Robust1008 to display the most expensive Iphone 13 pro Max. And Samsung’s foldable phone Galaxy Z Fold3 is displayed with Freedom008 to provide the best customer experience. Robust1008 is not only a zero theft secure smartphone, it can also display and charge the phone well. It can display the mobile phone horizontally or vertically, allowing you to display the mobile phone in a full view according to the needs and the habits of local customers. The security stand can directly use the charging cable that comes with the mobile phone, or use any third-party charging cable to charge the mobile phone, so as to ensure that the mobile phone is always in an active state for customers to experience. The operation is very simple, and there is no need to remove the mobile phones when charging the mobile phone. Robust1008, an all-metal zero theft anti theft phone holder, is currently very popular and has been widely used in the United States, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and other countries and regions. Wall-mount1008:Make full use of the space in the store, and make the phones can be picked up within the customer’s eye range. Many mobile phone experience stores are built in prosperous areas with a lot of people. This can not only improve brand awareness, but also more conducive to allowing more people to experience mobile phones. Because in the current situation that the homogenization of smartphones is serious but there are many models, attracting customers to actually experience mobile phones and providing a good customer experience has become a very important factor for customers to buy mobile phones. However, in such a location, the rent of the storefront will be correspondingly much more expensive. Therefore, how to make full use of the space of the storefront to display electronic equipment is an important consideration in storefront design. There are many mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, notebooks, etc. that will be displayed on the table.At this time, mobile phone security display stand-MAS1008, Smartwatch security display holder-Nextand1006, and Laptop super security device-Strongrip 2000, are the best choices. Because their simple design can highlight the electronic products and make them the heroes in store. And they are all desktop designs, and installation is very simple. However, The stores are also fixing some mobile phones to the walls. First, it is more convenient for customers to pick up mobile phones within the distance of their hands to experience, providing the greatest experience convenience; second, it can also make more full use of the space on the wall. Wall-mount1008 is a anti theft phone holder specially designed for fixing mobile phones on the wall. Wall-mount1008 adopts a detachable design and fixes the recolier behind the wall.There are only small mount for fixing mobile phones on the wall facing customers, so that the mount will not take up too much space , and make mobile phones become the target focus of customers. Because the mobile phone is fixed on the wall, when customers see the mobile phone and want to experience it, they can reach out and pick up the mobile phone to experience, which is very in line with human behavior. As there are recolier behind the wall, it allows customers to pick up the mobile phone experience, and then when the customer experience is completed, it will automatically pull the phone back to the original best display position to facilitate the next customer experience. Wall-mount1008 fully considers the angle and weight of the mobile phone displayed on the wall, and it has a patented design for this, which can make the mobile phone firmly stuck on it and will not fall off. Wall-mount1008 can be equipped with MAS1008’s same 4 metal grabbers and strong steel cable that can prevent shearing to increase security. It can also be locked to deal with violent robbery in high-risk areas with high theft rates. Wall-mount1008 also has the function of charging mobile phones. The charging cables are the same as those used by MAS008, Robust1008, and Freedom1008. There are type-c, micro-usb, and Apple lighting charging cables for customers to choose freely. The Wall-mount1008 is available in two versions: models with electronic alarms and models without electronic alarms. Customers can decide which model is more suitable to use based on their needs for display phones and security needs. This way you can use MAS1008, Freedom1008, Robust1008, Wall-mount1008 together in one shop. Under the same display style, make full use of the storefront space to display mobile phones to provide customers with the best experience. However,Retail stores not only need anti theft phone holder, but their needsfor merchandise security display devices are very diverse. More and more mobile phone manufacturers, the most typical ones are Apple, Samsung, Huawei, they not only produce and sell mobile phones and tablet, but also produce and sell laptop, earphones, smart watches, etc. And their products form an ecosystem to provide customers with the best experience. Displaying these electronic devices in one store and allowing customers to fully experience various electronic products will not only help to improve their brand recognition and increase brand loyalty, but also increase the sales of these electronic devices. Studies have shown that if customers buy a certain brand of mobile phone in an experience store, up to 75% of customers will also buy earphones, smart watches, etc. of the same brand in the future. Alien-security designes various security display devices according to the characteristics of various electronic products. For example, the smartwatch security display holder WDC1008, it can not only high secure the smart watch, but it is more designed for the attribute of the smart watch as a fashion accessory and as a wearable device. The security holder is designed in the shape of the curvature of the wrist, so that customers can complete a quick try-on independently without the assistance of the staff to disassemble the smart watch from the display stand. Although the smart watch security display stand is of the same cylindrical design as the mobile phone security display stand MAS1008, the security stand of is more slender and has a certain inclination, so that the smart watch can be displayed more prominently. The posture to show itself and attract the attention of customers. The laptop security device Strongrip2000 is for the laptop generally displayed on the desktop in the store. It adopts a hidden grip to firmly fix the notebook on the table, providing maximum security for the laptop. At the same time, it also allows customers to have enough space to operate and experience the laptop.. Although these display devices have their own characteristics and different electronic products, they all share the design DNA of Alien-security, and the style is highly consistent. It makes you display the electronic products together in one store, without any sense of abruptness and clutter. This is very important for mobile experience stores, because research shows that in a clean and comfortable environment, the actual purchase behavior of customers increases by 7%, and it is not so sensitive to price.

Watch and Wearable Security Display

Alien-security provides variations on the Smart watch or Wearable Retail Security display stand with optional anti-theft alarm protection, designed to secure both the smartwatch’s face and straps. Meanwhile,they make the retailers invest lowest cost security display solution for their shops. Because simple, modular design means you replace parts, not the whole display. Hardened display is proven to stand up to retail better than competing displays. At the same time,our smart watches and wearable retail security display stand compact size fits into  fixture of most` wearables or smartwatch on the market. Such as amsung Galaxy Watch Active 2,Apple Watch 5,Amazfit GTS,Garmin Fenix 6,Mi Band 4,Fitbit Versa 2,etc. For professional help and assistance in choosing the ideal solutions of security display of watches and wearable ,please feel free to contact our friendly team. Alien-security is an industry leader in merchandise security display.  Our watches and wearable retail security display stand provides effective aesthetically security for your valuable smart watches. Their main features includes: Superior protection,High-decibel alarm,Quick-release,and easy re-merchandising. The all new wearable category in the consumer electronics market has seen watches and fitness bands become very popular. Due to their size and fashion appeal, it is important for retailers to have these items on display.  So customers can hold the merchandise and see which smart watch or wearable suits them.Alien-security have quickly developed Smart watch or Wearable Retail Security display stand anti theft solutions. The smartwtach on a recoiler allows customers to feel the weight of the wearables or smartwatch.  It is balance of security and engagement at every risk level,while provides superior customer experience. Also the smartwatch security display post’s clean and consistent design makes the merchandise the hero, with minimal visual distraction. In addation,our smart watches and wearable retail security display stand fully customized solutions are also available. Design can be configured to meet specific brand needs. ALIEN-SECURITY has always been committed to the retail merchansing display security and EAS retail loss prevention. Making retail stores to sell more, loss less, and increase profits. ALIEN-SECURITY has a lot of innovative retail security products, such as mobile phone security display stand, 2 alarm/3 alarm boxguard, Liquor bottle security lock and so on.If you any any requirement,please contact us at any time, we must provide you with the greatest support. If you need to customize the function, you can also contact us, we also support product customization and OEM.

Laptop security

One Laptop security anti theft alarm device with multiple levels of security and customer experience so that you can select exactly to suit  different display environments and purposes.USB alarm sensor or Type-c Alarm sensor, Alarm sensor on surface, robust 2 metal brackets or 4 metal arms grippers,locked-down for high risk environment, all in one Laptop security post HSL1001 from Alien-security. Theft in your retail store can be extremely damaging to your bottom line. If you have high-value products in your retail stores like laptops, notebook, MAC book or others. Laptop security is a great way to allow consumers to pick up and test your products. while keeping them tethered to your display furniture. Alien-security offer laptop security anti theft display devices to help reduce shoplifting in retail stores. Make you present your Laptops and Notebooks securely. USB line Alarms laptop security, physical cable anti theft devices and security stand lock for professional security displays so you can display your laptops, notebooks and the new hybrid computers with confidence. Like Laptop lock WSL3004 is designed for high-risk environments, screamer module attaches directly to laptop for 1:1 security. WSL3001 is dual USB line security alarmand Bug Alarm Sensor. Attractive display security with line alarms, fits in the USB port of the laptop on display. Versatile alarm sensor cable that adheres to laptops. Alarms if module is removed or cable is cut or disconnected. You can choose which ones are best suited to your products depending on the shape, size, and value of the products you’re safeguarding.  Ideal for retail, trade shows, exhibitions, pop up displays and conferences. Alien-security is a top innovator and manufature of merchandising security and retail security systerm in China, have more than 300 cutomers from 60 conturies worldwidely. Alien-security provide retail security system solutions to protect high theft retail anti-theft protection for phones, tablets, laptops security, cameras, VR headsets, and other electronic merchandise. Beauty, Function and Innovation is Alien-security’s core idea of merchandising security or display security. Merchandising security or display security is the key element for every store that displays their products. Not only it secures tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and other electronic devices, but maximizes customer experience by allowing to pick up and try on the product.  Display security devices are also marketing tools to effectively promote product launches.

Tablet/Pad/E-Reader Secure Stand

Secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008-T was born to provide a high level of security display and customer free interaction for a variety of tablets, from ipad pro, ipad, ipad mini to Samsung pad, huawei Pad, even E-reader. Compared to the ugly, low security, complex operation, annoying customer experience and constant problems flat Lockable tablet stands on the market.Its small streamlined shape but unusually strong body, can be firmly fixed on the display equipment through 3M glue and metal screw holes at the bottom, easy installation. 4 retractable metal grippers up to 3mm thick hold the tablet firmly in place, providing robust anti theft scurity protection. The 4 metal grippers are adjustable and can be used on any tablet from 7 inches to 12 inches. The built-in pull coil spring allows customers to freely pick up the tablet to experience, and will automatically return to the best display position after the customer experience, convenient for the following customer experience. This saves the staff the task of coming and resetting the tablets and allows them to concentrate more on customer service. Because some tablets are relatively large, such as iPad Pro, and in some places, it is common for MOBS to rob electronic devices from retail stores. Retail stores can lock the top of secure tablet stand according to the need, so that it provides maximum security and anti-theft protection for tablets, making MOBS sigh in front of it that they are incapable. Now they have been used on a large scale in a large number of retail stores and mobile phone experience stores, as well as in many schools, libraries, hotels, and even in the service centers of taxi companies, taxis and ambulances. If you are interested and want to know more, please feel free to contact us for the latest product album and product update news. Now secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008-T is praising the Most Secure Lockable anti theft tablet stand for Ipads,tablets,E-readers and similar electronic devices. It allows for an inviting and meaningful customer experience even in a high risk environment. The security stand recently have received a major upgrade to stainless steel clamps, increased lock down strength and steel wire tether to prevent unwanted removal and stop snatch and run style retail thefts. Let’s explore it in details. The main features of secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008-T: 1.4 metal clamps of robust security; 2.Retractable,customers can lift up the tablet freely to experience it; 3.Desktop,Internal Recoiler, all cables inside, no messy cords; 4.Strong steel cable of anti-cuting and run theft; 5.lock-down to prevent unwanted removal and stop snatch and run style retail thefts; 6.Cross-merchandise and secure the accessories of the tablet,such as electronic pen; 7.Power and alarm; 8.Type-c,Micro-usb,Apple lighting charging cable; How Lockable anti theft tablet stand MAS1008-T to scuring the tablets in retail store strongly?Lockable anti theft tablet stand MS1008-T secure tablets of any sizes very robustly. 1.The possibility of adding 4 metal clamps of MAS1008-T ensures that the expensive tablet can be secured to the maximum security. The metal arms are of 3mm thinkness, they can withstand any theft attempts; 2.The secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008-T also has intelligent 6-point alarm. These alarm activation feature alerts those nearby that a theft attempt is happening and acts as an audible deterrent. The anti theft alarm post will alarm in case the thief cut the cable.The alarm sounds come from the head of the post that taped to the phone or tablet which is now on the thief’s hand, making the thief and the smartphone or tablet nowhere to hide. There is an alarm point on the surface of the anti theft in case the smartphone or tablet is detached from the surface. 3.Besides, the cable of MAS1008-T is the enhanced strong steel cable of anti-cuting. 11 stands of this steel wires with more than 700 pounds of pull strength to prevent cutting and run theft. At the same time,lock-down option provides the highest secuirty if it is required. If the lock down function is enabled, the tablet will no longer be able to be pulled up, but displayed on the security stand. All these features in one security stand make it a zero theft security solution for tablets displayed in retail store. Where is secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008-T used ? MAS1008-T is anti theft tablet stand, it was born mainly for the safe display of tablets/ iPads, so it is most widely used in retail stores, mobile phone stores, etc. But it is now widely used in many areas because of its small, streamlined design, strong metal grip, and the freedom to pick up the tablet and experience it, or lock it down at any time to provide a higher level of security. For example, Mas1008-T is widely used in schools in Canada . Because schools are equipped with a large number of tablets,iPads for students to use, and they do not want tablets/iPads to be too damaged or stolen, Lockable anti theft tablet stand MAS008-T is used for security display. Besides, customers’ feedback on MAS1008-T is very, very good. In addition, some service companies, such as taxi service companies, are also purchasing MAS1008-T as anti theft ipad locking stand to safe display iPads on a large scale to provide services to customers. There are many more examples. If you have such requirements, please feel free to contact us. Our technical team can modify MAS1008-T for you according to your needs, so as to better meet your needs. What is the size of the grippers of the scure tablet stand MAS1008-T? And what sizes of the tablets/ipads it can be used on? Can it be used to security display iPad? The retractable metal grippers of the Lockable anti theft tablet stand MAS1008-T can reach 320mm*230mm, which can be applied to all products of Ipad series, including Ipad Pro, Ipad and Ipad Mini. In fact, the metal grips are alsore adjustable to retrofit to a variety of tablets sizes and brands,such as Apple Ipad pro, Ipad air,Ipad mini, Samsung Galaxy tablet,Amazon Kindles. That means it’s a perfect investment in the future. One set 4 metal claws is compatible with tablets of all size and brands, whether that tablet is ipad mini, ipad air,Ipad pro or Samsung, Huawei, LG or other tablet. That mean you don’t need to purchase the different size metal grippers to fit different models tablets. How to install the Lockable anti theft tablet stand MAS1008-T? Is it easy? How to the secure mount on the table? Does it stay firmly on the table? The installation of security tablet stand MAS1008-T is very simple to install (Watch Video). The bottom of the tablet locking mount MAS1008-T is affixed with 3M glue, and it also has screw holes with copper inserts in the bottom. It can be glued to a table or other display equipment with 3M glue, or it can be firmly fixed to the table with long rod screws. Its fixation is extremely strong, there is no need to worry about. The package comes with all the installation accessories, and it only takes one minute to complete the installation. Answers to questions often asked by customers about secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008 1. Can the Lockable anti theft tablet stand MAS1008 be used on Samsung tablets? Can it charge a Samsung tablet? The anti theft tablet mount MAS1008 can be used with Samsung tablets, including Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab A. The MAS1008 comes with a Type-C charging cable that can charge Samsung tablets. In addition, MAS1008-T has been optimized for Samsung tablet charging, which can reach 5.5V and 1.7A, realizing fast charging for Samsung tablet. 2. Will the metal grip of MAS1008-T damage the tablet when fixing it? Is there anything need to do to protect the tablet? Metal brackets the lockable ipad holder MAS1008-T with silicon pads on areas in contact with tablet for not scratching or harming displayed tablet. 3. Can secure tablet stand MAS1008 be made without electronic alarm? Can it be made without an electronic alarm but still can charge a tablet?Yes, non-alarm anti theft tablet holder is available. If alarm protection is over-kill for your application, Mas1008-T can be made without electronic alarm function according to customer requirements. Many customers prefer display shelves without electronic alarms to prevent the sound alarms caused by customers’ wrong operations from disturbing the customer experience.The MAS1008-T can also be made to a dummy tablet anti theft system without electronic alarms.Thanks to the 4 way adjustable steel bracket arms and strong steel cable of anti-cutting, the anti theft tablet holder without alarm can still offers the highest level of security for high value phones and tablets. At the same time, the tabet security stand still has a charging function, and it can still charge the tablet, so as to ensure that the tablet displayed in the store is always in a live state, it is always ready to interact with customers and provide customers with the best experience. 4. Criminals are becoming increasingly audacious with their shoplifting activity, even to the point where groups of youths are storming electronic retailers in smash-and-grab robberies leaving retailers helpless and customers scared for their personal security. So how to Secure the Latest Ipad,Tablet and eReader displayed in retail store in these high-risk areas? One great feature to the security tablet stand MAS1008-T is its ability to prevent violent robbery.The retractable cable of MAS1008-T within strong steel cable,so that the general pliers,knives etc are are impossible to cut off it. Unless it is a large pressure pliers can break it. But using such large and eye-catching pressure pliers in stores is simply not possible.So the thief can only be powerless. The special designed reinforced internal structure is enough to withstand the violent pulling behavior of ordinary men, so the behavior of snatching the smartphone or tablet is completely impossible here. At the same time,lock-down option provides the highest secuirty if it is required. If the lock down function is enabled, the tablet will no longer be able to be pulled up, but displayed on the security stand. Combined with the robust 4 metal claws, this high security anti theft holder provides the highest level of security for the tablet on display, allowing retailers to avoid any theft ,even if there is a violent robbery, it will not be taken away by robbers. What’s more,Regardless of the high level of security, customers can fully appreciate all the features of the tablet, including the camera. 5.Many tablets now come with matching electronic pens, so I want to show the electronic pen next to the tablet when I show it in store, can MAS1008-T help me achieve it?Does it also protect the electronic pen from theft? Yes, now many tablets such as Ipad, Ipad pro and Samsung Galaxy tablet come with a pencil as their own accessory. The secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008 has a separate micro-USB port in the base on its back. It can work with pencil alarming sensor protects electronic Pencil beside the tablet holder while allowing full customer interaction.It also allows electronic Pencil to be mounted on iPad for charging and display. According to the research, displaying high value accessories next to hot selling tablets will increase your accessory sales over 20%. At the same time the electronic pen is also protected by an electronic alarm cable sensor, if someone tries to cut the alarm cable or forcibly remove the alarm sensor from the electronic pen. The tablet stand will alarm. 6.The Lockable anti theft tablet stand I used before were very ugly, the operation was very complicated, and they often had electronic false alarms constantly, often because the customer accidentally touched something while experiencing the tablet or mobile phone and issued a false alarm, which has a serious impact. The shop assistants were also very annoyed by it . So what we wanted was a good-looking, non-false positive, easy-to-use phone/ tablet security display stand. Can MAS1008-T satisfy us? Can we trust it? You can totally trust the secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008-T, and you will fall in love with it after using it, because it is designed to solve the problems you mentioned above. The Lockable anti theft tablet stand MAS1008-T adopts a streamlined cylindrical design with excellent workmanship and a simple and elegant appearance. There are no messy wires outside the main body of MAS1008-T, it concentrates all functions such as security, alarm, charging into one cable. This cable is hidden inside the main body with a built-in cord reel. This way the post looks clean and the customer can pick up the tablet anytime to experience it. And because there aren’t any extra wires out there, there’s no chance that the customer will touch the wire and cause a false and annoying alarm. MAS1008-T is not only friendly to customers, but also very friendly to store staff. Its installation is very simple, it is only 3 steps, that is, the store staff without any training can install the tablet to the stand and complete the installation of the metal grippers within 1 minute according to the instructions. Then use the remote control to start with one key and enter the state of secure. It’s that simple. We have received many thanks notes and happy smiles from our customers. We also expect you to be next. 7.Is secure tablet stand with lock MAS1008-T the same as INVUE’s OnePod? Does it work with INUVE’s IR Key?At first glance, the tablet security stand MAS1008-T looks a bit like INVUE’s OnePod, both featuring a simple cylindrical design and a 4 metal gripper that comes in one stand. However, the two are only similar at first glance, but in reality they are completely different products. Anti theft tablet holder MAS1008-T is a patented product developed and patented by Alien-Security. Its shape and structure are unique and patented, and it can be sold in the United States, China, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Colombia, Brazil, South Africa and other countries and regions in the world. In terms of functions, the lockable tablet stand MAS1008-T integrates all the functions of INUVE Onepod OnePod’s One55, One65 and One90 into one. For example, it has One55’s built-in cable winding device(but it is difference), which allows customers to pick up the tablet and experience it, and then automatically return to the original display position for the next customer to experience it. Also like the One60, it can be fitted with 4 metal grippers for high security; In addition, it also has One90’s lock down function, which can be locked at any time in response to high-risk environments and robberies. Alien- Security was designed differently than Inuve. Alien-security wants to provide customers with the most beautiful and fountion products, while also focusing on ease of use. We hope to provide one secure tablet stand with lock where customers can freely choose different accessories and combine them freely according to the different security environment and display environment. This can maximize the freedom to display the product, but also greatly save the customer’s labor cost. In many parts of the world, manual installation is expensive. Simply put, when you buy one security stand MAS1008, you buy all the features of INVUE’s OnePod One55, One65, and One90. This is one of the reasons many customers like MAS1008. As anti theft tablet stand MAS1008 and INUVE’s ONEPOD are completely different products, it cannot use INUVE’s IR key. MAS1008 is equipped with its own 2.4GHZ key, which can start with one button, turn off the alarm with one button, set the password of the exclusive retail store, etc. This KEY is simple and powerful. 8. I like Lockable anti theft tablet stand MAS1008-T very much, but there are not only tablets displayed in our store that need to be secured, but also more mobile phones do. Can MAS1008-T be used on mobile phones? The MAS1008-T can be used to security display directly on mobile phones by replacing the 4 metal grippers specially designed for smartphones. The metal grippers, designed specifically for smart phones, are resizable and can be used with any smart phones on the market today. Including Iphone SE, Iphone, Iphone Pro, Samsung and so on. Because all accessories are universal, such as security holder, charging cables, mounting screws, etc., this means that your store’s product presentation has a high degree of consistency and flexibility. For example, when a new smart phone comes out, you can always put it in the most prominent display position, without having to buy or reinstall the display equipment, saving you future investment. Detailed information of Mobile phone security display stand please be found here: Install one security stand, defeat any theft: MAS1008 9.Does Alien-ecurity have security display stands for smartwatches, laptops, speakers, etc.? Because in addition to mobile phones and tablets, there are also some smart watches, laptops, stereos and other electronic products displayed in our store, which also need to be secured from theft. We hope these security display devices are similar to MAS1008-T products, they are both good-looking and highly anti-theft. We don’t want a store with many different security devices, that will be very complicated to use and maintain. Alien-security offers a full suite of security display solution for electronics products on display in retail store.For example, smartwatches, laptops, speakers, headphones, etc., we have security display devices for them. These security display stands not only secure the device, but also have a good look, and allow the customer to interact with the electonic products freely. The most typical is smartwatch security display anti theft holder WDC1008, which not only provides electronic and physical security for the smartwatch, but also highlights the smartwatch, making the smartwatch the hero in the store and allowing customers to try the smartwath on freely. The style and appearance of all the security display stands to maintain a high degree of consistency, to ensure that your entire store display style unity. Most of all, all the accessories of the security display stands, such as remote control, power adapter, charging cable, installation screws and so on, are universal, so that the installation and later maintenance of products are very simple. In addition, because electronic products focus on customer experience, different electronic products displayed together in a store require different levels of security and different levels of display. For example, stores may be tempted to have some smartwatches picked up and tried on by customers to increase the customer experience and increase sales. But some electronics,such as Iphone MAX are so expensive that stores often lock them dowm on the display stands to prevent theft. Alien- Security offers a wide range of levels of security and display for customers to choose from while maintaining a consistent store display style. The security display stands,from alarm to no alarm, from pick up to lock-down,from high security with metal grippers to wireless security stand,that fit your unqiue requirement. For example, Freedom1008, wireless mobile phone alarm security display stand, without any rope binding, can let customers freely pick up the phone to enjoy the ultimate customer experience. But it also secure the phone, alerting customers when they try to take it outside the limits In contrast to Freesom1008, Robust1008 is an all-metal security stand that designed to provide a high level of security against any theft. It will keep phones and tablets safe even from violent robberies by thieves. But even though these secuirty display devices have such different levels of security and customer experience, they have a consistent design style that is the design DNA of Alien-Security. And all the accessories are universal. 10.In addition to the security display stands for mobile phones and tablets, there are many other electronic products in boxes in the store, and many electronic accessories are also need to be secured against theft. Does Alien-ecurity have security devices for these products? Also, I’d like to add an anti-theft detection system to the front door of the store. Does Alien-ecurity have it? Alien-security is a leading manufacture of retail security products. in addition to providing security displays for electronic products on display, Alien Security also provides retail security tags and detection systems for other products that are not on display in stores. In fact, Alien-Security is committed to providing retail stores with a complete security solution. For example, we recommend our spider tags for the electronic products in boxes that you mentioned in warehouses or cabinets. It is wrapped around the top of the package by lanyard and requires special detacher to be removed. If a thief cuts through the lanyard to steal, the spider tag will alert. If a thieft carry a box with a spider on it through the door, the anti-theft antenna will also sound an alarm. The anti theft alarm antenna is another flagship product of Alien-Security, especially the AM8001. It has a modern and stylish appearance and adopts all-acrylic material, which fits the fashionable positioning of digital store. It uses the latest electronic motherboard developed by Alien-Security, featuring ultra-wide detection range and strong anti-interference. See the link below for more specific related products: Spider tag-anti theft security solution for Boxed product: Anti-theft detection systems: Security tags and labels:

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