Anti Theft Device For Electronic Accessories

V-Lock is a versatile 4-port alarm host, working with a variety of alarm cables, sensor ,cable locks etc, provides charging, alarm, or a combination of charging and alarm protection for  small electronics and accessories such as steros, headphones, drones displayed in retail stores. At the same time, its super scalability can also be worked with special alarm attachments or locks, used to protect electric drills, hardware accessories and other power or no-power merchandise.

In addition to the security display of the expensive electronics such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops and smart watches, small electronic products and electronic accessories, such as headphones, stereos, drones, cameras, etc., are often security displayed in the store. On the one hand, the display of these small electronics can allow customers to fully experience them and increase their sales; On the other hand, these small electronic products are often attached electronic products such as mobile phones and laptops, and their security display can allow customers to better experience the functions of mobile phones and laptops, thereby increasing the sales of related products.

But the security display of such a wide variety of small electronics and accessories is a headache for retail stores. V-LOCK is an anti-theft device designed specifically for the security display of these small electronic products and accessories.

V-LOCK works directly with the charge alarm cables, using the charging interface of small electronic products to secure them. The advantage of this is that small electronic products can be fully displayed directly by using a variety of third-party display equipment on the market. On the one hand, reduce the investment of retail stores; On the other hand, it also allows small electronic products and accessories with different shapes and functions to be beautifully displayed.

And because these small electronic products and accessories tend to be inexpensive, it is not worth it for retail stores to use expensive anti-theft devices to security display them. There are 4 ports in one V-LOCK, so one V-LOCK can secure 4 small electronic devices at the same time. In this way, retail stores can protect their electronics against theft with minimal investment.

Moreover, for most small electronic products, V-LOCK can not only protect them against theft, but also charge them, so that these electronic devices are in a living state, so as to bring the best experience to customers. The V-LOCK's 4 interfaces can provide 5V,2A charging voltage and current at the same time, which can meet the charging needs of most small electronic products and accessories on the market.

Some retail stores prefer to use original charging devices to charge small electronic devices and accessories. If so, then retail stores can use V-LOCK with anti theft alarm sensor attachment directly attached to the surface of small electronic products to protect them against theft. If thieves try to remove the alarm sensors attachment or cut the cord to steal the small electronics, the V-LOCK will sound an alarm.

Of course, because of the wide variety of small electronic products, there are some shapes that are very suitable for protection with coiled security cable with loop, such as headsets, drones and so on. Alien-security designed a coiled security cable with loop looped rope around the electronics. In this way, on the one hand, they can be anti-theft alarm protection, on the other hand, it can also allow customers to pick them up and interact with them, providing a good customer experience.

In addition, because customers are experiencing small electronic products and accessories, they often pick up or move these electronic devices, which is very easy to cause false alarms. False positives are a nuisance to all retailers. In this case, the interface of the V-LOCK and alarm cable is fixed with screws, which greatly reduces the problem of false positives caused by customers' mobile electronic devices. Small details are taken into account, which is an important factor in judging whether a business is professional or not. This small improvement is also why Alien-security's V-LOCK is loved by retail stores.

  • Anti Theft Device For Electronic Accessories

Multi-port Security Devices: V-Lock

Versatile and Scalable Multi-port Alarm Mount

  • Delicate and elegant design;
  • 4 ports security alarm system,secures 4 electroincs at one time;
  • Offers security and stable charging for video game consoles, speakers, laptops, headphones and other electronic accessories available on the market;
  • Alarm sound: > 105db;
  • Fixing with adhesive or screws;
  • Easy-to-use remote control;
  • Available in black or white;

Type-c Alarm And Charging Cable: VA-C101

  • Type-c Port Sensor;
  • Provides charging cable and alarm;
  • 5V, 2A charge;
  • Straight or coiled wire;
  • optional wire lengths;
  • Security screw to prevent unauthorized removal;
  • V-Lock accessory,it needs to be used with V-Lock;
  • Most commonly used with V-lock to security display audio, notebook (USB Type-c interface) mobile phone and other electronic;

USD Alarm Cable: VA-USB101

  • USB security alarm cable sensor;
  • Straight or coiled wire;
  • optional wire lengths;
  • Security screw to prevent unauthorized removal;
  • V-Lock accessory,it needs to be used with V-Lock;
  • Used to secure display the electronics with a USB port such as laptops, PCs and TV sets etc in retail storer;

Alarm Sensor Attachment: VA-S101

  • Multipurpose stick on security cable;
  • Provision for big adhensive pad for added protection;
  • Straight or coiled wire;
  • 1.5 length, or optional wire lengths;
  • Security screw to prevent unauthorized removal;
  • V-Lock accessory,it needs to be used with V-Lock;
  • widely used to protect small electronics;

Anti Theft Alarm Spring Rope Lock: VA-R101

  • Multipurpose alarm rope lock;
  • widely used to secure drones, headphones, power drills and other merchandise ;
  • Straight or coiled wire;
  • 1.5m length, or optional wire lengths;
  • Security screw to prevent unauthorized removal;
  • V-Lock accessory,it needs to be used with V-Lock;
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