EAS Retail Security Tags and Detection Systems

Tagging products EAS and RFID tags and labels is most commonly used retail security solutions. Of course, these security tags require EAS detection systems and RFID systems at the exits to work effectively. The detection systems are triggered when someone leaves a store or building with a product having a security tag or label attached to it. At Alien-security, we provide a wide range of EAS retail security tags and detection systems, that include detection systems, security tags,ink tags,RF label, AM label,source tagging solutions, deactivators and detachers. Our EAS portfolio spans multiple technologies -AM, RF and RFID, and Checkpint compatible,Sensormatic Compatible.

RF security tags and EAS RF system,Checkpint compatible security system

Radio Frequency (RF) systems are widely used in retail stores. They offers an affordable, attractive anti-theft solution that promotes open merchandising for a variety of retail environments.

Our EAS RF security gates can cover wide aisles, have a modern design and can be customized with warning words. Prices will depend on the required specification but RF security systems are generally the most affordable.

We do not just offer EAS RF antennas, but also RF tags and RF security labels. there are lots of different styles of tags that work with RF security gates.Mini square tag is perhaps the most widely used Radio-Frequency (RF) tag for protecting clothing and other soft goods.

AM tags and EAS AM system.Sensormatic Compatible AM Security Tags,Sensormatic Compatible Security Labels & AM system.

Acousto-Magnetic (AM)offers an extended detection range and is normally less susceptible to interference from external electronic interference, providing greater installation flexibility.Acousto-Magnetic (AM) pedestals are generally more expensive than RF ones. However, they offer slightly better performance and aesthetics. They’re also very robust and reliable.

Alien-security provide a full range of EAS AM systems, AM tags, DR label and AM deactivators.

Especially AM label produced by Alien-security. It is an Alternative to the Sensormatic DR Label Sheet format well suited for application by hand, as well as roll format for high speed machine application. Compatible with TYCO/Sensormatic and other Acousto-Magnetic (AM) 58 KHz EAS Systems and Deactivators

The pencil security tag is the most widely used AM tag for protecting clothing that alternative to the Sensormatic tags. This 58 KHz Acousto-Magnetic (AM) tag is compatible with All Sensormatic, WG Security, and other AM systems. It’s sleek design and ease of use make it one of the more popular clothing security tags.

EAS Ink tags

Ink tags are a form of retail loss prevention most commonly used by clothing retailers. It offers retailers an attractive and secure AM or RF hard tag/benefit denial ink tag combination. When the tags are forcibly removed, one or more glass vials containing permanent ink will break, causing it to spill over the clothing, effectively destroying it. Ink tags are most effective when used together with EAS/RFID detection system.

Alien-security produces more than 50 types ink security tags to protect any type of apparel merchandise. EAS RF or AM technology is integrated. All of our ink tags can be printed witha warning to inform potential shoplifters what will happen if the tag is removed by force. We can print custom warnings, as well as store logos for larger volume orders.

R50,AM ink tag,is the most widely used ink security tags in recent years, espercially are produce to source tag merchandise in JC Penney. It is round ink tag is equipped with two ink vials, an AM or RF circuit, and a SuperLock Clutch. A clear plastic, dome shaped pin is used to connect the tag to retail merchandise.

Spider security tags

Spider security tag is high security anti theft device to protect the goods that require open merchandising in their original packing in stores, such as appliances in boxes,Cans of milk powder etc. Its adjustable cables wraps around the box and protect it. Each lanyard wraps alarms when cut. EAS technology inside, soit will self alarms (3 alarm) and activates the alarm(2 alarm) ,when passed though the EAS security system.

Alien-security produces 5 types spider security tags. Big spider tags, Mini spider wrap tag, big Spider net tag, small Spider web,Auto-retractable spider tags. All these spider security tags are avaible in 2 alarm or 3 alalrm and uses dual EAS technology – AM 58KHz and RF 8.2MHz. The tag is removed using a conventional magnetic detacher.

Spider alarm anti theft device

Spider wire alarm anti theft device is widely used to protect high value mercandise in box or  irregular shaped packages from theft. They are made of2 alarm and 3 alarm EAS technology. As 2 Alarm,  it will alarm when its wire on product is cut. About 3 alarm,it will self alarms and activates the EAS security system alarm ,when passed though the EAS security system. They are a kind of EAS security tags, so AM 58KHz and RF 8.2MHz are available. They work with EAS system for retail loss prevention. Alien-security’s Spider wire alarm anti theft devices can work with all the RF/AM system in the market, such as as checkpoint ,Sensormatic, WG,etc.   5 models spider wraps with different lanyards from Alien-security for custoemrs choosing to protects merchandise of varying sizes. And all spider wire alarm anti theft devices produced by Alien-security are warrnty 2 years. The advantage of Alien-security’s Spider wire alarm anti theft device: 1. Internal quality assurance circuit board. The internal circuit board is the spider tags’ life. Alien Security adopts advanced chip and circuit board production technology to ensure the quality of circuit board. It also ensures the stability of spider wraps’ work. 2. Long work life. Many EAS manufacturers in China adopt small batteries to save cost.  This always cause a servious problem in using that the product life is too short. Because the spider security tags is inconvenient to replace the battery at the customers’ side. So the custmers have to buy more. This is highly unethical.The use cost is too high. The Spider wire alarm anti theft device from Alien Security use big batteries and works in a unique way to ensure the working life of the product up to 2 years, minimizing the cost of use for customers.This is similar to ALPHA and CENTURY spider alarm tags. 3. Enhanced wire rope and extra load bearing capacity enable Alien Security’s  Spider wire alarm anti theft device to use for a variety of products in the retail store. 4. An absolute price advantage. On the basis of guaranteeing product quality and performance, Alien Security minimizes the soider Spider tags’ cost through innovation in process and production, so that the spiders of Alien Security have sufficient price advantage in the market. This is why more than 300 customers all over the world choose Alien Security. We are welcome you are our next partner that glow together and creat vaule together.

Alarm Tag ( 2 alarm / 3 alarm)

Alarm tag is a type of EAS security tag. Compared with common EAS hard tags, security tag with alarms provide more anti theft security protection. It is perfect for protecting high-value, high-risk merchandise. There are versions in 2 alarm and 3 alarm. 2 alarm: The common EAS hard tag is fixed on the product, it triggers the alarms on the EAS anti theft pedestals when it passes the exit. But 2 alarm anti theft tags will not only triggers the EAS security systems , any attempt to cut the lanyard cable or forcely remove the tag from merchandise, the security tag will alarm. 3 Alarm: The alarm of the 3 way Alarm cablelock is triggered when the tag enters the detection field of an EAS security system. The tag alarm persists for a defined period. Even if the thief tries to escape through the mall or out of the house. Alien-security is one of leading manufacture of retail security products in China. For customers’ requirement of security tags with alarms, we develope and produce about 8 types alarm tags. Scuh as alarm tag with short or long lanyard, 2 alarm mini 2 alarm cablelok, 3 alarm cable lock, Alarm pins. All these multi alarm security devices are in the version of 8.2mhz, 58khz or dual frequency. All they work compatibility with EAS security antennas from checkpoint, sensormatic, Gateway, Crosspoint,etc. Because of its beautiful appearance and stable performance, Alarm tags from Alien-security are trusted by customers. If you are interested, please feel free contact us, free samples will be provided to test. For customers facing a high theft problem at trendy or expensive products, but also having the need of using regular super lock magnetic detachers,Alien-security has developed about 8 versions of our self alarming tags.Self alarm tag is perfect for protecting high-value, high-risk merchandise. Mini Alarming Lanyard provides audible anti-theft protection for merchandise that cannot be protected with a pin-style tag. Its lanyard around products easy,making open merchandising easier and more flexible than ever. The integrated lanyard cable with a stainless-steel pin provides superior defeat resistance for items such as shoes, handbags, luggage and sporting goods. Its small size does not detract from high-end items, yet provides a strong visual deterrent. Alarming pins allow you to take your standard security tag to the next level and provide an anti tampering alarm. In the event of a thief trying to forcibly remove a tag in store this pin will provide you with an immediate audible alarm. All these security alarm tags are in the version of 8.2mhz,58khz or dual frequency. They can also be used together with existing super Lock detachers. No additional investment is necessary. No additional cash desk infrastructure needs to be installed. Learn more about 2 way or 3 way alarm tags please check here.

Milk Power Can Protection

Baby formula thefts now are very serious problem for retailers. Theft comes not only from the theft of individuals but also from organized crime. To Security for Baby Formula Tins or any other merchandise, you have to take steps to protect the items.  In addition to using your staff to deter theft by offering customer service to patrons in high theft areas of your store, Alien-security,the retail security manufacture , providers to develop a range of High Security for Baby Formula Tins against theft. Options include Baby formula can security grip,baby formula security tags,milk power can safer box, spider wrap net tags. They allow retailers to protect tins in a variety of sizes. High Security for Baby Formula Tins and Prevent Shoplifting. Options include Baby formula can security grip,baby formula security tags,milk power can safer box. They allow retailers to protect tins in a variety of sizes. Baby formula can security grip is Clamps around the bottom of the can. It Prevent your baby formula tins being stolen in your stores and has minimal impact on shelf space. Baby Formula Tin safer box is a now the most popular anti theft device for Baby Formula Tins. It is clear and tough. The sight of the Baby Formula Tin safer box on your merchandise will be enough to stop some shoplifters in their tracks.  For those that aren’t deterred by the safers will have a long, tough road ahead of them trying to remove them from the items.  The Baby Formula Tin safer box provide a protective housing for the merchandise that is very difficult to defeat. The safers boxes also alarm if someone passes through your existing EAS system with the protected items. Baby formula can security grip and Milk power can safer box are all often a more cost-effective choice versus increasing staff in high theft areas, because the devices can be used over and over again. This isn’t just High Security for Baby Formula Tins, but several other high theft prevetnion devices as well. Mobile phone anti theft display holder, liquor bottle cap lock, spider wrap alarm tags etc. The Alien-security high theft prevention solution will help you improve safety,increase sales. For more information contact us: prevent shoplifting.

RF Lables / AM Labels

Alien-security is China manufacturer and worldwide supplier of EAS security labels and warning labels. We provide an enormous range of retail loss prevention products,in particular in eas label as AM label,RF label and EM strips.AM labels include sensormatic label and compatible adhesive AM label. RF label is 8.2mhz,which is widely used in retail to protect non-metallic products from theft.In the meantime, we also provide special warning labels with RF label or AM label inside and with warning words to strongly warning and stop thieves from stealing. AM labels include sensormatic label and compatible adhesive AM label. Compatible adhesive AM label is an alternative to the Sensormatic Label. It includes Sheet format AM label and roll format AM DR labels. Sheet format well suited for application by hand, as well as roll format for high speed machine application. All our AM DR labels compatible with TYCO/Sensormatic and other Acousto-Magnetic (AM) 58 KHz EAS Systems and Deactivators. RF label is 8.2mhz,Radion frequency security label,which is widely used in retail to protect non-metallic products from theft. It is also used as source tagging worldwide. Source tag is the process of embedding labels inside of retail merchandise at the point of manufacture or packaging. All our RF label is compatible with Checkpoint and all other Radio-Frequency (RF) EAS systems and deactivators In the meantime, we also provide special warning labels with RF label or AM label inside and with warning words to strongly warning and stop thieves from stealing. If you have any requirement of Security labels and warning labels, please feel free to contact us and get fast reply

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