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All kinds of Clothing Security tags

Alien-security, as China's leading manufacturer of EAS clothing security tags, produces a variety of clothing tags. The annual output is about 80 million, which is exported to various countries and regions in the world. Clothing security tags are the most widely used retail anti theft tags in the world.  Includes clothing alarm tags used directly in clothing stores, as well as sourcing tags fixed directly on clothes in clothing factories. The forms are also quite diverse. There are EAS RF 8.2mhz security tags, 58khz alarm tags and RFID tags. And there are also magnet hard tags,pencil tags,golf tags, ink security tags,lanyard security tags,etc. There are also clothing sensors with RF label, AM DR label or RFID label inside or saw in woven labels.

Clothing security tags and alarm sensors


"We bought security tags from Alien-security about 4 years. It's been a great experience working with him.The same quality as made in Germany.Timely delivery, friendly communication, as partners. It is good team work between our company and Alien-security."


"Thanks – we received the 50,000pcs big spider wraps last month. They worked very well, our customer likes them very much! Thanks, friend, and please help me to arrange my new order that 50,000pcs mini spider wraps,RF,black. And tell me the delivery time. Thanks."

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