Wireless Mobiles Security Display Stand

Wireless mobile security stand,no cables,let customer freely enagae the phone or tablet but still with security alarm anti theft protction. MAS1008 wireless mobile security combines the streamlined visual display presentation of MAS1008 with the freedom of wireless to give your customers the ultimate product experience.

The ultimate experience with wireless security stand

  • Get rid of the shackles of the rope, so that customers can freely pick up the smart phone experience, customer experience is as smooth as silk;
  • The smartphone in customer hands is always protected by the wireless security stand. Let you rest assured that the phone will not be stolen;

Alarm both on head and base

  • Alarm on product ensures that a stolen phone or tablet can be tracked as it moves through or exits the store;
  • Alarm in base ensures that alarm is heard, even if thief attempts to suppress alarm on product;

Pre-alarm, fewer false alarms, more customer friendly

  • When the customer walks to the edge of the safe zone with the device, the phone on the hand will emit a 3-second alert, with a slight beeping sound.If the customer then returns to the safe zone, the device will not alarm.If the customer continues to hold the phone outside the safe zone, the device will emit a shrill, high-decibel alarm;
  • Pre-alarm is more targeted at spotting the real thieves.It's more customer-friendly;
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