Multi Security Levels Laptop Security Locks

Retail stores need laptop security devices to beat the increasing prevalence of thefts. At the same time, these laptop anti-theft devices should not offend customers, and should not interfere with the customer's interaction and experience with the laptop. It's a difficult balance to strike. But Alien-security is committed to providing beauty, function, and innovation security display stands to help retail stores beat theft and increase sales. Alien-security offers a variety of laptop security devices with multi levels of security to protect laptops from theft when they are sold in retail stores. From robustest metal mouting bracket to defeat the most voilent thieves, to high security alarm on laptop,or security alarm cables that secure four laptops at one time with the minimal investment. They help retail stores defeat theft while allowing customers to fully experience the laptops.

laptop security devices are now in high demand by retail stores.

Because laptop is a necessity for work and life now. Although online shopping is becoming more and more convenient and popular, most customers will go to a physical store to experience the laptops before buying it. Look at the screen, the keyboard, the weight of the laptop. And of course compare prices and decide where to buy and which model to buy.

At the same time, laptops, which are valuable and easy to cash in on, are becoming more and more attractive to thieves. Retail stores are facing increasing theft. Now it's not just ordinary thieves, there are a lot of robberies and professional theft gangs.

Retail stores need laptop security devices to beat these thefts. At the same time, these laptop anti-theft devices should not offend customers, and should not interfere with the customer's interaction and experience with the laptop.

It's a difficult balance to strike. But Alien-security is committed to providing beauty, function, and innovation security display stand to help retail stores beat theft and increase sales.

As a leader in retail security systems, Alien-security has been on the front lines of laptop theft, working with thousands of retail stores. Alien-secuirty provides various laptop security devices with multi-levels of security for retail stores to choose from.

Sush as laptop security mounting lock S-Lock, that is made of all metal to defeat the most violent thieves; High security alarm on laptop E-Lock, providing high security electronic alarm anti-theft; There is also laptop security cables with alarm V-lock, that can secure 4 sets laptops at one time, allowing retailers to protect against theft at minimal cost.

Let's explore the different features of Alien-security's laptop security stands and how they can help retailers defeat theft while also providing a great customer experience and increasing sales.

S-Lock: Highest security metal laptop anti theft bracket, defeat the most violent theft!

The laptop security mounting brackets S-LOCK from Alien-security is the robustest retail anti theft system for laptop in the market.

It is is made of zinc alloy die casting. This heavy metal structure makes it resistant to a lot of violent breaking.

But the highest security of laptop security mounting brackets S-LOCK is more due to its structural design.

The part of the S-LOCK in front of the laptop screen has the shape of a slender knife, allowing a thief to pull outward without gripping it. The other part of S-LOCK at the back of the laptop screen is irregularly shaped. And the part of S-LOCK at the bottom of the back of the laptop screen has a protruding Angle , which allows it to jam the bottom of the laptop screen when it is pulled out, further resisting breaking.

The all-metal material and unique structural design make this laptop security mounting brackets exceptionally strong and solid against even the most violent thieves.

On the other hand, S-LOCK does not compromise good customer experience because of the pursuit of extreme ruggedness.

Although laptop security mounting brackets S-Lock is made of heavy metal, it is small in size and simple in design.

As it is directly fixed on both sides of the laptop, which will not block the screen and keyboard of the laptop, so that the laptop can be fully displayed in front of customers. Customers can see and experience all the details of the laptop, such as the keyboard, the variety of ports, the sound quality, the camera, and so on.

What's more amazing is that it also allows customers to freely rotate the laptop screen to experience the display effect of the laptop screen, which is a feature that many customers value very much. To provide customers with the best customer experience.

More detail of S-lock, please view here: Super Loptop security bracket

Or see the video on Youtube: A brief introduction video of the laptop security mounting brackets S-LOCK from Alien-security

E-Lock: Beatiful and high security electronic alarm on laptop.

Because of the pursuit of good customer experience, many retail stores not only require laptop security devices to provide strong anti-theft protection, but also hope that they look beautiful, and their own retail stores exquisite decoration complement each other, so as to create a good experience environment for customers.

E-LOCK is such a laptop anti-theft device integrated with beautiful, high security and good customer experience.

The appearance of E-LOCK is simple and atmospheric, and the structure is simplee。

Its unique electronic alarm on laptop allows it to provide a high level of security for laptops on display.

The second alarm ports of both the alarm mount on the desktop and the alarm pad on the laptop allow it to secure the keyboard, electronic pen and other accessories at the same time.

In addition, the second alarm ports can also be used to cross-merchandise audio and other electronic products to increase sales.

If retail stores are located in an area where theft and robbery are prevalent, they may also choose to add metal grippers on E-Lock to enhance the level of security.

The metal grippers are cast from zinc alloy and adopts the pattern of double gripper. When jammed, the laptop screen can be firmly stuck.

The unique retractable design of the metal gripper allows free length adjustment with screws to fit all laptops from 12 "to 17".

The appearance of the metal gripper adopts the same design as the style of the alarm on laptop, which can be perfectly integrated into the alarm pad on laptop, and will not have any impact on the beauty of the alarm.

Learn more details of E-LOCK here: Beautiful and high security alarm on laptop.

V-Lock: 4-ports laptop anti-theft security alarm device comes with optional USB alarm cable and security sensor sticker that secure 4 laptops at one time with the minimal investment.

V-lock is a verstatile and powerful 4 prots laptop anti-theft security devices working with a variety of USB laptop alarm cable,Type-c laptop security cable, and laptop anti theft alarm sensor sticker. It can security display up to 4 laptops at once in store. This can greatly reduce the investment of retail stores, is a very cost-effective laptop anti-theft solution for retail store.

As a variety of USB laptop alarm cable, Type-c laptop security cable, and laptop anti theft alarm sensor sticker are optional, it provides security and theft protection not only for regular laptops, but also for split laptops and some new concept laptops or tablets. Such as Microsoft surface, Apple ipad and associated accessories.

In high-risk areas, it is good idea to equip the robust laptop metal lock S-lock and use it with a V-Lock to defeat theft.

Alien-security's innovation in laptop security devices are just the beginning, Alien-security's innovatively designed retail security display devices for phone/tablet, smart watch are more and more popular with customers in recent years.

For example, the anti theft phone holders launched by Alien-security are very popular with customers for the unique security, and unique installation meet unique needs of different retail stores.

High security mobile phone anti theft display holder MAS1008 is the most popular one, it is loved very must by customers.

It uses a simple and smooth design, with recoiler inside, so that customers can freely pick up the phone to experience. When the customer experience is complete, it will automatically pull the phone back to the best display position, so that subsequent customers can have the best experience. And it hides all the cables inside the stand, without any messy cords outside. You know, this is very important for display shops.

In addition, its 4 metal grippers allow you to install or not install them, depending on the security levels you need and the type of phone. For example, in the United States, Australia and other regions are very popular with these 4 metal grippers. In Saudi Arabia security is better, the customer experience is higher, can not install it.

Of course, mobile phone holders with different security levels or customer experiences may be required for different brand display areas in the same large store.

For example, Samsung's brand display area prefers wireless phone anti theft alarm stand, so you can choose the cordless phone security stand MAS1008-W. Some customers,such as Apple, prefer clear acrylic phone alarm stand DS1002. Its transparent acrylic base design naturally supports the mobile phone and tablet for the customer experience. It's more of a display stand than an immobiliser.

The WDC1006 is an amazing  charging security stand for smartwatches, as it combines beautiful display, charging, try on watch and wrist functions all in one post. It is very popular with customers.

The smart watch security display holder WDC1006 make the smart watch the hero in store. It can not only secure the dial and strap at the same time, but also charge a variety of smart watches, so that the smart watches are always in a live state, giving customers a good interactive experience.

The bigger highlight is that the WDC1006 adopts a design that conforms to the curvature of the human wrist. With the recoiler inside the security stand, it allows customers to freely pick up the watch and bring the smartwatch directly to your wrist to see the effect. All these without removing the smart watch from the display stand, or any assistance from the salesclerk.

It is so great that improves the customer experience and increases sales! It's general idea that a smartwatch is not just an electronic product, it's a fashion accessory. The try-on function is crucial to the display and experience of the smartwatch. Therefore, as soon as WDC1006 was launched, it received excellent praise from customers.

Watch the Video on Youtube: A amazing smartwatch security charging stand WDC1006 from Alien-security

Large stores are providing more and more convenient consumption for customers, so the variety of goods they offer is becoming more complete, not only consumer electronics, daily consumer goods, hardware tools, food, drinks and other popular goods in large stores.

But the requirements for retail anti-theft devices in big-box stores are increasingly complex. Because all these anti-theft devices must have a consistent design style and simple operation, in order to minimize staff training, improve the quality of service employees. That's what Alien-security did

Alien-security offers big-box stores a highly consistent array of anti-theft devices, from electronics to alcohol, clothing, and food.

Because of its innovative and high quality products, alien-security has been working with many hypermarkets around the world and has been highly recognized by them.

If you are a big box store, feel free to contact us and become the next partner.

  • Multi Security Levels Laptop Security Locks
  • Multi Security Levels Laptop Security Locks
  • Multi Security Levels Laptop Security Locks

E-Lock: Alarm On Laptop With Metal Brackets

Elegantly secure laptops with high security alarm pad and metal brackets

  • Clean and consistent design;
  • Big alarm sensor attaches directly to laptop for 1:1 security;
  • Locking secondary USD alarm sensor or attach sensor is available for keyboard;
  • 2 metal claws security lock enhance laptop security in high risk enviroment;
  • Easy to use: One-to-one alarm on product,Can be mounted above or below counter;

S-Lock: Super Laptop Security Bracket

All Metal, Super Strong, Free Rotation, Work With Laptops Of All Sizes

  • Made of all metal,super strong;
  • The patent's anti-violence breaking structure allows it to defeat even the most violent theft;
  • Simplifies consumer access,Customers can interact with all laptop features;
  • Customers are free to rotate the screen to get the best customer experience;
  • Suitable for laptops of all sizes, from 11” to 18” laptops;
  • 3 installation ways, easy installation;
  • It can also be used together with electronic anti-theft alarm device V-LOCK to further increase security;

V-Lock: Multi-ports Laptop Anti Theft Security Devices

4 ports alarm mount,versatile secure laptops with USB alarm cable and sensor sticker

  • 4 alarm ports, secures up to 4 laptops at the same time;
  • Minimalistic design encourages customer interaction;
  • USB alarm cable, Type-c alarm cable are optional;
  • Alarm sensing stickers are optional;
  • Perfect for laptops and tablet hybrid devices with removable keyboards;
  • Perfect to secure the laptop keyboard, mouse at the same time;
  • Can be installed on the desktop or under the display table;
  • Can be used with S-Lock to increase the level of security;
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