Multi Security Levels Laptop Anti Theft Alarm Mount And Brackets

Alien-security offers a variety of laptop security devices to protect laptops from theft when they are sold in retail stores, from electronic alarms mount to super-strong metal brackets. They defeat theft while allowing customers to fully experience the laptops.

One Laptop security anti theft alarm device with multiple levels of security and customer experience so that you can select exactly to suit  different display environments and purposes.USB alarm sensor or Type-c Alarm sensor, Alarm sensor on surface, robust 2 metal brackets or 4 metal arms grippers,locked-down for high risk environment, all in one Laptop security post HSL1001 from Alien-security.

Theft in your retail store can be extremely damaging to your bottom line. If you have high-value products in your retail stores like laptops, notebook, MAC book or others. Laptop security is a great way to allow consumers to pick up and test your products. while keeping them tethered to your display furniture.

Alien-security offer laptop security anti theft display devices to help reduce shoplifting in retail stores. Make you present your Laptops and Notebooks securely.

USB line Alarms laptop security, physical cable anti theft devices and security stand lock for professional security displays so you can display your laptops, notebooks and the new hybrid computers with confidence.

Like Laptop lock WSL3004 is designed for high-risk environments, screamer module attaches directly to laptop for 1:1 security.

WSL3001 is dual USB line security alarmand Bug Alarm Sensor. Attractive display security with line alarms, fits in the USB port of the laptop on display. Versatile alarm sensor cable that adheres to laptops. Alarms if module is removed or cable is cut or disconnected.

You can choose which ones are best suited to your products depending on the shape, size, and value of the products you’re safeguarding.  Ideal for retail, trade shows, exhibitions, pop up displays and conferences.

Alien-security is a top innovator and manufature of merchandising security and retail security systerm in China, have more than 300 cutomers from 60 conturies worldwidely.

Alien-security's innovation in laptop security alarm devices are just the beginning, Alien-security's innovatively designed security display stand for phone/tablet, smart watch are more and more popular with customers in recent years.

For example, the 1008 series of anti theft phone holder launched by Alien-security are very popular with customers for the unique security, and unique installation meet unique needs of different retail stores.

The smart watch security display holder WDC1006 make the smart watch the hero in store. It can not only secure the dial and strap at the same time, but also charge a variety of smart watches, so that the smart watches are always in a live state, giving customers a good interactive experience.The bigger highlight is that the WDC1006 adopts a design that conforms to the curvature of the human wrist. With the recoiler inside the security stand, it allows customers to freely pick up the watch and bring the smartwatch directly to your wrist to see the effect. All these without removing the smart watch from the display stand, or any assistance from the salesclerk. It is so great that improves the customer experience and increases sales! It's general idea that a smartwatch is not just an electronic product, it's a fashion accessory. The try-on function is crucial to the display and experience of the smartwatch. Therefore, as soon as WDC1006 was launched, it received excellent praise from customers.

Learn more details of Smart watch anti theft display holder here:

Alien-security provide retail security system solutions to protect high theft retail anti-theft protection for phones, tablets, laptops security, cameras, VR headsets, and other electronic merchandise.

Beauty, Function and Innovation is Alien-security's core idea of merchandising security or display security.

Merchandising security or display security is the key element for every store that displays their products.

Not only it secures tablets, smartphones, smartwatches and other electronic devices, but maximizes customer experience by allowing to pick up and try on the product.  Display security devices are also marketing tools to effectively promote product launches.

  • Multi Security Levels Laptop Anti Theft Alarm Mount And Brackets

E-Lock: Alarm On Laptop With Metal Brackets

Elegantly secure laptops in store! Enhance high security brackets are available.

  • Clean and consistent design;
  • Big alarm sensor attaches directly to laptop for 1:1 security;
  • Locking secondary USD alarm sensor or attach sensor is available for keyboard;
  • 2 metal claws security lock enhance laptop security in high risk enviroment;
  • Easy to use: One-to-one alarm on product,Can be mounted above or below counter;

WSL3001 USB Laptop Security Alarm Sensor

Secures laptop with an alarm and a cut resistant cable

  • Easy set-up, no tool installation;
  • Works with USB compatible devices;
  • Minimalistic design encourages customer interaction;
  • Perfect for laptops and tablet hybrid devices with removable keyboards;
  • Use together with 2 ports, 4 ports or 8 ports alarm control box;

WSL3004 Laptop Mechanical Lock

Robust physical security for laptops

  • Accommodates a variety of laptop sizes;
  • Simple to remerchandise for night time removal;
  • Simplifies consumer access,Customers can interact with all laptop features;
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