Standard/High Security And Amazing Try-On Experience Smart Watch Display Stand Security Solution

Standard/High security smart watch display stand security solution from Alien-security are all with consistant beautiful design and amazing try-on customer experience. There are a avarity models of smart watch display stand security solutions with different security levels and different installations, allowing customers to freely choose according to the uique needs of their stores. The WDC1006 anti-theft smart watch retail display stand is a game-changing solution for display and securing smart watches in stores. With its sleek design and zinc alloy arcs, it ensures the smart watches are beautifully displayed and virtually theft-proof. Customers can freely try on the smart watches, thanks to the innovative wrist-like arc design that allows for easy wearing and testing of the product. The stand features transparent acrylic covers and a robust alarm system to deter thieves, making it nearly impossible for them to steal the devices. Additionally, the smart watches are always charged while attached to the display stand, eliminating the need for constant maintenance by store employees. The seamless experience of trying on the smart watch enhances customer satisfaction and increases the appeal of the products. The WRS1006 smart watch anti theft holder is a durable and secure display stand made of metal. It offers unparalleled protection against theft attempts, ensuring the safety of displayed smartwatches in retail settings. Its all-metal construction allows for direct charging using the original cable, simplifying maintenance for retailers. The design combines security and accessibility, with a sleek cylindrical base providing better visibility of the smartwatch. Although lacking an alarm function, the WRS1006 is ideal for high-risk areas where security is paramount. The WSA03 is a smart watch anti-theft alarm cable holder designed for retail display security. It features a simple design with a shelf that holds the strap of the smartwatch using a spring cord and allows customers to try on the device. However, it can only charge Apple and Samsung watches, and customers often forget to place the watches back correctly for charging after trying them on. This results in watches running out of power quickly, impacting the customer experience. The WSA03 may deter inexperienced thieves but is ineffective against experienced ones. For basic security needs in low-traffic stores with budget-friendly devices, WSA03 can be an adequate solution. Meanwhile, tailoring smart watch security display solution to your store is supported. Please feel free to contact us to get more details and more support!

A huge consumer market of smart watches is taking shape.

Once again, Apple has defined the watch. Apple is replicating the success of the iPhone. Maybe when the first generation of Apple iwatch came out, it was just an electronic toy or electronic geek's product. But Apple continues to use its ecosystem to add health detection, sleep detection, motion detection, voice calls and other functions to smartwatches, making iwatch more and more popular among consumers. Since the iwatch needs to be used in conjunction with the iphone, the smart watch not only sells itself, but also greatly increases the sales of mobile phones, so other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, oppe, etc. have joined the battle.

But the more fashionable and wearable nature of smartwatches makes customers more inclined to walk into a retail store and actually try them on before making a choice. Therefore, how to fully display the characteristics of their smart wathers in retail stores and provide a good try-on experience is a big thing for smartwatch manufacturers to think about.

At the same time, the theft market for smartwatches is also taking shape.

Retail theft is pervasive. According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention, shoplifting is among the most frequently committed crimes. Nearly $50 billion is lost annually in retail crime, with over 550,000 incidents every day. Now thieves are also eyeing smart watches on display at retail stores. The more popular something are, the more favored it is by thieves. In addition to the easy sale of stolen smartwatches, thieves themselves also love fashion. Especially now that crime is committed, theft is getting younger and younger, and fashionable smart watches are the favorite trophies of teenage thieves.

Then the challenge comes: on the one hand, it is necessary to allow customers to experience smart watches as they want in the store and provide customers with a good experience; on the other hand, the retail stores have to face more and more theft of smart watches, and even lots of smartwatch heists.

By keeping employees' eyes on smartwatches on display in stores to make sure they don't get stolen?

Maybe it will help a little bit. But it's labor-intensive, and it's bound to add huge labor costs to the store. And it doesn't work when there are a lot of people in the store. Even worse, this approach creates a bad feeling that the customer is constantly being watched

Or let thieves define the display of your smartwatches in stores?

Like a smartwatch anchored to a big piece of metal. But who are you targeting? Thieves? These smart watch security display devices are meant for thieves, with no regard for the customer's experience. This approach completely sacrifices the wearable properties of smartwatches, so that customers can not fully experience smartwatches. You fall into the trap of confusing who your target customer base is. This approach may be a good one for mobile phones, especially laptops. But it's a terrible idea for a smartwatch.

Or a way to tie a smartwatch with anti theft steel cable on display?

This method may be able to play a role in the elderly thieves, but in the face of now more and more violent thieves, these fragile and ugly line can play a big anti-theft effect? It also takes away from the stylish nature of smartwatches.

So what can retail stores do to make smart watches elegantly displayed to customers in stores, providing a good experience to customers,while effectively defeating all thefts, even run theft?The right one you need just Alien-security's Alien-security's smart watch display stand secuity solution 1006 Series.

Exactly how it does all these, let's explore:

  1. The arc-shaped aluminum alloy display stand: Outlines and details of the smart watch are all fully and elegantly displayed
  2. Amazing and excellent customer experience: Touch directly, Pick up freely and Try on easily!
  3. Highly Secure both the watch face and strap, despair the thieves
  4. Keep charging the smartwatches on display:Make the smartwatches are always alive in store and ready for cusommer's experience.
  5. Multi installation, Tailor it to your store
  6. Easily to Install; Simple to operate

1.The arc-shaped aluminum alloy display stand: Outlines and details of the smart watch are all fully and elegantly displayed

In order to display the smart watch in store perfectly, the display must be all-round.

Because the difference between smart watches and ordinary electronic products is that smart watches are more of a fashionable wearable accessory, so Apple, Samsung, Huawei and other brands provide smart watches with many styles of straps for customers to choose from. This does not include the more styles and prices of watch straps available on the market from third parties for customers to choose from.

The upper part of Alien-security smart watch display stand security solution 1006 series is an arc made of aluminum alloy that fits the curvature of the wrist.When the smart watch is fixed on it, the dial and the strap are all firmly clamped on the arc of the aluminum alloy.

Not only Smartwatch is robustly secured, but also it is displayed in a way that best suits posture of smart watch, gracefully, allowing customers to appreciate every detail of the smartwatch's dial and strap.

The angled display stand tilts the arc slightly forward, making smart watch on display can be displayed in a welcoming attitude to customers.

The dial of the smart watch is facing the customer, attracting all the attention of the customer at all times, making the smart watch the hero of the store.

2.Amazing and excellent customer experience: Touch directly, Pick up freely and Try on easily! 

Touch directly

As the base of the smart watch display stand security solution1006 Series is a stand with an inclined angle, the arc showing the smart watch is slightly inclined forward, so that the smart watch is displayed in a welcoming attitude to customers.

The dial of the smart watch faces the customer, attracting the attention of the customer, and also making the customer easily directly touch the smart watch and experience the properties of the electronic product of the smart watch.

the smart watch can be fixed on the table and can be directly touched by customers.

Pick up freely

The customer freely picks up the smartwatch to experience it futher if he likes the smart watch, as the recoiler is inside the display stand.

Try on easily

But a good customer experience doesn't end there.

Because the upper part of the display stand is an arc that fits the shape of the wrist, when a customer picks up the smart watch to experience, he is encouraged to directly wear the smart watch on the wrist to observe the effect of the try-on. The excellent try-on experience allows customer to fully experience the smartwatch as a watch and a fashion accessory it borns.

And the whole try-on process is surprisingly easy. This does not require dismantling the smartwatch from the aluminum alloy arc, nor does it require any assistance from shop assistant.

Best show station for next customer's best experience

After a customer completes the experience, the built-in recoiler automatically pulls the smartwatch back to its original display position, continuing to provide the best experience for the next customer

3.High Security: Robustly Secure both the watch face and strap, despair the thieves

Although the smart watch display stand security solution WDC1006 elegantly displays the details and overall silhouette of the smartwatch, it does not compromise on the anti-theft protection of the smartwatch in the slightest.

Metal arc

The display arc on the upper part of the watch security post WDC1006 is made of metal to provide robust security

Fully secure the strap and dial

The dial is firmly stuck in the middle of the aluminum alloy arc by a transparent acrylic device.

At the same time, one end of the strap of the smart watch is firmly clamped to the base of the security display stand, and the other end is also clamped to the other end of the aluminum alloy arc by a separate security device.

In this way, the dial and strap of the smart watch are highly seucured on the the display arc of the watch security post WDC1006

Eletronic alarms

But high security theft protection continues

There are electronic alarm contacts where the watch face is protected and the watch strap is protected. Any theft that attempts to disassemble the smart watch will trigger an electronic alarm. The alarm sound is as high as 105 decibels, reminding the clerk that theft is happening, and can also scare away the thief. Effective protection of your assets.

Strong steel cable is of anti cutting

In addition, although the cable in the recoiler of the security display stand WDC1006 allows customers to pick up the smart watch experience freely, this cable is extremely strong, and its bult-in thick wire can defeat any cutting behavior.

In case the thief took a huge hydraulic pliers (of course this is impossible, because it must have caught everyone's attention at this time, including the attention of the clerk), and cut the wire rope, it will also go up to 105 decibels at this time 's alarm.

Reinforced internal structure defeat run theft

Further, the inner structure of the smart watch display stand security solution is also specially reinforced to resist the violent pull of an adult man of about 400 pounds, thereby preventing any violent robbery.

Lock down function for high risk environment

If in high-risk areas where theft is rampant, retail stores can also choose to lock down the upper display arc on the base of the display stand, so that the fixed smart watch arc cannot be pulled up, thus providing a higher degree of anti-theft protection.

4. Charging smart watches of all brands: Are you still suffering from the fact that your smartwatches on display in the store are dead?

How to charge smartwatches when they are displayed in stores is a headache that all retail stores face.

Are you still worrying about how to charge the smart watches on display? Are the employees tired of taking apart the smartwatches displayed in the store several times a day to recharge them? Do you often find that the smartwatches on display have run out of power and become waste?

In particular, smart watches, as emerging electronic products, have not yet formed a unified charging standard, and the sizes of smart watches are various. It is even more difficult to make smart watch display stand can charge smart watches of various brands.

As electronic products, smart watches are equivalent to losing their lives and become waste products if they have no electricity. If you're still showing dead smartwatches in your store, you're not increasing sales, you're wasting them.

But congratulations, you don't have to suffer anymore, now you have Alien-securiry's WDC1006, a smart watch display stand security solution that not only protects all smartwatches, but also charges all brands of smartwatches.

Continuously charge the smart watch when it is displayed on the stand, without disassembling it to charge

The unique patented design of WDC1006 allows it to be charged directly with the original charger of the smart watch.

Various Brand smart watches' charging is support

Apple watch, samsung galaxy watch, Huawei, watch, FITNESS, Garmin sports watches, they can all be charged while on display by WDC1006

Is it miraculous? What brand of smartwatches do you need to display in your store? Contact us to get free samples and more surprises.

5.Unique securities,Unique installation, Tailor it to your store

There are a avarity models of smart watch display stand security solutions with different security levels and different installations, allowing customers to freely choose according to the uique needs of their stores

Unique securities

WDC1006: Standalone, destop high security sretail smart watch security display stand.

FREEDOM1006 is a smart watch security charging stand without ropes, which allows customers to get rid of the shackles of ropes, pick up the smart watch to experience. It even allows cstomer to walk to friends with the the upper part of the smart watch display stand to ask about the trial effect. Of course, all of these experiences are limited to a certain distance. If the distance is exceeded, the smart watch security display stand will sound an alarm to alert.

LOCK-DOWN1006 directly lock-down the smart watch display stand security solution, not allowing customers to pick up the smart warch to experience it, and it can resist violent disassembly by thieves.

Unique installations

UNDER-MOUNT1006 provides customers with different installation methods. The recoiler is hidden under the desktop, and the base of the smartwatch display holder on the desktop is smaller in size and can better highlight the smart watch.

Of course, retail stores are not only in demand for the security display stands for smart watches, but also have a greater demand for the security display stands for mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. And because mobile phones, tablets, laptops and smart watches are always displayed together, so retail stores also want the different display stands of consistent design to give customers the best visual. Alien-security develops and produce various security display devices  for mobile phones, tablet, laoptop security displayed in store with consistent diplay and multi security levels

Mobile phone/ Tablet Retail Security Display Solution

Such as MAS1008, the high security mobile phone security display stand with 4 metal grippers, is loved by many customers. It is praised as the best Anti theft phone holder. Its 4 metal grippers provide high security; meanwhile, its internal recoiler let customer pick up the phone freely to experience it. Desktop, standalone, very easy to install.

Beside High security standalone mobile security stand MAS1008, there are also other anti theft phone holders with different security levels and installaion that tailored to the unique needs of your retail store.

Such as Freedom1008, wireless mobile security stand, provides excellent customer experience.And Wall-mount1008 allows retail store to attach cell phones to the wall for secuity display.

More details of varios anti theft phone holders, please review here: Varios security stands, unique security, unique installation, meet your store's unique security display

Laptop Security Devices

For the security devices for laptops in retail stores, Alien-security also provides SuperGrip2000, Strongrip2000,Blance20000 for customers to choose according their unique security display requirement.

Such as The laptop security device Strongrip2000 adopts a hidden grip to firmly fix the laptop on the table, providing maximum security for the laptop. At the same time, it also allows customers to have enough space to operate and experience the laptop.

Electronic Accessories Retail Security Display Solution

Not only the hand-held electronic devices displayed in the retail store can be security displayed by the security display stands, but the electronic accessories can also be secured.

The secuity Display hooks allow retail store to open display your high-theft merchandise such as electronic accessories with high security on the wall.

Spider tags are widely used to secure the electronic products in boxes. It is wrapped around the top of the package by lanyard and requires special detacher to be removed. If a thief cuts through the lanyard to steal, the spider tag will alert. If a thieft carry a box with a spider on it through the door, the anti-theft antenna will also sound an alarm.

Anti theft Antenna Detection Systems

In addition to providing security display stands for electronic products on display, Alien-security also provides retail security tags and detection systems for other products that are not on display in stores. In fact, Alien-Security is committed to providing retail stores with a complete security solution.
For example,The anti theft alarm antenna is another flagship product of Alien-Security, especially the AM8002. AM8002 adopts an acrylic body, and the overall appearance is fashionable and concise. This design makes it completely consistent with the fashionable and simple style of the mobile phone experience store.Its motherboard ismade with super anti-interference settings and a stronger heat dissipation design

Tailored Security Display Solution

At the same time, all of these smart watch smart watch display stand security solution support CCTV integration, which can provide an interface to integrate into the customer's security system.

More details please review here: Mobile Store Retail Security Display Solution. Or feel free to contact us

  • Standard/High Security And Amazing Try-On Experience Smart Watch Display Stand Security Solution
  • Standard/High Security And Amazing Try-On Experience Smart Watch Display Stand Security Solution
  • Standard/High Security And Amazing Try-On Experience Smart Watch Display Stand Security Solution

Game-changing Anti Theft Smart Watch Retail Display Stand WDC1006

Amazing try-on experience,High security, Beautiful display, Charge all brands, Automatic return, Easy to install

  • Simple cylinder coupled with the wrist-like display arc makes the smart watch a hero in the store
  • Zinc alloy arc plus transparent acrylic lid plus electronic alarm, defeat all thefts
  • Internal recoiler let customers pick up for smart watch freely to close ineration
  • The wrist-like arc allows customers to freely try the smartwatch on their wrist
  • Internal recoiler automatically puts the smartwatch back in the best display position for next customers
  • The smartwatch and the charger are always tightly integrated to ensure that it is always charged
  • Strong steel cable of anti-cutting
  • Lock down is availabel in high-risk areas
  • standalone, tabletop, easy to install

Ultra-secure Smart Watch Anti Theft Holder WRS1006

Metal Construction, Low Platform, Zinc Alloy Arc For Accessibility,No Alarm, No Liftting Up Freely

  • Featuring a sleek cylindrical base with a wrist-shaped zinc alloy arc
  • All metal construction, defeat any theft
  • Low height post makes the smart watch the hero in store
  • The wrist shaped zinc alloy arc allows customers to easily reach into the smartwatch experience
  • Seamless integration of the smartwatch charger into its post, and direct charge the smartwatch by using its original charging cable
  • Can't pick the smart watch up freely
  • No alarm function

Basic Security Smart Watch Anti Theft Alarm Cable Holder WSA03

Basic smart watch security solution for retail stores with budget-friendly devices in low-traffic

  • Simple design to display smart watch
  • If thieves try to steal the smartwatch by cutting the spring cord connected to the strap, the display stand will sound an alarm
  • Customers are also allowed to pick up the smartwatch and try it on without any restrictions
  • Ability to charge Apple watch and Samsung smartwatch
  • Cannot automatically return to the display position
  • Can't defeat experienced thieves and robberies
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