Unique Secure, Unique Install, Meets Your Store's Unique Security Display

Alien-security provides various anti theft phone holders with multiple levels of security and different installations that meet your store's unique requirement and different mobile phones display requirements. But they also maintain a high degree of consistency in style, allowing you to display different phones at different levels of security in the one retail store.

Cell phones have become such a necessity that almost everyone now owns them and they are often replaced every two years or so. But smartphone sales are becoming increasingly competitive. Because the mobile phone brands are numerous, the models are numerous, but the product difference is really very small.Therefore, how to best promote mobile phones and win in the fierce competition has been the mobile phone brands and mobile phone retailers have been trying to do.

Now the establishment of a large number of mobile phone experience stores, especially in the busy section of the establishment of mobile phone retail stores, attract customers to experience mobile phones, has become a common method. These mobile retailers are stylish, clean and friendly, and make every effort to make the customer experience awesome.

But retailers also face a headache: how to prevent theft of mobile phones and tablets. Of course, these anti theft phone holder should not affect the customer experience on the premise.

But fear not, you have Alien-security at your side, a maufacure of beautiful, secure and innovative merchadise security display systems that will help you defeat any theft. Its mobile phone anti theft display holders offer a wide range of security and installation options tailored to the unique needs of your retail store.

All the anti theft mobile stands, no matter what kind of security level, no matter what kind of installation method, will never sacrifice good customer experience as a compromise, they can help you show the phone well, make the phone become the heroes of retail stores, so that customers can experience them freely.The sleek and simple design of the anti theft cell phone holders themselves can easily complement and complement your store's overall style without ruining your store's presentation.

Let's take a look at the specific features and innovations that Alien-security's anti theft phone holder have that make it possible to beat all thefts:

  • MAS1008:The most popular anti theft holder: high security meets high experience
  • FREEDOM1008: Make the mobile phone free without rope,let customers pick up freely  to experience the phone
  • Robust1008:All Made of metal, defeat any threats!
  • Wall-mount1008: Make full use of the store space, so that the mobile phone is within reach of the eyes of free experience.

MAS1008:The most popular anti theft phone holder: high security meets high experience.

MAS1008 is the most popular mobile phone security display stand on the market. It integrates metal gripper, recoiler, lock down and merchandising security in one security display stand.

It not only allows customers to freely pull up the mobile phone/tablet experience, providing a great customer experience; the robust 3mm thickness 4 metal grips and the strong steel cable of anti-cuting can also provide a high level of security.

Because of the innovative integration of alarm, power supply, signal into a cable that hidden inside the stand, there is no messy cords outside, which allows mobile phones and tablets to be prominently displayed and become the heros in store.

Thanks to the recoiler, after one customer picks up the mobile phone/tablet experience, the recoiler will automatically pull the mobile phone/tablet back to the best display position, so that the best experience can be obtained by the next customer without any clerk auxiliary operation.

If it is in a high-risk area where there is a phenomenon of violent grabbing of mobile phonesa and tablet, the retail store can lock down the security display stand to prevent the mobile phone from being lift up again, thus solving the crime of violent grabbing of mobile phones/tablet.

Even in the locked down state, the mobile phone/tablet can still be displayed horizontally or vertically, allowing customers to see the panoramic view of the mobile phones/tablet.

Micro-usb, Apple lighting and Type-C charging cables are available to charge all phones and tablets on the market. And the input current of up to 5.2V, 2A allows MAS1008 to efficiently charge mobile phones, especially high-power tablets, even Samsung's tablet.

Since MAS1008 was put into the market and has been continuously updated and perfected, it has been highly praised by customers. Together with Invue OnePod, it has been praised as the best mobile phone security display stand on the market. For more details on the MAS1008, see below:

The best anti theft phone holder MAS1008: Install one stand, defeat any phone/tablet theft in store! Zero theft security display solution

FREEDOM1008-Wireless anti theft phone holder: Make the mobile phone free without rope,let customers pick up freely to experience the phone.

The Freedom1008 is an innovative wireless anti theft phone holder. It gets rid of the rope, allows customers to hold the phone and experience it as much as they want, and even allows customers to walk around and experience the phone with their friends within certain limits.Because according to a survey, 53% of people ask their friends for advice when shopping today. The figure for female shoppers is 76%.

But freedom1008 only allows customers to walk within a certain range of the experience area.

If customers go beyond that range, an alarm on the back of the phone will sound to alert store employees that the phone is being stolen and, through the sound and flashing lights, reveal the thief and the phone's location.

The wireless mobile security stand Freedom1008's innovations don't stop there. It also has the function of intelligent alert, that is, if the customer is unintentionally out of the reasonable range, it will emit a slight beep sound as a reminder. If the customer returns to the scope of the experience area in time, the alarm will not continue to alarm.
Of course, charging is a must of this anti theft mobile holder. When the phone is returned to the post, it will automatically charge the phone, ensuring it is always alive and ready for the customer to experience.

Freedom1008 and MAS1008 adopt highly consistent appearance.

So you can flexibly choose Freedom1008 or MAS1008 according to different display positions or customer experience effects required by different mobile phones in the same store. For example, Samsung's latest foldable mobile phone Galaxy Z Fold3, as a conceptual product, is often promoted on the premise of customer experience. This allows the Freedom1008 to be used in the display area of Samsung's foldable phone to achieve this promotion goal.

At present, Samsung of India, Apple of Japan, South Korea, Qatar and other countries are using Freedoom1008 wireless alarm anti theft phone holder in large quantities.

Robust1008:All Made of metal, defeat any threats!

Robust1008 is a anti theft phone holder that is diametrically opposed to Freedom1008. Robust1008 provides the strongest security protection, enough to defeat any theft, even in the face of violent robbery, will keep your expensive phones in the store safe .

Robust1008 is made of all-metal, which is extremely robust. But its robustest is far from just being made of metal, but also due to its internal structure designed according to mechanical principles, making it resistant to violent robbery by strong men.

In order to achieve absolute security, Robust1008 is equipped with 4 enhanced metal grippers, which are larger and thicker than MAS1008's 4 metal grippers, and of course face violent robbery with a stronger stance.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that such a Robust anti theft phone holder must be ugly. Robust1008 is still the same style as MAS1008, simple and smooth. This also means that you can use MAS1008, FREEDOM1008, and ROBUST1008 together in one store. For example, you can use Robust1008 to display the most expensive Iphone 13 pro Max. And Samsung's foldable phone Galaxy Z Fold3 is displayed with Freedom008 to provide the best customer experience.

Robust1008 is not only a zero theft secure smartphone, it can also display and charge the phone well.

It can display the mobile phone horizontally or vertically, allowing you to display the mobile phone in a full view according to the needs and the habits of local customers.

The security stand can directly use the charging cable that comes with the mobile phone, or use any third-party charging cable to charge the mobile phone, so as to ensure that the mobile phone is always in an active state for customers to experience. The operation is very simple, and there is no need to remove the mobile phones when charging the mobile phone.

Robust1008, an all-metal zero theft anti theft phone holder, is currently very popular and has been widely used in the United States, Australia, South Africa, Brazil and other countries and regions.

Wall-mount1008:Make full use of the space in the store, and make the phones can be picked up within the customer's eye range.

Many mobile phone experience stores are built in prosperous areas with a lot of people. This can not only improve brand awareness, but also more conducive to allowing more people to experience mobile phones. Because in the current situation that the homogenization of smartphones is serious but there are many models, attracting customers to actually experience mobile phones and providing a good customer experience has become a very important factor for customers to buy mobile phones.

However, in such a location, the rent of the storefront will be correspondingly much more expensive.

Therefore, how to make full use of the space of the storefront to display electronic equipment is an important consideration in storefront design.There are many mobile phones, tablets, smart watches, notebooks, etc. that will be displayed on the table.

At this time, mobile phone anti theft display holder-MAS1008, Smartwatch security charging stand WDC1006, and alarm on laptop E-Lock, are the best choices. Because their simple design can highlight the electronic products and make them the heroes in store. And they are all desktop designs, and installation is very simple.

However, The stores are also fixing some mobile phones to the walls. First, it is more convenient for customers to pick up mobile phones within the distance of their hands to experience, providing the greatest experience convenience; second, it can also make more full use of the space on the wall.

Wall-mount1008 is a anti theft phone holder specially designed for fixing mobile phones on the wall.

Wall-mount1008 adopts a detachable design and fixes the recolier behind the wall.There are only small mount for fixing mobile phones on the wall facing customers, so that the mount will not take up too much space , and make mobile phones become the target focus of customers. Because the mobile phone is fixed on the wall, when customers see the mobile phone and want to experience it, they can reach out and pick up the mobile phone to experience, which is very in line with human behavior.

As there are recoiler behind the wall, it allows customers to pick up the mobile phone experience, and then when the customer experience is completed, it will automatically pull the phone back to the original best display position to facilitate the next customer experience.

Wall-mount1008 fully considers the angle and weight of the mobile phone displayed on the wall, and it has a patented design for this, which can make the mobile phone firmly stuck on it and will not fall off.

Wall-mount1008 can be equipped with MAS1008's same 4 metal grabbers and strong steel cable that can prevent shearing to increase security. It can also be locked to deal with violent robbery in high-risk areas with high theft rates.

Wall-mount1008 also has the function of charging mobile phones. The charging cables are the same as those used by MAS008, Robust1008, and Freedom1008. There are type-c, micro-usb, and Apple lighting charging cables for customers to choose freely.

The Wall-mount1008 is available in two versions: models with electronic alarms and models without electronic alarms. Customers can decide which model is more suitable to use based on their needs for display phones and security needs.

This way you can use MAS1008, Freedom1008, Robust1008, Wall-mount1008 together in one shop. Under the same display style, make full use of the storefront space to display mobile phones to provide customers with the best experience.

However,Retail stores not only need anti theft phone holder, but their needsfor merchandise security display devices are very diverse.

More and more mobile phone manufacturers, the most typical ones are Apple, Samsung, Huawei, they not only produce and sell mobile phones and tablet, but also produce and sell laptop, earphones, smart watches, etc. And their products form an ecosystem to provide customers with the best experience. Displaying these electronic devices in one store and allowing customers to fully experience various electronic products will not only help to improve their brand recognition and increase brand loyalty, but also increase the sales of these electronic devices. Studies have shown that if customers buy a certain brand of mobile phone in an experience store, up to 75% of customers will also buy earphones, smart watches, etc. of the same brand in the future.

Alien-security designes various security display stands according to the characteristics of various electronic products display in store.

For example, the smartwatch security display holder with charging and alarm WDC1006, it can not only high secure the smart watch, but it is more designed for the attribute of the smart watch as a fashion accessory and as a wearable device. The security holder is designed in the shape of the curvature of the wrist, so that customers can complete a quick try-on independently without the assistance of the staff to disassemble the smart watch from the display stand.

Although the smart watch security display stand is of the same cylindrical design as the mobile phone security display stand MAS1008, the security stand of is more slender and has a certain inclination, so that the smart watch can be displayed more prominently. The posture to show itself and attract the attention of customers.

The laptop security mounting brackets S-Lock is for the laptop generally displayed on the desktop in the store. It adopts a hidden grip to firmly fix the notebook on the table, providing maximum security for the laptop. At the same time, it also allows customers to have enough space to operate and experience the laptop..

Although these display devices have their own characteristics and different electronic products, they all share the design DNA of Alien-security, and the style is highly consistent. It makes you display the electronic products together in one store, without any sense of abruptness and clutter.

This is very important for mobile experience stores, because research shows that in a clean and comfortable environment, the actual purchase behavior of customers increases by 7%, and it is not so sensitive to price.

Alien-security continues to provide a full range of retail security devices and merchandise security display products for mobile phone experience stores.

Not only the hand-held electronic devices displayed in the retail store can be secured by the security display devices, but the electronic accessories hanging on the wall can be safely displayed by Alien-security's security hook, the electronic products and accessories packed in the box can be secured against theft by Alien-security's spider security tags.

Alien-security specially developed the super anti-theft security pedestal AM8006 for mobile phone experience stores and digital stores.

Considering that the designs of many mobile phone experience stores are very fashionable, AM8006 adopts an acrylic body, and the overall appearance is fashionable and concise. This design makes it completely consistent with the fashionable and simple style of the mobile phone experience store. It will not be obtrusive when it is installed at the door of the mobile phone experience store.

In addition, in view of the problem that there are many sources of interference caused by many electronic products in the digital experience store, the AM8006 motherboard has been made with super anti-interference settings and a stronger heat dissipation design. All these make it very popular with customers, and it is currently widely used in the United States, Canada, Australia, France, Slovakia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Peru, South Africa and other places.

Details of the above products can be found below:

Merchandise Securigty Display Device:

Security Hooks for Hanging products:

Spider Security Tags to secure Box:

Super Anti-Theft Security Pedestal:

Alien-security has not stopped the pace of innovation, and has been committed to making retail anti theft devices more beautiful and function.

All our retail security prodcuts not only provide security and anti-theft protection for retail stores, but also provide customers with a good customer experience. The ultimate goal is to help retail stores sell more, lose less and earn more. Thanks to our customers for their great support over the years, after 6 years of development, Alien-security has become the top 3 manufacturers of retail security devices and merchandise security display device in China.

We will continue to work hard and not stop the pace of innovation. We have also been looking forward to more retail security products dealers and large-scale retail stores, digital product manufacturers and large-scale retail stores from various countries and regions to join us in our innovation journey, and let the retail industry change together. better!

  • Unique Secure, Unique Install, Meets Your Store's Unique Security Display
  • Unique Secure, Unique Install, Meets Your Store's Unique Security Display
  • Unique Secure, Unique Install, Meets Your Store's Unique Security Display

MAS1008: High Security Anti Theft Holder

The Most Popular Desktop Standalone High Security Phone/Tablet Stand. Install One, Defeat Any Theft!

  • Standalone, above counter installation
  • 4 Adjustable metal arms of high security
  • Retractable,customer can lift up freely to experience the phone or tablet;
  • Internal Recoiler, all cables inside,no messy cords;
  • Strong steel cable of anti-cutting;Reinforced internal structure to prevent run theft;
  • Lock-down for high risk environment;
  • Power and alarm
  • Cross-merchandise,increase sales

FREEDOM1008: Wirelss Security Stand

Cordless Security Stand,Ultimate Experience

  • Clean, consistent visual display that encourages customer interaction and makes the product the hero;
  • Cordless Security stand,prvides ultimate experience;
  • LED indicates armed status;
  • Pre-alarm warns customers when they are approaching security perimeter;
  • Accurate alarm distance,1.5m alarm distance (+1 m ),ultimate experience meets security;
  • Patented hidden quick disassembly design, convenient for employees to remove,also can prevent thieves from quick disas-sembly;
  • Contact charging supports all Micro-USB,Type-C and Apple devices;

Wall Monut1008: Wall Mount Security Stand

Wall Mount Installation, Vertical Stand, Pick Up Freely, Lock Down fast, Charging, Alarm,Metal Arms Available

  • Wall mount installation
  • Retractable, let customer pick up freely the phone/tablet to experiece
  • Quickly lock down high risk retail environments
  • 2 metal arms or 4 metal arms are optional
  • Strong steel cable of anti cutting
  • 4 points alarm
  • Type-c, Apple lightning, Micro-usb charging cbales are available

Focus1008: Below Desk Rocoiler Security Stand

Below Counter Recoiler, Small Angled Post, Highlight The Smartphone In Your Retail Store

  • Low profile security display post makes the phone/tablet the hero in store
  • Switch freely from vertical post to angled post
  • Below counter recoiler,Retractable, let customer pick up freely the phone/tablet to experiece
  • Quickly lock down high risk retail environments
  • 2 metal arms or 4 metal arms are optional
  • Strong steel cable of anti cutting
  • 4 points alarm
  • Type-c, Apple lightning, Micro-usb charging cbales are available.

Small1008: Basic Alarm Stand

Get basic Anti Theft Alarm Protection With Minimal Investment

  • Minimal contemporary design
  • High consumer experience
  • 4 points alarm on stand provide enhanced theft deterrence
  • Type-c, Apple lightning, Micro-usb charging cbales are available.
  • External spring cable, can not resist cutting
  • No lock down feature, no resistance to violent robbery
  • No merchandising

DS1002: Acrylic Phone Alarm Stand

Acrylic,Display, Alarm and Power

  • Clear acrylic phone security stand has vertical display design for both cell phones and tablets, ensures device stability;
  • Ultra low profile sensors minimise interference for an enhanced customer experience;
  • A built-in alarm unit is in the stand,provides electronic anti theft alarm protection for the phone or tablet;
  • Reliable performance with consistent charging up to 1.5A-2A, ensures displays are always powered;
  • Three sensor options available: Micro USB, Type C and lightning sensor;
  • 76cm exposed cable disconnects at stand for easy nightly removal;
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