MAS1008: High Security Anti Theft Holder

The Spec

Stand Height110mm
FeaturesRetrctable,pick up freely; Quickly lock down; Chrging, Alarms
Optional Accessories4 metal arms or 2 metal arms
Supported CustomizationsLock-Down; No Alarm; CCTV integration
ColorWhite, Black
  • Standalone, above counter installation
  • 4 Adjustable metal arms of high security
  • Retractable,customer can lift up freely to experience the phone or tablet;
  • Internal Recoiler, all cables inside,no messy cords;
  • Strong steel cable of anti-cutting;Reinforced internal structure to prevent run theft;
  • Lock-down for high risk environment;
  • Power and alarm
  • Cross-merchandise,increase sales
Retractable, customer can pick up the phone/tablet to experience freely, and then reback to the best position for next customer's best experience.
MAS1008 collects charging, security and anti-theft cables into one cable and hides inside. In this way, when tablet & mobile phone anti theft display holder MAS1008 display the mobile phone and tablet in store, there is no messy wires outside. The display is clean and tidy. It makes the cell phone or tablet become a hero, keeps customers' attention on the cell phones and tablets.
The internal recoiler of this phone alarm post makes it easy for customers to fit up the phone or pad to experience it. After customer experience the phone, retractable security tether cable will automatically return the phone to the best display position. That ensure the best experience of the next customers.

Standalone,tabletop, easy to install and easy to use

In addition, because of its standalone, desktop design, it is very simple to install. It can be mounted on the display table directly with 3M glue on the bottom, or with long screws. Then power it on, press the start button on the remote, and it starts working.

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