FREEDOM1008: Wirelss Security Stand

The Spec

Main FeatureCompletely cordless alarming security, Ultimate experience
Alarm Distance1.5m alarm distance (+1 m )
Charging supports Type-c,Micro-USB,Apple devices
  • Clean, consistent visual display that encourages customer interaction and makes the product the hero;
  • Cordless Security stand,prvides ultimate experience;
  • LED indicates armed status;
  • Pre-alarm warns customers when they are approaching security perimeter;
  • Accurate alarm distance,1.5m alarm distance (+1 m ),ultimate experience meets security;
  • Patented hidden quick disassembly design, convenient for employees to remove,also can prevent thieves from quick disas-sembly;
  • Contact charging supports all Micro-USB,Type-C and Apple devices;

More Details of Cordless Security Stand



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