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Spider wire alarm anti theft device is widely used to protect high value mercandise in box or  irregular shaped packages from theft. They are made of2 alarm and 3 alarm EAS technology. As 2 Alarm,  it will alarm when its wire on product is cut. About 3 alarm,it will self alarms and activates the EAS security system alarm ,when passed though the EAS security system. They are a kind of EAS security tags, so AM 58KHz and RF 8.2MHz are available. They work with EAS system for retail loss prevention. Alien-security’s Spider wire alarm anti theft devices can work with all the RF/AM system in the market, such as as checkpoint ,Sensormatic, WG,etc.   5 models spider wraps with different lanyards from Alien-security for custoemrs choosing to protects merchandise of varying sizes. And all spider wire alarm anti theft devices produced by Alien-security are warrnty 2 years.

The advantage of Alien-security’s Spider wire alarm anti theft device:

1. Internal quality assurance circuit board.

The internal circuit board is the spider tags’ life. Alien Security adopts advanced chip and circuit board production technology to ensure the quality of circuit board. It also ensures the stability of spider wraps’ work.

2. Long work life.

Many EAS manufacturers in China adopt small batteries to save cost.  This always cause a servious problem in using that the product life is too short. Because the spider security tags is inconvenient to replace the battery at the customers’ side. So the custmers have to buy more. This is highly unethical.The use cost is too high. The Spider wire alarm anti theft device from Alien Security use big batteries and works in a unique way to ensure the working life of the product up to 2 years, minimizing the cost of use for customers.This is similar to ALPHA and CENTURY spider alarm tags.

3. Enhanced wire rope and extra load bearing capacity enable Alien Security’s  Spider wire alarm anti theft device to use for a variety of products in the retail store.

4. An absolute price advantage.

On the basis of guaranteeing product quality and performance, Alien Security minimizes the soider Spider tags’ cost through innovation in process and production, so that the spiders of Alien Security have sufficient price advantage in the market.

This is why more than 300 customers all over the world choose Alien Security. We are welcome you are our next partner that glow together and creat vaule together.

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