AW02-Mini Spider Wrap (2 Alarm)

The Spec

SizeDia 48mm
Frequency8.2MHz+ 58KHz
Alarm2 alarm
Lanyard Length60cm,80cm,90cm
LockCommon/Supper Magnetic Locking
  • High security solution for Boxed products;
  • 2 Alarm is available;
  • RF,AM or RF+AM frequency are availe;
  • 60cm or 80cm length of the lanyard, and the lanyard can be customized ;
  • Large battery, up to 2 years of service life, and the battery can be replaced.Help you save on investment;
  • Flashing LED light andspeaker provide strong visual deterrent;
  • Magnetic Lock ;
  • 105db Alarm Sound ;
  • Black, Grey, White color ;

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