AW01-spider wrap(2/3 alarm)

The Spec

Unit Dimension70mmDia
Lanyard Length100cm
LockCommon/Supper Magnetic Locking

spider security tag AW01 is used to wrap around the box of product to prevent anti theft in retail.

spider security tag AW01 is available in 2 alarm and 3 alarm. If the cable is cut, it will alarm. when pass through the EAS security  system at store entries and exits, the integrated EAS technology will initiate systems alarm.  If 3 alarm, it will  self alarm when passed though the security system.

Spider wrap alarm tag AW01 is made with a quality high tensile strength 0.43mm Dia lanyard. And the100cm longth lanyards allow the tag to be used to secure a variety of products and merchandise.

Boxguard uses dual technology – AM 58KHz and RF 8.2MHz. It can work with all RF security system and AM anti-theft system in retail

The tag is removed using a magnetic security tag remover. More details about how to remove spider tag, please kindly visit our magnetic  security tag remover’s details

The spider security tag is adjustable, meaning it wraps around and protects goods that require open merchandising in their original packaging.

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