MAS1008-I High Experience

The Spec

Stand Height110mm
Feature4 metal grippers
FeatureRecoiler inside,No messy cords,clearn display
FeatureMulti-alarm high security
ApplicationGripper suitable for phone size from 5''-7''

MAS1008 mobile phone security display holder balances between high customer experience and max merchandise security.

4 adjustable metal grippers.Strong cable with build-in metal for anti-cutting.Recoiler insider to avoid cords or clutter, keeps display clean and orgnized.

Multi-alarm high security.

Quick release of phone or tablet.

MAS1008 mobile phone security display holder with 4 grippers.

The grippers are made of metal. However, each gripper is with rubber in place to prevent any damage to the screen of the phone. The grippers is suitable for all phones from 5 inches to 7 inches in size. It can work perfectly with IPHONE5, IPHONE 6, IPHONE 6S, IPHONE XR, IPHONE 7, IPHONE 8, IPHONE 8PLUS, IPHONE MAX, Samsung galaxy s8+, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy note10, Huawei Mate 20, Huawei Mate 30, OPPO A9 etc.

Self-contained system (security, power and alarm) minimizes cables and clutter.

MAS1008 mobile phone security display holder with Built-in wire shrink storage device, the wires are hidden inside the body, automatically shrink, and there are no extra wires outside the product.

When a lot of mobile phones and digital products are displayed together in a retail store, how to keep the overall environment simple, instead of messy wires everywhere, is usually a difficult point for digital stores. MAS1008 perfectly solves this problem. Its innovative spin-and-secure design keeps device square, even when tether is locked. No messy cords or clutter,keeps display clean and orgnized, to create a good shopping experience for customers.

MAS1008 one cable delivers it all, Security, Power and Alarm.So minimizes cables and clutter. provides the phone with high securiy while also a simple and elegant display for the mobile.

The cable contains thick steel wire to anti cutting.

Work with 4 grippers to provide maximum theft protection for mobile phones displayed in retail stores or experience stores

MAS1008 mobile phone security display holder with 4 grippers also have Multiple alarms, electronic anti-theft protection.

Alarm when sensor head is apart.alarm when USB charge is cutted or USB charge is pulled up.alarm when steel wire is cutted. alarm when bottom is apart. and all is immediate Audible Alarm. Starts time pressure from the first moment.

The MAS1008 mobile phone security display holder with 4 gripper is very simple to install.

it is fixed to the display stand by the bottom 3M glue and the bottom screw. work when plugging in the power plug. No other auxiliary equipment is required.

The operation is user-friendly.

One button is activated and one button alarm is turned off by remote control. Password lock is supported by remote control.

Quick Release. Fast removal for customer demos or for nightly storage.

Optional lockdown for enhanced security.

The security level or display requirements can be used to quickly lock the upper head or release the upper head with an anti-theft screwdriver.

Alien-security, like INVUE, laways work hard and innovation to provide better retail merchandise security display solution.

Mobile phone security display holder  MAS1008 is similar as INVUE’s Onepod, but more beautiful and more versatile.It balances between high customer experience and max merchandise security. Try to make simple display, max security.

In addition to mobile phone anti-theft alarm devices, we also provide smartwatch security display, laptop security, headphone security lock. They are all beautiful, stable and easy-to-use . We have been committed to providing digital stores with a full range of retail display security solutions. They will bring customers good shopping experience while reducing losses and increasing sales and profits.

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