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USB laptop alarm cable of V-Lock

USB laptop anti theft alarm cable is laptop security device, provides mechanical and electronic security for laptops on display, designed to prevent theft and ensure display conformance.

USB laptop anti theft alarm cable secures laptop or notebook in a simple, effective and covert way.

If the USB is removed from the displayed product or the USB cable is cut, the chosen alarm hub will subsequently activate, triggering a high pitched alarm signal. LED's indicate the status of the alarm and act as a deterrent. If in accordance with local laws, must provide an obvious burglar warning,the USB can be printed with words "alarm"

The laptop anti-theft security alarm devices V-lock has a variety of interface types.

As 2 interfaces, 4 interfaces, 8 interfaces, 12 interfaces, 24 interfaces. You can choose according to the number and layout of the laptops or notebooks in the display store. The alarm mount of V-lock is generally recommended to be placed inside the display table and hidden.

USB laptop anti theft alarm cable of the  V-lock is not only suitable for most laptop or notebook as Dell,hp thinkpad, acer etc, but also for Apple MAC, MAC pro. It is also can be used for PC and tablet anti-theft.

But thieves are becoming more violent and rampant in many countries and regions. So in such high-risk areas, electronic alarm system alone is sufficient.

In such high-risk areas, it is good idea to equiplaptop security mounting brackets S-Lock and use it with V-Lock to defeat theft.

Combined with S-Lock, theft will be greatly reduced, or even disappear. Because it's not worth it for thieves to spend a lot of energy and time, take a lot of risk, and not succeed in stealing. For the gang of thieves, they will not steal here. They choose retail stores with low security.

USB laptop alarm cable of V-Lock

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