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Alien-security's supermarket security systems includes supermarket security gates, cloth security tags, anti-theft labels, bottle security tags, label deactivators , detachers,etc., which can provide you with one-stop supermarket anti-theft solution.All supermarket supermarket security gates, cloth security tags, anti-theft labels cover AM(acoustic magnetic frequency) and RF(radio frequency), are compatible with both sensormatic and checkpoint security systems and tags. Alien-security's security gates has the advantages of stable performance, easy installation and maintenance, and Alien-security has a special technical support team, which can provide timely and professional after-sales service.

Professional supermarket security systems and supermarket display solutions delivered with expertise to suit your supermarket anti-theft and display requirements.

The retail anti-theft labels and security tags are strictly tested before delivery. It is 100% qualified. You will not lose any product with the tag or label.

Aliensecurity's supermarket displays products, mainly including electronics security display stands, security display hooks and safers for digital products and cosmetics ,  with have both display and anti-theft function, so that you can safely DISPLAY products and provide customers with a good customer experience.

Supermarket Loss Prevention

We provide a range of products to create a complete security solution for supermarket

"I am a small supermarket, mainly selling some drinks, cosmetics, daily necessities. The supermarket has two entrances with a width of about 1.6m. The anti-theft system purchased from Alien-security is of great help to me, especially the anti-theft antenna installed at the entrance of the supermarket, which works very stably. I'm very grateful"

——Owner of a small supermarket in Guyana

"We've gone from using Alien-security in our first store to more than 50 stores now using Alien-security. The biggest thing we found about Alien-security compared to other security systems we've used before was their friendliness to the end user. For example, the spider tags, which was the most headache for our staff to operate a anti-theft tags, often encountered a high rate of defective products, and it was difficult to pull out the lanyard from the tags. But we have never had this problem since we used Alien-security's spider tags, and each spider tag is extremely easy to use, which greatly improves our work efficiency and makes our staff happier. So we decided to adopt Alien-security for all anti-theft devices."

——A big British supermarket chain
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