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S-Lock: Super Laptop Security Bracket

The Spec

Material Zinc Alloy
Feature 1: Robust, Beat the most violent heists
Feaure 2: Excellent customer experience: Allow customers to freely experience the keyboard and rotate the laptop screen
Range Of Application:Laptops of all sizes
Installation3 installation ways
  • Made of all metal,super strong;
  • The patent's anti-violence breaking structure allows it to defeat even the most violent theft;
  • Simplifies consumer access,Customers can interact with all laptop features;
  • Customers are free to rotate the screen to get the best customer experience;
  • Suitable for laptops of all sizes, from 11” to 18” laptops;
  • 3 installation ways, easy installation;
  • It can also be used together with electronic anti-theft alarm device V-LOCK to further increase security;
On the other hand, S-LOCK does not compromise good customer experience because of the pursuit of extreme ruggedness Although laptop security mounting brackets S-Lock is made of heavy metal, it is small in size and simple in design. As It is directly fixed on both sides of the laptop, which will not block the screen and keyboard of the notebook, so that the laptop can be fully displayed in front of customers. Customers can see and experience all the details of the laptop, such as the keyboard, the variety of ports, the sound quality, the camera, and so on. What's more amazing is that while the laptop security mounting brackets secures the laptop firmly, it also allows customers to freely rotate the laptop screen to experience the display effect of the laptop screen, which is a feature that many customers value very much. To provide customers with the best customer experience.
The installation of S-Lock is surprisingly simple and it can be used for all sizes of laptops in the market. The laptop security mounting brackets can be installed in three ways. The S-LOCK can be fixed directly to the reserved slot on the display table by screws, or directly to the display table by 3M glue. If the display table does not have a reserved slot, it can also be installed by punching holes in the display table.

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