• High Security for Phone/Tablet: Install One,Meet Any Threat!
    High Security for Phone/Tablet: Install One,Meet Any Threat!
    4 Metal Arms,Retractable,Desktop,Lock-down, Cross-merchandising, all in one mobiles security stand.
  • The Best Anti Theft Tablet Holder
    The Best Anti Theft Tablet Holder
    4 adjustable metal claws specially designed for tablet,Lock-down to display the tablet in tablet-friendly way,Pen security device max the experience of the tablet.
  • EAS / RFID Security System and Tags
    EAS / RFID Security System and Tags
    Your trusted source manufacture of EAS/RFID,provide high quality security tags, security labels,ink tags worldwidely.
  • 50+Security Safer Boxes of Various Sizes
    50+Security Safer Boxes of Various Sizes
    Display and Protect audio and video products, cosmetics, electronic accessories and other products from shoplifting
  • Wireless Moibles Security Stand
    Wireless Moibles Security Stand
    Make product the hero,Let customer experience the phone/tablet freely.

Decrease Theft, Increase Sales

Alien-security is a leading manufacture in China focusing in Retail security products, such as Retail loss prevention system(EAS/RFID systems and tags), Anti theft device for smartphone, tablet, laptops, and anti-theft solution for high value products as Liquor bottle security lock,Boxguard,Safer Boxes etc.Known for the quality of its products and our ability of innovate, Alien-security is proud to be the choice of more than 300 customers worldwidely.

Do Retail security Better! Make mobile Security Easy!

Alien-security is a a high-tech company focusing exclusively on Retail security in the industry.In addition to manufacturing high-quality EAS retail security products and Moboile security displays, Alien-security is heavily involved in the development of new produts that more seamlessly promote and protect retail merchandise, enhancing the in-store experience to improve customers ‘profits.

Examples include “One for all” Bottle security lock B025, Max mobile security display holder MAS1008 and Retracted spider alarm tag.

The special closed lock design of B025 allows it to be used in most bottle sizes on the market. At the same time won’t spoil the appearance of the liquor on sell. It works perfectly with the EAS detection system to reduce theft.

Mobile phone anti theft display holder MAS1008 is a work of art, which perfectly balances mobile display and security.

Similar as Invue‘s Onepod, but more powerful and more easy of useing. Make the display be so secure and Make the retail security be so elegant. The streamlined shape design and built-in Recolied, without any external and messy cables, make your product the hero. 4 metal grips, built-in steel cable which is anti-cutting, multiple electronic alarms, all these make the security display of mobiles and tablets is so easy.

In addition, in recent years, spider security tags(boxguard) have been used more and more in retail security.

Because of its effective protection of large packages. For example, 3 alarm spider locks and 2 alarm spider wrap alarm tag of Alien-security have always been popular with customers because of their stable performance. However, although the traditional spider wire alarm anti-theft device can effectively prevent theft of large packages, the operation is very labor-intensive, and after disassembly, the threads are easily rolled up and messy.

On the basis of fully communicating with customers, ALIEN-SEUCRITY has independently developed a retracted spider tag. It can fix on a large package in only 5 seconds. With the corresponding unlocker, it only takes 2 seconds to remove the spider locks from the large package. And the wires is automatically stored without clutter. Retract spider alarm is very popular with customers. Available in RF and AM, 2 alarm and 3 alarm versions.

In the traditional EAS(Electronic article surveillance),retail loss prevention field, Alien-security takes product quality as the first priority.

For example, security hard tag, clthing security tags, and Alien-security are all made of new material ABS. After production and before shipment, they have undergone 2 inspection procedures to ensure that the product is of perfect quality to the customer’s hands and can play a role in preventing theft. . Currently, Alien-security EAS’s product line has achieved full coverage. From security tag, ink tags, Retail anti-theft systems, bottle security cap, RF label,AM label, clothing security tags. The products cover RF, AM, EM and NON-EAS. The product can be compatible with checkpoint, senssormatic, Gateway, Crosspoint, shopguard, Gateway, WG, Century, 3M, etc.


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  • "Thanks – we received the 50,000pcs big spider wraps last month. They worked very well, our customer likes them very much! Thanks, friend, and please help me to arrange my new order that 50,000pcs mini spider wraps,RF,black. And tell me the delivery time. Thanks."
  • "Alien-security has been real beneficial for our customers, especially with merchandise display MAS1008. It delivered amazing results, more than expected. It almost zero false alarms, reduced customer wait time, and it allows store associates to focus on serving customers for a better shopping experience.The best thing about Alien-security is ease of use,and doesn’t require any training. Our cusotmers love it so much, I love it so so much !"
  • "We bought security tags from Alien-security about 4 years. It's been a great experience working with him.The same quality as made in Germany.Timely delivery, friendly communication, as partners. It is good team work between our company and Alien-security."
  • "We have chosen to install Alien-security MAS1008 on our phones and Tablets from 3 stores to more than 200 stores. We love that MAS1008 is a great solution to supporting with Shrinkage in high risk areas whilst not affecting the customer shopping experience. In stores that have MAS1008 versus stores without MAS1008 we have seen an average shrinkage reduction of 81% on the high-risk areas that we use them. Before we had problems with our old alarms. But after using this alarm post MAS1008 for a few months, I can say no more than that they work flawlessly. Easy to assemble, stylish and very safe! We only paid one fifth of the cost of before, but got a huge profit. We love it, highly recommended!"
    Marko,Loss Prevention and Marketing managers
  • "Yes – we got the bottle security cap locks samples – thanks! The bottle security locks work well. Mark is going to test them in the customers store today.Then he will visit the customer on Monday to discuss. We will let you know how this goes."

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