Alarm Security Tag ( 2 Alarm/ 3 Alarm)

Alarm tag is a type of EAS security tag. Compared with common EAS hard tags, security tag with alarms provide more anti theft security protection. It is perfect for protecting high-value, high-risk merchandise. There are versions in 2 alarm and 3 alarm. 2 alarm: The common EAS hard tag is fixed on the product, it triggers the alarms on the EAS anti theft pedestals when it passes the exit. But 2 alarm anti theft tags will not only triggers the EAS security systems , any attempt to cut the lanyard cable or forcely remove the tag from merchandise, the security tag will alarm. 3 Alarm: The alarm of the 3 way Alarm cablelock is triggered when the tag enters the detection field of an EAS security system. The tag alarm persists for a defined period. Even if the thief tries to escape through the mall or out of the house. Alien-security is one of leading manufacture of retail security products in China. For customers’ requirement of security tags with alarms, we develope and produce about 8 types alarm tags. Scuh as alarm tag with short or long lanyard, 2 alarm mini 2 alarm cablelok, 3 alarm cable lock, Alarm pins. All these multi alarm security devices are in the version of 8.2mhz, 58khz or dual frequency. All they work compatibility with EAS security antennas from checkpoint, sensormatic, Gateway, Crosspoint,etc. Because of its beautiful appearance and stable performance, Alarm tags from Alien-security are trusted by customers. If you are interested, please feel free contact us, free samples will be provided to test.

For customers facing a high theft problem at trendy or expensive products, but also having the need of using regular super lock magnetic detachers,Alien-security has developed about 8 versions of our self alarming tags.Self alarm tag is perfect for protecting high-value, high-risk merchandise.

Mini Alarming Lanyard provides audible anti-theft protection for merchandise that cannot be protected with a pin-style tag. Its lanyard around products easy,making open merchandising easier and more flexible than ever. The integrated lanyard cable with a stainless-steel pin provides superior defeat resistance for items such as shoes, handbags, luggage and sporting goods. Its small size does not detract from high-end items, yet provides a strong visual deterrent.

Alarming pins allow you to take your standard security tag to the next level and provide an anti tampering alarm. In the event of a thief trying to forcibly remove a tag in store this pin will provide you with an immediate audible alarm.

All these security alarm tags are in the version of 8.2mhz,58khz or dual frequency. They can also be used together with existing super Lock detachers. No additional investment is necessary. No additional cash desk infrastructure needs to be installed.

Learn more about 2 way or 3 way alarm tags please check here.

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