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E-Lock: Alarm On Laptop With Metal Brackets

The Spec

FunctionRetail security display system for laptop
SpecialOne-to-one protection
Specialcan work with metal grippers
Special supports fast release and re-merchandising
  • Clean and consistent design;
  • Big alarm sensor attaches directly to laptop for 1:1 security;
  • Locking secondary USD alarm sensor or attach sensor is available for keyboard;
  • 2 metal claws security lock enhance laptop security in high risk enviroment;
  • Easy to use: One-to-one alarm on product,Can be mounted above or below counter;
As shoplifting is becoming more violent, electronic alarm theft alone is not enough to deter laptop theft in many retail stores and high-risk areas. Aimed at this, metal grippers are specially designed to be added to the alarm on laptop E-LOCK, to enhance the security level of the laptop anti-theft protection. The metal grippers are cast from zinc alloy and adopts the pattern of double gripper. When jammed, the laptop screen can be firmly stuck. Because all the places of the gripper are combined with special anti-theft screws, so for the thief without disassembly tools disassembly gripper can only be a matter of sighing. Even if the experienced thief is prepared, the demolition time will be very long, so that the probability of theft will be found is very large, which will greatly reduce the theft of thieves.
As whether the alarm pad on laptop or the alarm pad mounted on the tablet, there is a second type-C interface. Both type-C ports can be connected to additional cables to provide electronic alarm anti theft protection and charging for keyboards, mice, or other accessories such as speakers. In this way, not only customers can fully experience various performance of the laptop with the use of these electronic accessories, but also it can cross-merchandise these electronic accessories and let customers experience them to increase the sales of these accessories.

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