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Make Your Mobile Shop Display With Max Security

If you are looking forward to establishing a mobile shop then one of the things that you need to keep in mind. The first thing that you need to keep in mind is that security is something that needs to be taken seriously at all times. It is that it should be protected from the theft of high value items. It is true that you need to protect them from theft. You also need to protect it from the other possible damages.

Alien-security's MAS1008 mobile phone anti theft display holder is the right one you are looking for.MA1008 is a 4 metal holders cell phone and pad retail shop display security solution. Its 4 metal arms with 6 electronic alarm system make you security display with zero theft. Install one platform, Meet Any Threat!

Here's an sucessful story of a customer. He is a leader in USA telecoms, offering cable TV, interactive multimedia, net gain access to, and wireless telephone solutions. The customer was wanting to lower burglaries for their mobile shop display. After attempting numerous other vendors without success, they involved Alien-security 4 metal claws holders.

65 sets mobile phone security display stands MAS1008 were installed at one of the shop's places. Along with installment, twice-weekly specialist check outs were consisted of throughout the test duration. It guaranteed that whatever was functioning effectively and to educate the shop's staff members.

3 weeks after the installation, the client's lead group determined they had actually discovered their remedy. They also authorized a contract with Alien-security for the retrofit of 300 shops.

Make Your Mobile Shop Display With Max Security

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