AM label deactivator-AD1703

The Spec

Frequency58khz AM
SizeDecoding Board 235×235×30 mm, Decoder 235*190*60 mm
Hole Dimension220×220 mm
Decoding height15-20cm

The AM label deactivator is a combined AM security tag detector and AM label deactivator, designed for high speed & long distance detection and deactivation of AM Labels

The AM label deactivator will detect 58KHz security tags and ink tags at a height of 12cm and deactivate 58KHz AM labels at a height of 10cm.
It can be also well worked with sensormatic labels
It gives an audible signal if a label is not deactivated.
The pad can also detect 58KHz AM security hard tags and ink tags ensuring that the hard tags are removed at the point of sale.
The Pad is a powerful AM 58 kHz security label deactivator and controller kit for above counter or under counter use. Single loop antenna technology enables flexible and optimized use of deactivation antennas including integration with barcode scanners.
This AM label deactivator is a necessary component of any security solution requiring consumable labels,such as supermarket, clothing store etc

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