RD1702- RF deactivator

The Spec

Frequency8.2 mhz Radio Frequency(RF)
PAD Dimension24*24cm
Hole Dimension20.5*20.5cm
Decoding height5~15cm

EAS deactivator RD1702 is cheapest and widely used RF label deactivator, have the basic function that is used to deactivate RF  label with one swipe

EAS deactivator RD1702 changes an EAS RF label from an active state that alarms at working EAS anti-theft alarm system to an inactive state that will not alarm it. The deactivation unit is placed next to the point-of-sale equipment for quick and easy checkout.

RD1702 is compatible with all deactivatible 8.2MHz RF labels.  It will quickly deactivate any 8.2mhz security rf labels at the point-of-sale. Good deactivation reliability,the RF deactivator will deactivate RF security labels as RL430 up to 15cm above the pad surface.

EAS deactivator RD1702 is  best choice for small retails.

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