Aliensecurity supply a full range of Eas security tag and ink tag,cluding  rf tag, magnetic tag, sensor tag and also the accessories as pins,lanyard and security tag remover.For winter cloth, we also provide 38mm long pin.Customer’s logo or warning words can be printed on the eas security tag.

with 8 years experience, Aliensecurity have get more than 300 cusomers, and more than 25 million tags are sold every years.

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We,Aliensecurity, promise that all the eas security tag are full checked, and warranty 2 years.

For quality 2 million, we promise to delivery them within 1 month.

More than 25 millon eas security tags and ink tags are sold  each year.All Aliensecurity eas security tags and ink tags are fully checked before deliveried and warranty 2 years.

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All Ink tag ink pin pencil tag round tag square tag Lanyard tag cloth tag optical tag kid cloth tag 2 alarm 3alarm rf 8.2mhz am 58khz
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