The Spec

Frequency58khz AM
Size1600*450*150 mm
Detection width1.6 m-2.5 m
colortransparancy with white or black
Power Voltage110 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60Hz

Atmospheric AM Store Anti Theft Alarm Gate AM8005 is,deployed with transparent panels. Enhanced specification makes it more powerful.

AM Store Anti Theft Alarm Gate  is generally more expensive than RF one. However, they offer slightly better performance and aesthetics. They’re also very robust and reliable.

Atmospheric AM Store Anti Theft Alarm Gate AM8005 is a popular system, delivering excellent performance and value. The system is fully compatible with all 58Khz EAS security tags,ink tags and AM labels, it also can work with sensormatic labels and tags

Commonly it works with eas security tags such as mini pencil tag T17016, golf tag T17015(AM), cloth security tags as Bestag t17054

You can also choose ink security tags such as ink tag BD17010 to get more protection.

For security labels, Aliensecurity AM labels and sensormatic DR label are all work at good detection.

Contact us in case of any doubts and to receive detailed information regarding our proposals of AM Retail  tag security system at competitive prices.

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