I010 R50 Ink Tag

The Spec

Frequency 8.2mhz/58khz
Size 50*25mm
Color White,grey or customized
Lock Magnetic lock

Ink Tag I010 is the most popular ink security tags in recent years. Now we produce them in large quantity and provide very competitive price.

Diameter of Ink Tag: 50mm(1.97")

Made of New ABS material

harmless and no-toxic ink tubes inside

8.2mhz or 58khz is available

Supper lock and common lock available

Tag colour: white,black  or customerized

Ink tube colour: red, yellow, blue or customerized

With "warning"word on the surface.As with all of our ink tags, a warning can be printed to inform potential shoplifters what will happen if the tag is removed by force.

Can customerized "logo" or "warning" words for customers

Used together wirh A clear plastic, dome shaped pin P17010  to connect the tag to retail merchandise

How to remove ink tag: can work with Aliensecurity security remover as D003 or other magnetic detacher

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