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WDC1006 Standalone Smartwatch Security Charging Stand

The Spec

SizeAnged Dia 56 *110mm
FeaturesAbove desk, standalone,lift up freely, Secure both watch face and strap
Optional AccessoriesCharging pad for apple watch, Samsung watch, Garmin Watch etc
Supported CustomerationLock-down, No alarm, CCTV Integration
  • Standalone security stand, Desktop, Easily to Install; Simple to operate
  • Simple and stylish angled stand, plus arc that display the full details of the smartwatch,make the smart watch the hero in store
  • Aluminum alloy arc of wrist arc, plus recoiler, provide amazing customer experience: Touch directly, Pick up freely and Try on easily
  • Highly Secure both the watch face and strap, despair the thieves
  • Constant charging for all brands of smarch watches,making the smartwatches are always alive in store and ready for cusommer's experience.

Make the smartwatch the hero in store

The WDC1006 holds the watch in place with a zinc alloy wrist shaped arc that shows every detail of the watch in an elegant manner. Because our designers noticed that a smartwatch is not just an electronic device, it's a watch, it's an ornament. This also explains why Apple and Samsung, when launching smartwatches, offer a variety of watch bands for customers to choose from. Therefore, when displaying smartwatches, it is necessary to simultaneously and elegantly display the watch face and band of smartwatch. At the same time, the circular arc of the aluminum alloy makes the watch face face the customer, attracting the customer's eyes.Make it the hero in store.

Amazing customer experience: Touch directly, Pick up freely and Try on easily!

When the customer's eyes are caught by the watch, he can lift his hand and operate directly on the watch face. The customer freely picks up the smartwatch to experience it futher if he likes the smart watch, as the recoiler is inside the display stand. When a customer picks up the smart watch to experience, he is encouraged to directly wear the smart watch on the wrist to observe the effect of the try-on. The excellent try-on experience allows customer to fully experience the smartwatch as a watch and a fashion accessory it borns. After a customer completes the experience, the built-in recoiler automatically pulls the smartwatch back to its original display position, continuing to provide the best experience for the next customer.

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