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Alien-security is a leading manufacure in China,supply a full range of EAS security tag and ink tag worldwidely. Such as  RF tag, AM tags, Magnetic tag, Colth sensor tag.We also supply the EAS accessories work with EAS secutity tags as pins,lanyard and security tag remover.With 8 years experience, and known for its good quality and ODM ability, Alien-security have get more than 300 cusomers wordwidely. All the EAS security tags provided by Alien-security are fullly checked by manual,and 100% qualified and warranty 3 years. In addition, Alien-security has the ability to quickly customize security tags. 30 days of rapid mould opening, 3 million to 10 million a month production, to ensure the customer's new project smoothly.According to different requirements of customers, customized packaging or customized accessories can be made to ensure that customers or their retail customers can easily be assigned to different stores for direct using. For example,one of our big customers asked all the anti theft tags together with 38mm long pinfor winter cloth, and packed 250pcs per carton. It is all OK for Alien-security. So we welcome your inquiry to build a good and long business realtionship.

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All pencil tag round tag square tag Lanyard tag cloth tag optical tag kid cloth tag rf 8.2mhz am 58khz
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