EAS Golf Tag T012

The Spec

Frequency RF/AM
Size 45mm, 54mm,63mm
Color Black, white or customized
Magnetic lock Magnetic lock
Pin length 16mm,19mm, 39mm or customized

EAS golf tag T012 is one of the widely used EAS security tags.

EAS golf tag from Alien-security comes in three sizes: 45mm, 54mm and 63mm. The general length of its pin is 16mm,19mm. The length of pin can be made into 39mm, 45mm according to customer's requirements. This kind of super long pins are mainly for winter clothing.

The difference between the EAS golf tag and most EAS security Tags is that the cap of the pin is extra large, which makes it extra strong when attached to the garment.

EAS golf tag can be made into RF, AM, or RFID tag to suit the frequency of the EAS retail anti-theft system in different clothing stores. The EAS golf tag manufactured by Alien-security is fully compatible with checkpoint, sensormatic, and gateway anti-theft systems.

Alien-security has been industry-leading in quality and, along with all-tag, has been recognized as an industry benchmark for quality.

Many EAS security tag manufacturers now use a cheap strategy to produce EAS tags with poor plastic pellets and poor coil. This kind of EAS secueity tags seem cheap, but they are extremely fragile in the actual use, the detection distance is very poor, and there are even a lot of defective products, so when they are actually used in clothing stores, not only can not bring the retail stores should be anti-theft protection, and even cause a lot of inconvenience.

Alien-security refuses to produce low quality EAS security tags and insists on producing EAS tags with new ABS plastic. It insists that every tag is tested before it leaves the factory to ensure that every tag that arrives at every customer is full of anti-theft. At the same time, the Alien-security security tag comes with the highest warranty period in the industry - 3 years.

In addition,Alien-security has participated in source tagging projects initiated by major clothing brands and major retail stores.

Make EAS security hard tags recyclable. On the one hand, this can reduce the investment of clothing companies and retailers in anti-theft products; On the other hand, it can also reduce the discharge of waste products and be more environmentally friendly.

Besides EAS golf tag, the most widely used source tags include EAS pencil tag T051 and EAS ink security tag I010.

At the same time, Alien-security not only introduced a number of different clothing security tags for different clothing, but also introduced a number of different EAS detection systems to work with clothing tags to help clothing stores and retail stores reduce losses and increase theft.

In response to the growing popularity of shopping malls as everyday shopping locations, Alien-security also introduced a comprehensive anti-theft system for shopping malls.

Generally speaking, the need for anti theft devices for clothes in large stores is similar to the need for clothing stores on the street. However, the clothing anti-theft devices that large stores demand must take into account the consistency of technology and style of retail security systems throughout large stores. This is a seemingly simple, but very complicated job. But you don't need to worry too much. That's what Alien-security has been doing, and it's well received by its customers. Alien-security provides malls and big-box stores with consistent retail shoplifting devices, from anti theft devices for clothes, to the security stands for electronics, to wine bottle securty locks, to food security labels.

Alien-security, for example, has developed secure display devices that are best suited to electronic devices in Malls and big-box stores for the environment and specific requirements of anti-theft devices.

The biggest difference between the anti theft devices for retail of big box stores and electronics specialty stores is that they require the anti theft devices to work independently. Because big-box stores are more focused on the self-directed shopping experience, it is often difficult for big-box workers to focus on specific areas.
In this case Alien-security's high security mobile phone anti theft display holder MAS1008, Smart watch retail display stand secrutiy solution WDC1006 and anti theft alarm security retractable tether are the most suitable. Because they can not only provide electronic alarm protection and display for the electronics and merchandises, but also automatically pull the products back to the original display position after customers experience the products, which is convenient for the next customer to experience.
The amazing smartwatch security charging stand WDC1006 also allows customers to independently try on smartwatches to check the wearing effect of smartwatches on their wrists without the help of any shop assistants to remove the smartwatches from the display stand. Then, after the smartwatch is experienced, the smartwatch will be automatically returned to the original display position for the convenience of subsequent customers to experience.
Of course, clothing stores, Malls and big-box stores have varied and specific requirements for anti-theft devices, and many even require them to be integrated into their CCTV. These Alien-security have a wealth of experience and many successful cases. Specific needs of the anti theft devices for retail, you can contact us directly, or professional support.

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