T023 Lanyard Tag

The Spec

Frequency8.2mhz Or 58KHZ
Length of lanyard6mm
ColorWhite,Black, Yellow, Red etc

Alien-security has made special improvements to T023. Reducing its length of lanyard to only 6mm. When it is fixed to the eyeglass frame,there is no way to remove this sunglasses security tags from the glasses frame unless using Security tag remover.

T023 is security lanyard tag.  Alien-security communicated to many customers who need sunglasses security tags. After talking found that many customers like to use this lanyard security tags as sunglasses security tags. Therefore, alien-security has made special improvements to T023 according to customer needs. The most typical is to shorten the length of the lanyard. The length of lanyard of T023-A is only 6mm. When this Eyewear security systems T023 is fixed to the eyeglass frame, if the thief does not have a magnetic remover ,there is no way to remove this Eyewear security systems from the glasses frame.
sunglasses security tags T023 can be made into a variety of colors. Sush as yellow security tags, red security tags, black security tags, and white security tags.  meet the needs of different optical shops.
When sunglasses security tags T023 is fixed on the glasses frame, it is difficult for customers to detect that it is an this Eyewear security systems. Most of customers will mistake it as eyewear, and it will not affect the customer's trying on.
sunglasses security tags T023 has a built-in RF or AM magnetic rod, which cooperates with eas detection systems to prevent theft. This Eyewear security systems can be used with most EAS detection systems on the market. Such as checkpoint, senssormatic, Gateway, Crosspoint, shopguard,

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