O006 Eyeglass security tags

The Spec

Frequency8.2mhz Or 58KHZ
ColorGrey or Customerized

O006 is a very popular security tags for eyeglasses. This  optical security tags are small, practical and Unobtrusive.

Using by a special screwdriver,  optical security tags  O006 are  fixed on the glasses frame. With the built-in RF or AM Magnetic rod,optical security tags  O006 can work with the anti-theft antenna to prevent theft of glasses.

optical security tags  O006's design is very good. It does not affect the customer's experience of trying on the glasses, or even feel its existence.

This eyeglass security tags O006 use a special screwdriver to unlock. In this way, even if the thief steals the corresponding unlocking screwdriver, it will take a lot of time to remove the sunglass security tags O006 from the glasses frame. According to INVUE's research, if the theft time exceeds 30 seconds, the probability of a thief's theft will be greatly increased, the thief ’s desire to steal will be greatly reduced, and the theft can be fundamentally prevented.

The built-in RF or AM magnetic rod make this Eyewear security systems O006  work well with EAS detection system the prevent theft. If the thief passed the EAS security gate with OO06 glasses on, the EAS antenna would sound an alarm. O006 works with EAS antennas from major manufacturers. Such as checkpoint, senssormatic, Gateway, Crosspoint, shopguard, allows you to enhance your security system at any time.

So optical security tags O006 are the first choice for many optical shops.

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