T054 New Bestag AM Pencil Tag

The Spec

Frequency 58khz
Size 69*26*21mm
Color Grey or customized
Lock Magnetic lock

T054 Best AM pencil tag is specially designed for clothes and has become one of the most widely used cloth security tags in the world since the design was completed

T054 cloth security tags with big ferrite inside, so it has wide detection work with EAS Security systems.

8.2mhz and 58Khz is available, and it can be compatible with sensormatic, checkpoint and WG systems

Its general colors are grey and black. Alien-security accept the customization of colors required by customers.And make sure any color tags are made of new ABS material.

Generally, it is used with EAS pin P003. If the customer wants a better fixation, it can also be used with P007,P005 and big clear plastic cover pin P010

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