O003-Eyeglass security tags

The Spec

NameO003-Eyeglass security tags
Frequency8.2mhz Or 58KHZ
ColorGrey or Customerized

003 is a magnet eyeglass security tags.

This eyeglass security tags are fixed on the eyeglass frame with the double pin and lock cylinder. This  eyewear security tags contains RF or AM magnetic rods.  It can work with EAS detection systems to prevent theft of eyeglass, sunglass on the display.

The removal of the O003 magnet eyeglass security tags require a special magnet security tag remover.   It is not possible with ordinary magnet unlockers, so it has a good anti-theft effect.

O003 has a built-in RF or AM magnetic rod, which can be used with most EAS detection systems on the market. Such as checkpoint, senssormatic, Gateway, Crosspoint, shopguard .  allowing you to enhance your security system at any time.

Optical shops are retail stores with high customer experience. According to our customers, after using O003 magnet eyeglass security tags, the loss rate of glasses is reduced by about 70%.  Sales staff can also focus more on communication and service to customers, so the sales and profits in the store have increased significantly.

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