Forcus1006 Smartwatch Anti Theft Holder

The Spec

SizeDia 56*56mm
FeaturesUnder tablet recoiler, lift up freely, Secure both watch face and strap
Optional AccessoriesCharging pad for apple watch, Samsung watch, Garmin Watch etc
Supported CustomerationLock-down, No alarm, CCTV Integration
  • Under desk recoiler, highlight the smart watch
  • Simple and stylish angled stand, plus arc that display the full details of the smartwatch
  • Aluminum alloy arc of wrist arc, plus recoiler, provide amazing customer experience: Touch directly, Pick up freely and Try on easily
  • Highly Secure both the watch face and strap, despair the thieves
  • Constant charging for all brands of smarch watches,making the smartwatches are always alive in store and ready for cusommer's experience.

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