Full Range of RF Labels

Alien-security has the ability to produce all size RF security strickers . We also have the ability to adapt roll size, glue type and top paper in virtually any configuration. Our RF labels are available in a variety of formats (sheets or rolls), sizes and shapes (square, rectangular or round), colors (white, black, custom color, barcode or custom printed), performance characteristics (deactivatable, non-deactivatable, non-reactivatable), adhesive qualities (permanent or removable), and even thermal coated for inkless printing. Our RF Labels have been independently tested and compared to competitive products numerous times by test labs, retailers and consultants. Happy that the results meet or exceed the industry performance requirements. We also offer custom roll lengths to better service unique labeling applications.

The Alien-security RF label delivers dependable performance and merchandise protection using RF technology.

Our range of rf sticker labels are diverse to meet your requirements. Whether you want visible labels for general merchandise, clothing, health and beauty, or integrated solutions for shoes or prtecting fresh or forzen food.

We are producing a wide variety of RF label in different materials, colors, shapes and sizes.

All our RF Labels can come with permanent and non-permanent adhesive, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These 8.2 mhz security labels can be white, black, have barcode, RFID and RF combination label, custom printing or custom colors. All our products are 100% tested to ensure quality.

A reliable Loss Prevention program starts with full EAS (Electronic article surveillance) secueity solution, includes quality reliable radio frequency labels, eas security tags, RF deactivator, EAS security gates.

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8.2MHz RF fresh & frozen food labels

RF labels -Full sizes,Barcode,White, Clear,Thermal

RF Label-Round,Barcode, Clear, White, Thermal

Visual different RF label-Warning words,Customers' logo

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