The Spec

ColorWhite,Barcode or customerized
FunctionChilled or frozen products,such as meat packages, beverages

RLF550 8.2mhz rf labels for frozen products is specially designed for fresh & frozen food protection which provides on-shelf availability and reduces loss.

This 8.2mhz rf labels for frozen products is built to withstand the moisture from grocery products. Such as meat packages, beverages, and other chilled or frozen products.  The waterproof rf label is also microwave-safe.  So it doesn’t have to be removed from a frozen product prior to being defrosted in a microwave.

RLF550 8.2mhz rf labels for frozen products is new RF Foodlabel.  It manages to keep consistent performance in low temperature up to -25˚C.

RLF550 8.2mhz rf labels for frozen products is a food-safe RF EAS label.

This waterproof rf food label can be applied at source or in-store, with shrinkage proven to decline.  This rf alarm sensor is suited for grocery retailers that need to protect high risk meat or cheese products.

8.2mhz rf labels for frozen products RLF550 uses a unique adhesive. It is designed to bond with frozen food and UV-coated Mylar packaging.

Radio Frequency Security Labels are an effective solution to protect your materials, equipment and general goods.

These anti theft devices can be custom made to suit your requirements.  These rf sticker labels can be supplied plain for your own printing or pre printed and they can be produced in any size.
8.2 MHz EAS labels also known as RF labels will work on all EAS Systems on the 8.2MHz frequency.
Cross Point, CheckPoint and ShopGuard EAS Systems often use 8.2MHz RF labels.All of our EAS RF Labels are in stock and guaranteed Quality 100%.
All rf soft labels must NOT Be placed around any metallic, electrical goods.  And all rf eas labels should be placed where there is no metallic product as this will severely impede the detection.  RF security labels will generally work less than a hard tag, mainly due to their size.  Benefits include discrete tagging, hard to remove, helps catch professional shoplifters.  I may also add that you must have a reliable RF 8.2MHz Deactivator at the POS to deactivate any size eas rf security labels.

To ensure the best performance, please adhere the  8.2mhz rf labels for frozen products RLF550 to dry and clean packaging surface at room temperature

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