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Alien-security is only NO.2 in retail loss prevention.So why go with us?We are more innovative and try harder. Started in 2016, Alien-security has been developing and producing retail loss prevention and retail security display products that brings great value to retail stores. The retail security products produced by Alien-security have always been the industry's leading high security, high quality, that can effectively reduce the theft, allowing customers to easily recover their investment and benefit a lot. Known for our products and our ability of innovate, Alien-security is proud to be the choice of more than 300 customers worldwidely. Contact us to get high security solution for your high value merchandises in the store, and we also support solutions tailored for you.

Alien-security is a leading manufacture of retail security products, facilitating in-store security, insight, and technology, with a focus on a frictionless customer experience. From electronic article surveillance to high-value merchandise protection, secure displays, our high quality products and cutting-edge technology supports retailers in an era of increased consumer expectation, bridging the gap between inventory management, loss prevention, sales tools and a seamless customer experience.

Alien-security is a a high-tech company focusing exclusively on retail loss prevention in the industry.

In addition to manufacturing high-quality EAS retail loss prevention systems and phone/tablet anti theft hlder, Alien-security is heavily involved in the development of new merchandise security produts that more seamlessly promote and protect retail merchandise.As well as enhance the in-store experience to improve our customers 'profits.Examples include "One for all" liquor bottle cap lock B025 and "Install one security stand, Meet Any Threat" mobile phone anti theft display holder MAS1008; and amazing smartwatch security charging stand. Learn More about Alien-security.

The special closed lock design of B025 allows it to be used in most bottle sizes on the market. At the same time won't spoil the appearance of the liquor on sell. It works perfectly with the EAS system to reduce theft.

MAS1008 mobile phone anti theft display holder is a work of art, which perfectly balances retail loss prevention and customers experience. Make the display be so secure and Make the security be so elegant. The streamlined shape design and internal recoiler, without any external and messy cables, make your product the hero. 4 metal grippers, built-in steel cable which is anti-cutting, multiple electronic alarms, all these make it is the most powerful mobiles security system, that Install one, Meet Any Threat.

WDC1006 is a standalone, destop smart watch security display charging solution. It not only displays smartwatch beautifully, but also secures it with a high level of security. At the same time, the security stand continuously charges the smartwatch on display, make it is always alive to give customers the best experience. What's more amazing, it not only allows customers to freely pick up the smartwatch experience, but also allows customers to freely try on the smartwatch to see the wearing effect without removing the smartwatch from it and with the help of the store staff.

Alien-security is known for producing high-quality retail loss prevention products, Such as high quality spider security tags, ink tags, EAS detection systems and bottle securiry tags.

In the field of retail security display , through innovation, Alien-security most blance the retail loss prevention and customers experience.

Such as the recently developed laptop security stand : Alarm on laptop E-Lock.The E-LOCK consists of two alarm pad connected by a strong stelel cable that is resistant to being cut. Its appearance is very simple and atmospheric. Its unique electronic alarm on laptop allows it to provide a high level of security for laptops on display; Optional metal gripper makes it resistant to violent robbery by thieves. The second alarm ports of both the alarm mount on the desktop and the alarm pad on the back of the laptop allow it to secure the keyboard, electronic pen and other accessories at the same time. In addition, the second alarm ports can also be used to cross-merchandise audio and other electronic products to increase sales.

Security Box Magnets is currently one of Alien-security's focus areas. Alien-security currently has more than 50 sizes Safer Box Magnets and has become the second largest manufacturer of safers besides Century. At present, Alien-security firstly reduces the cost of Security Box Magnets through mould improvement and product innovation. On the other hand, it also develops new shrinkable safer and keeper boxes through product innovation to provide customers with more versatile security boxes for customers to use. More convenient.

Do Retail Security, Be the Trusted Source of Retail Loss prevention. It has always been our goal. Attentively producing high-quality products, innovating to provide customers with smarter products, and sale more, loss less, obtaining more profits for customers and customers' customers, has always been the goal of Alien-security.

Your Trust Source of Retail Security

We always insist on simple sells principles: Keep innovating to make retail stores high security, beauty and simple, that can effectively reduce the theft, allowing customers to easily recover their investment and benefit a lot. Most customers will expect the low price products, but can still use no matter how low price they get, what they really expect is the low price based on the premised of good quality, so we always focus on strict quality control.When customer purchased from you, what they are buying is not only products, but also the trust on your professional and personality, so we must worth it. We will always take responsibility to our customers once the products sell out.Will you be our next partner?

High Security And High Quality Bring Great Value

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We strive for excellence, for each of your products to achieve excellence, meticulous, the best products submitted to your hands is our goal. From design, to production, to packaging, every step is in strict management system.And all products are promised 2 years warranty.

Beauty, Function And Innovation

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We design the new products every year with our customers together--based on the latest Technology Trends and the feedback from our customers, to provide better display and anti-theft service for retail stores, and bring better sales experience to our customers.

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Established on 2010, Aliensecurity always aim at the production and innovate of the retail display and anti-theft products. Now our products are covered  4 main categories including EAS retail security systems, Mobile alarm display security, safers, RFID. Accepted by more than 300 customers from over 20 countries. Our annual sales are over 3 millions dollars for 3 consecutive years. Currently our company is increasing the Corporate Growth and Innovation under the principle of “grow together with our client and create values together”, Strive to become a first-class enterprise with certain influence and numerous independent intellectual property by 2025.

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