B025 Bottle security cap

The Spec

Dimension: 66mmx50mmx43mm
The diameter of the bottle neck:Ø28~32mm
Frequency: 8.2MHz/58KHz
Lock: Magnetic Lock

Liquor bottle cap lock B025 is a full enclosed bottle security device. This enclosed bottle lock can effectively prevent the liquor from being stolen.

liquor bottle cap lock B025 is with built-in RF or AM technology . So this locking bottle top can be used together with eas security system at the entrance of the supermarket or retail to prevent theft.  If the thief carries the bottle with the locking bottle top through the anti-theft system, the anti-theft system will issue an alarm.

These alcohol bottle security cap's special unlocking design and built-in spring make it suitable for most sizes of liquor bottles

Also this alcohol security cap's special mechanism is designed so that it is difficult to open with other tools without use our bottle security tag remover. However, how to remove security tag from alcohol bottles.if use bottle tag detacher, it is very easy to open.  And the cashier can be easily used after a short training period. For bottle detacher, we suggest our universal security tag remover D011. And security tag remover magnet D009-A is also available

Liquor bottle cap lock B025 can be used repeatedly, and reuse is very easy.

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