Liquor Bottle Security

These bottle security locks provide anti-theft protection for wine and spirits bottles. Universal fit for just about any bottle neck size. Our alcohol bottle lock inlude tape bottle lock and fully enclosed bottle cap lock. These liquor bottle cap locks not only do they prevent someone from removing the cap without the bottle shattering. They can also be equipped with RF or AM technology to prevent thieves from exiting the store with the bottle. All these security bottle caps can be used over and over again. Use our liquor bottle security device and the magnetic detacher, to provide full anti-theft soltion for your retail shop, supermarket or stock.

Alien-security liquor bottle security devices are in various sizes and shapes. They meet any retailer’s product and stocking needs.

Additionally,Alien-security continues to provide a full range of retail security devices and merchandise security display products for retail stores.

For example, general retail merchandise in store, especially clothing, are secures by EAS security hard tag and EAS security labels usually. Boxed products are secured with spider security tags.
For high-value handheld electronics displayed in stores,because of their expensive value and the need for high customer experience,you can choose the security display devices of Alien-security.Such as anti theft phone holder MAS1008 and smart watch anti theft holder WDC1006, they not only protect the electronic products on display with high security, but also highlight these electronic products to the greatest extent, making them heroes in the store; and allow customers to fully interact with electronic products.
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