B002 Bottle security tag

The Spec

Dimension: 50mm Dia
Magnetic lock:Normal or superlock
Color:White, Black or Customerized

Wine bottle security tags B002 is a simple alcohol bottle anti-theft device widely used in supermaket.

Wine bottle security tags B002 is fixed to the bottle  neck by lanyard.  With built-in RF or AM EAS technology, security tags for bottles  B002 can work with  with EAS retail anti-theft systems.  If the thief passes the alcohol with wine bottle security tags B002 through the EAS security system at the end of the retail door, the EAS security gate will alarm. If the customer had paid, the cashier at the checkout counter can remove the security tags for bottles B002 from the bottle with a magnet security tag remover. Our universal security tag remover D011 can work as bottle security tag remover.
wine bottle security tags B002’s built-in magnetic lock can be normal lock or superlock. The colors are generally white, black and gray. But it can be customized to any color.

liquor bottle alarm B022 is with no function to prevent it from being stolen. If it is expensive wine or alcohol, we recommend our alcohol bottle security cap B022, which has the dual function of anti-theft and anti-stealing. This alcohol bottle lock B022 is easy to operate and can be reused.

wine bottle security tags B002 is an easy liquor store theft prevention. Affordable and reusable.

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